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'Galbatorix, my king, let Thorn and me go. We will find Lady Selena faster than Eragon could.' Murtagh now looked back on what he had said. That was stupid, he thought. It was close to treason to question the king's orders. Murtagh shivered at the pain he now had in his mind. It was like an iron spike had been drove through his brain. Galbatorix was looking for something and Murtagh wasn't sure what. Eventually, the pain receded.

'Go,' Galbatorix said, 'Be back before dawn.'

Without another word Murtagh grabbed his saddle and started to strap it onto Thorn. He added some of his strength to Thorn. Thorn got up again and soon he was all ready to go. Murtagh silently pushed himself onto Thorn's strong back. Thorn swiftly moved toward the open balcony and jumped off. For a second it was like they would simple fall from the sky, but Thorn's wings snapped open and began rising into the air as his wings beat harder and faster. Murtagh never looked back at Eragon. He didn't want see what he knew was there, the sight of his brother beaten and worn.

And so Eragon was. He had taken quite a hand from life. He thought his life had purpose and was important. All he had now was the tortured memories of watching all his friends fall. All his old memories down to the faintest ones could no longer help him and all he had known had been washed away.

Murtagh banished the pity from his mind. What good could possible come from it. He focused his attentions on the moonlit road. Looking for signs and tracks of a young mistress making her escape. 'Thorn set down over there, by the road we don't want to miss anything because we flew past it too quick.' He easily dismounted once they were perched upon the ground. He knelt to inspect the ground and then looked up at his friend. 'A little light please.' Thorn reared his massive head to the sky and blazing red flames spewed from his mouth. 'The road is scuffed up but nothing new. I believe she fled into the woods, most likely to escape pursuers on dragon back.'

Thorn released his hold on the flames and the light dissipated. 'Then you have the ground and I the sky. Be careful my friend,' Thorn said. He took off into the night.

"What do you mean I'm always careful!" Murtagh shouted off into the distance. He silently laughed to himself.

He back tracked a short way up the road and found a few foot prints leading into the bramble. Let the hunt begin , Murtagh thought. He stalked carefully after her letting the broken plants and tracks lead him. After about and hour of walking through the woods, Thorn contacted him. 'Murtagh I have found her, and she is in a poor state. ' He also received an image of a meadow. In the meadow was a lone tree with lady Selena leaning against it.

'I'll be their in five minutes. Don't let her leave!' Murtagh replied.

When Murtagh entered the clearing it was almost exactly like the image Thorn had sent him, except now there was a bright red dragon in the middle of the scene. He walked up to the woman and gave her a quick bow. Murtagh addressed her, "Lady Selena." She dipped her head in a sort of mock bow but she was still leaning against the tree.

"My Lady, me and my partner, Thorn, are here to escort you back home. The King is very worried about your safety." Selena spit at Murtagh's feet. "I didn't give you a choice," said Murtagh as his stare grew as cold as the night.

A scared look crept upon Selena's face and she got on her knees and started to plead. "Murtagh, please be merciful. I have to go see what remains of my dear sister. She was the only family I had left."

For awhile both parties barely made a noise. And then Murtagh averted his eyes.


"What?" Selena said, quite surprised.

"I said 'Yes'. Here give me your arm and I'll help you up on Thorn." He held out his arm for her to take.

"No I can't…" Selena stuttered.

"What do you mean you can't!" He shouted. All he wanted to do was let her have the memory of her family and now she was refusing even though it was her idea. Selena whispered something and even with Murtagh's great hearing he couldn't make it out. "Excuse me?"

"I twisted my ankle while I was running." Her cheeks flushed like she had just admitted to a secret lover. Murtagh had a hard time suppressing a chuckle.

"May I have your permission to carry you onto Thorn?" She was still blushing but she nodded her head. She seemed to make it all very unnerving through the whole process. Her eyes squeezed closed as he neared her. He picked her up bridal style with little effort. Not only was he stronger then most humans but the girl in his hands could only have weighed, maybe, 100 lbs. She was so light even for a young woman and why be frightened of him carrying her. She seemed to be having more problems than what showed on the outside. Thorn flattened himself to the ground in an odd looking pose, but it allowed Murtagh to be able to set Selena on top of his back. Selena opened her eyes to find her self on top of Thorn. The dragon had raised up to lay on its elbows and still his back was almost twice the height of Murtagh. Murtagh stood on Thorns front leg staring up at Selena.

"My lady do not be frightened, I am merely going to use magic to heal your ankle." He took off her slipper and noticed the swelling. If she had been by herself the best thing for her would to be soak it in cold water, but there was no need when Murtagh could just heal her with a spell. He started to think maybe magic was more of a necessity than a need. He could do almost the same things without magic that he could with. What was the difference? Experience. With magic it was almost over as quickly as it had started, but going through the process with your own limbs could make the end result so much more rewarding. But right now he need her ankle healed and not the experience, but he vowed to use less magic in the future and to learn how to fix a twisted ankle the old way. "Waise Heill"

Selena's eye showed her surprise and wonderment, but the rest of her expression lacked emotion. This was probably a face close to what she uses at the kings court. A face that says I don't want to be here but I have no choice. Murtagh climbed a top with almost cat-like movements. It was a tight fit but they both squeezed into the saddle and Murtagh strapped Selena's arms in. He didn't plan on doing any interesting aerial tricks but it would help her stay on the saddle. 'Ready?'

'I think so Thorn, you can take off now.' He realized he should probably warn Lady Selena. "Hold on tight," he advised her.

Thorn propelled himself off the ground using his powerful hind legs. For a second they were suspended in mid air and then Thorn's wings snapped open as he took to flight. A small gasp escaped Selena's lips. Murtagh put, what he hoped, was a comforting hand on her shoulder. As Thorn made his way to Yasha Manor in Belatona.

A few hours later, nothing interesting had happened. Selena hadn't said a word, so he decided not to press her. He, himself, was starting to get drowsy. He had only 4 hours of sleep. But no worries Thorn woke him from his sort of sleep stare.

'Murtagh, the sun is about to rise. Should I try being more careful about being seen?'

'It doesn't matter either way. The king is going to find out. How close are we?'

'About ten minutes off; the town should be coming into your sight right about now.'

Indeed, he could see it. There it stood like nothing was ever out of the ordinary. That was until you gazed upon the burnt ruins of the manor. Everything that remained of the house was black and so was the ground around it. It seemed strange that no one had come to clean up the mess, but the reality of it was that the government cared more about who and where the arson was instead of the fact the house was actually set a flame.

Thorn set down near the remains of the house to the displeasure of the few guards that were around. Murtagh unstrapped Selena's arms and her hands snapped up to cling to her face. He could hear quiet sobs coming from Selena. What was a matter; was she hurt? Well-duhh, he criticized himself, she was looking at all that remained of her sister and most likely her last attachment to her old life.

"Its going to be alright," he said which sounded strange now especially since he knew what it was like to be under Galbatorix's power. She wiped away her tears leaving her cheeks red. The two guards were coming up to see what was going on. Murtagh turned around and glared at them, and they started to back away. Everyone knew the dragon and its rider represented Galbatorix's power. No one would bother them against his will. Thorn came up and sat between the guards and Murtagh. It was an attempt at privacy. Even though it didn't really work it was a nice gesture. Murtagh smiled and gave Thorn's hide a few pats.

He followed Selena and could here her mumbling. He seemed to make out a few words like kitchen and bedroom. And then she stopped by a half crumbled wall on the East side. She knelt down and closed her eyes. The sun was barely over the hills but it lit up Selena's face and it truly showed sorrow.

He walked up to her and sat down. "I'm sorry, and I know this hard for you but we need to go… back." He wished he never had to go back and he might have killed for it.

"Lord Murtagh, up two stories from this spot is was my late sisters bedroom. Me and her would always sit up there in the mornings and gaze out into the town. It was nice to watch normal people go about there lives as we were. We would even make up stories about a person we might see. Pretending that the man or woman was actually having an adventure instead of picking up groceries or going to work. Our parents had already been dead for two years when I was sent to the castle. It hurt me and my sister when I was forced to stay in Du Welden Varden, but some how we managed. Now I just don't know how I'm going to do this alone." Silent tears rolled down her cheek but she scrubbed them off quickly with her sleeve. "I fear I will just become another toy for the king and have no reprieve."

Murtagh did feel bad for her but Murtagh wasn't even a toy, he was a tool to spread terror and evil amongst Alagaesia's citizens. Not only did he suffer but he was made to spread suffering to others.

He wanted to comfort her but what would he say? 'I'm sorry?' 'It'll be alright?' 'It's not so bad?!?' Anything he could say just sounded lame. He noticed the sun slowly getting higher in the sky. A certain dread came over him. He helped Selena up and wandered down to Thorn trying to support Selena the best he could. They climbed up the powerful beasts back. Soon the three were up in the sky again heading to Du Welden Varden.

'What price do you believe we will pay for this little trip,' Thorn asked.

'I don't know. Maybe he won't notice. You know him he'll just be so happy to have Selena back.' Murtagh replied sarcastically.

'Right,' Thorn voiced. An uncomfortable silence spread between the three.

Thorn and Murtagh new what they would get for going to Yasha's manor without the king's consent and not making it back before sun up, but Selena was almost wholly unaware of the torture she would be brought to for running away. She did not know that Galbatorix might even sacrifice the baby if it meant Selena's total obedience. For that is what Galbatorix was after in the whole of Alagaesia. Total Obedience.

Oh how Revenge has grown, Helena thought to her self. On their trip to Dras-Leona Revenge had grown to twice the size of the horses.

Now they seemed to be needing all the help they could get. More then one of the weary travelers thought they were waiting outside the gates of hell instead of Dras-Leona. Hey maybe the two were the same.

It seemed it was time to enter this hell. If not to kill this Wardkeeper then just to plain get it over with.

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