Double Agents

Chapter 1?

Btvs/Ats/Bones crossover

Disclaimer: I own nada! Btvs and Ats belong to the angst loving Joss Whedon. Bones belongs to the people at Fox.

Pairings: B/A! I only write B/A! It's Spike friendly though. No character bashing. But I do play with them a little. evil grin

Summary: The Scoobies team up with the Bones team to stop a demon.

Timeline: Post "Chosen" and "Not Fade Away"

Rating: Nothing too bad. Like Pg-13 maybe…

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A.N: Ok I'm not going to go into detail and do an all out prologue or anything cuz I'm lazy but here's what's happened since Not Fade Away.

The L.A gang went into battle and was starting to lose when all of a sudden , demons started exploding and dieing all around them. Soon all of the demons just vanished and the war was over. Yay! Anyway the L.A. gang tries to figure out what happened and then they saw Willow on the roof of a building near by with Buffy, Xander, and a few slayers. They leave the ally and take Gunn to the hospital. Anyway Gunn didn't die and Illeria walks around looking like Fred. Buffy, after explaining to Angel that Andrew lied about her and the Immortal, and Angel, telling her about Connor, they got back together. Oh yeah and neither Angel nor Spike Shan shooed ( A.N: Did I spell that right?) but the powers rewarded Angel with a permanent soul. Yay! They go back to Rome and live happily for several months until one day Riley called Buffy on the phone and tells her that a lot of their agents have been killed and they need new ones and if her and her friend were interested in the job. She talks it over with the gang and then tells Riley that they will do it only if Spike and Angel can too and that they are treated with respect. Riley says ok and that's how they became agents for the CIA. ( I think that's above FBI, well if it's not we can pretend.) Now the story takes place about a year later and our beloved Scooby gang is now the best team of agents the world has ever seen. Better than James Bond even! Now on with my poorly written story!

Booth and Bones investigate remains found at a construction site. Bones notices something odd about the remains and looks at Booth and says " I don't think this is human."


"Yeah look at this bone structure. It looks…"

"This doesn't look human. I-I don't know what it looks like. Too big to be an animal."

"Thank you Mr. Obvious! It's nice to know you've got something inside that big head of yours."

" I could have left you in the lab you know. You might wanna be a little nicer."

Booth turn and call chief Kenny (A.N: I made that name up cuz I was watching South Park. I don't know too much about the show Bones cuz I've only seen like two episodes and I know absolutely nothing about the FBI or the CIA so bear with me!) over to take a look at the bones. The chief takes one look and immediately tells them that they're off the case.

"What! Why!"

"This isn't the FBI's territory. I need to call in some outside reinforcements."


"The moon's really bright out here. We've been in Australia for two weeks already and this is the first time I've noticed it." Angel said.

"Well yeah honey, that's because we've spent every night focusing on our mission and fighting demons." Buffy replied.

"Yeah that and you and Dead boy have been going at it like bunnies." Xander said.

" Shut up before I take out your other eye!" Angel snapped.

" Lighten up captain forehead." Spike said

Before Angel could reply Buffy's cell phone rang.

"Hello…" After listening for a few moments she hung up and turned to her friends and said: " We got a case in Philadelphia. Some FBI agents found a corps that doesn't look human. Potential demon, and since it was in such a public place it might mean something." She sighed. "Looks like where headed back to the states."

A.N: I'm not sure where the show takes place so we'll pretend it's in Phiadelphia. I totally butchered the whole Bones storyline. Oh well!

Sorry that was so short but that was just the first chapter. And I know this chapter was awful but I wrote this in like 15 minutes and I promise the next chapters will be wriien better! Tell me what you think!