Double Agents

Chapter 9?

Btvs/Ats/Bones crossover

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Summary: The Scoobies team up with the Bones team to stop a demon.

Timeline: Post "Chosen" and "Not Fade Away"

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Last time…


"Oh don't worry Tempi he'll get over it. Angel was the same way. If they were related I'd say it was genetic. It's creepy how alike they are." Buffy said.

"Maybe it's because they are related." A new voice said.

"Not possible." Angel said firmly. "All of my family is dead. My sister was never old enough to have kinds."

"Well as it turns out Booth does have Irish roots. I did some researching. Anyway way I don't know how. Did either of your parents ever have any other children?"

"No! No…well maybe…my father did have an affair once. Could that have…?"

"Yep. I think that's it. Well looks like you do have a family. Congratulations!"

Angel just stood there in complete shock.




Booth and Angel looked even more alike now. They were both wearing the same expression, utter shock.

"Angel?" Buffy walked towards him slowly. "You ok, honey? This has got to be a lot to take in but just don't bottle stuff ok? Just let it out. Alright?" Buffy was starting to get worried. He wasn't even pretending to breathe anymore.

"Ok. I won't bottle…I mean…I don't Bottle! I just…I brood. Ok? So I'm gonna brood for awhile till I figure out how I'm suppose to react to this."

"Well you kinda just did." Willow pointed out.

"Can you please just let me brood! It's enough that Angelus is whining about how he missed one and how his rep is ruined! I just … I need time ok? For…hundreds of years I had no family, then I got my son and he's the only family I've had…till now. It's a lot to deal with."

"Yeah. It is." Booth said quietly. He glanced at Angel. "I have a son too. His name's Parker. He's four. What about your son? I didn't even know vampires could have kids, being dead and all, but I guess with a vampire and a slayer anything can happen."

"Um his name's Connor, he's…well technically he's four but because of…certain events…he's twenty now, and he's…" He glanced at Buffy apologetically. "He's not Buffy's. His mother was the woman who turned me into a vampire…she's dead now. She died at his birth."

"Thankfully." Buffy said under her breath, but Angel and the others heard.

"Well…" Booth relaxed his shoulders as he and Angel settled into their getting to know you session. "I don't know whether to say I'm sorry or not."

"No sorry necessary. It happened. She was…significant to me but not what I would call important. I didn't love her. What about you? What the story with your son."

"His mother wouldn't marry me. Not much to tell."

"Why don't you guys go get coffee or something?" Buffy suggested. "You're Irish, go drink. Drink, talk, bond, talk about your kids. It'll be good." She gave them a push through the exit.

Angel looked back at her and nodded. "I'll be back in a couple of hours. We'll talk, ok honey?" He gave her a quick kiss.

"Of course. Go on! Lets not have a repeat of Australia where we don't do anything besides work! This is important. Go bond with your family."

"You know you're my family too, baby, right? You always have been." Angel took her in his arms and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"I know. You too." Angel let go of her and walked back to the door. "Now go! Bond! Don't bottle! And make sure Booth doesn't drink too much. He's human, he can get drunk faster than you. And no strippers!"

"Baby, that was Australia and that incident wasn't my fault! I sat at the bar and the girl came up to me. Relax babe."

"Yeah, yeah. It happens again and you'll be an excellent opera singer, I promise you that."

"Yes ma'am! Lets go Booth. What is your first name anyway?"


"Hey. I'm back." Angel said as he walked into their hotel room.

Buffy had just come out of the shower and was sitting on the edge of the bed wrapped in a towel with another towel drying her hair.

"Hey. How'd it go?"

"Good. We talked about…a lot of stuff. We argued over which beer tasted best, we talked about our kids, then we talked about random stuff. It was nice."

"I'm glad."

Buffy had finished drying her hair and was sitting on the bed looking at him. Angel thought she looked absolutely adorable.

He leaned back against the wall and crossed his legs at the ankle and a small smirk played on his face.

"Come here." He said seductively.

Buffy rose and sauntered over too him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately.

They backed up until they fell back on the bed and made love for the rest of the night.


3:00 am.

Ring Ring Ring Ring

"Hello?" A slightly groggy voice answered.

"Hey Connor. It's-"

"I know. I know your voice…and you're the only one who ever calls this late."

"Sorry about that. I was a bit busy earlier."

"Buffy take you for a ride?"


"I'll take that as a yes. Any way what's up?"

"Well I was thinking about you earlier today."


"Yeah actually. I found out I have blood relatives…besides you."


"Yeah. I have a great great great great great great great nephew or something. It's weird cuz he looks just like me. And he has a son…he's the age you're supposed to be."

"that's…um…cool. Where are you?"

"Oh yeah! I'm back in the states. D.C. specifically."

"Really? Gonna be there long?"

"Well our assignment is done but we'll be her till they call us and send us else where."

"Must be cool…traveling all over the world."

"Not really. I'd hate it if Buffy didn't love it so much. Seeing her smile when ever she sees someplace new for the first time…makes it all worth it."

"You're such a sap, you know that?"

"I've been told once or twice."

Connor yawned. He tried to hide it knowing his dad would hang up so he could go to sleep, which wasn't really a bad thing, but he hadn't heard from Angel in so long and he really wanted to talk to him.

Angel heard the yawn anyway.

"You're tired. I should go so you can get some sleep."

"No! I'm fine, really."

"Connor, you have classes in the morning. I don't wanna keep you up. I'll call you again as soon as I can, ok? I promise. I love you Connor. Bye.

"Bye dad."

Connor looked at the phone for a few moments after he hung up. He remembered how he told Angel he really didn't wanna make a thing out of the father son thing but he had a change of heart since then. He truly wanted a relationship with his real father and it saddened him that he couldn't have it. That moment Connor made a decision. He knew what he had to do…


"So, now that your assignment here is done, where are you headed next?" Bones asked the scoobies as they sat in a restaurant talking.

"We don't know yet." Buffy answered. "I'm sure we'll get a call in a couple of days telling us."

"Yep. Never give us a moments peace." Spike said bitterly.

"Well look on the bright side," Xander said looking at Spike. "Soon Angel will have to get on a plane again!"

Angel reached across the table and smack Xander on the side of his head. "Shut your mouth! Don't remind me!"

Suddenly Booth's phone rang.

"Hello? Oh, Rebecca. No I'm not there…I'm at the restaurant around the corner, you know-…yeah that's the one. You're bringing him here? Great. No, no, really it's fine. Yep, right now. Good. Bye."

"She's bringing Parker?" Bones asked.

"Yep. Angel, you wanna meet my kid?"

"Sure. I never got to see mine when he was little."

"Bummer. These years are the best."

"I can only imagine."

"Oh they're here!" Booth got up from the table to greet his ex and his son.

"Hello Rebecca."

"Hello." She spotted Angel behind him. "You never told me you had a twin."

"Um…" He decided to keep the story short. "I didn't know either till a couple of days ago." He looked down at his son. "Hey buddy!"

"Daddy!" He jumped into Booth's arms.

"Well I'll pick him up Sunday night." Rebecca told him then she left.

"Parker I want you to meet your uncle Angel. Say hi."


"Wow." Angel said in awe. "He looks so much like Connor did when he was a baby."

"That probably means he'll be as good looking as me when he grows up, doesn't it?" A new voice said.

"Connor?" Angel said in disbelief as his son walked over to the group.

"In the flesh." He replied. He turned to Booth. "Huh. My dad was right. You do look just like him.

"Connor what are you dong here?"

"Well…I'm not sure yet. Didn't really think this through while I was packing furiously and getting on a plane. I think I remember an invite from a certain favorite slayer of mine to join the team and I was wondering if it was still open." He turned to look at Buffy.

"Well Connor of course it's still open. I just figure you'd wanna finish college first so you would be like the rest of us bums." Buffy said

"Nah. Who needs college when you've got super powers. Besides I broke up with my girlfriend Melody so I think I need to get away for a while."

"You didn't tell me that. Hey I though you were dating Christina." Angel said

"I was gonna tell you last night but you had to go all fatherly on me and send me to bed before I got the chance and I was dating Christina…that's kind why Melody broke up with me. Not good to date two girls at a time. Know that now. She threw a lamp at my head. Again I'm thankful for the super power or I'd be in a coma."

"Connor you need to finish college. Besides, I though you said you didn't wanna do this kinda thing anymore."

"Jeez dad, can't a guy change his mind! Cuz I have. About a lot of things. You and me for one. I know I said I didn't wanna do the father son thing with you but…well now I kinda do. Ok?"

"Are you sure?" Angel asked hesitantly. He didn't know what he'd do if Connor said no.

"yeah. I'm sure. Besides Normal is way overrated."

Connor walked over to his father and gave him a hug. The first real sign of affection ever shown between the two. Angel couldn't stop the tears from falling and neither could Connor. The others around them just watched in silence as the father and son reunited. Of course the silence was broken by the shrill ringing of Buffy's phone.

"Hello…" She listened for a few moments before hanging up and looking at her friends. "Looks like you're on your first case Connor. We've got a case in Chile. Unidentified fire breathers. Looks like our time her is up. Lets say our goodbyes and get gone. Out plane leaves in an hour and a half. Connor we'll get your gear on the way."


After long heartfelt goodbyes to the bones team who now felt like family, the newly added to Scooby gang took off the Chile for new missions, new adventures, and a new life for father, son, step mom, and unbeknownst to them, a new daughter.


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