"Move that box over there!" Christine told one of the movers that held one of her boxes of stuff. Stuff, well it wasn't just 'stuff' it more than 'stuff'. It was some of her personal items that could never be replaced. To call it stuff was like throwing it away forever and forever, well that was just too long.

"This place is dirty as all hell!" She turned to see, Meg standing in the open doorway

"Hey!" Christine hurried over to her friend and gave her a hug, "Come to help?"

"Nah," Her friend smiled lightly and pulled another familiar face in the frame, "But I brought some man power."

"If you could call it that." Christine laughed,

"Fine I'll just leave then." The boy around her age of twenty- one started to turn,

"But," Christine stopped him with a hug "if you want to stay your more than welcomed to, Raoul."

"Well as long at you're going to make some of those famous brownies." He gave her a sly smile, "Then maybe I can help."

"I'll make them when I know how to turn on the oven and get some food and…"

"Miss Daae," One of the movers came over to her, "We're done here so….."

"Oh ok," She nodded, "Thank you. Bye!" The men waved to her as they left. Then she turned and looked at all the boxes just sitting there in the very large apartment.

"Looks like you have your cut out for you Chris." Meg commented, "You probably should have gotten a one bedroom."

She nodded mutely. She knew it was stupid to get a three bedroom apartment, but it just hopefully she would be wrong about that one day.

"Where do you want us to start?" Raoul asked,

"Just open the boxes," Christine shrugged, "and we'll see where all of it goes."

"Look its Raoul and Captain Piggy!" Christine laughed as she pointed to the picture. The group's efforts of unpacking were abandoned for now as they looked upon old memories.

"Too bad it was a horse." Meg giggled

"I was four!" Raoul defended himself, and then turned a page, "Ah! Here's one…"

"Turn the page now!" Meg gasped,

"Aw, Meg in her dipper!" Christine smiled, "You look so cute! I wonder what happened."

"She developed." Raoul gave a devilish smile, "And looks even better now."

"Raoul de Chagny!" Meg hit him playfully,

"I really didn't need to know that." Christine winced, and she turned the page. The room became very quiet.

"We need to get going." Raoul said quietly,

"Yeah, we have that benefit tomorrow." Meg nodded. All of them got up, and walked over to the door. "We'll see you soon ok?"

"Yeah." Christine hugged them both. Then she noticed she was alone, again. Slowly she made her way back to the photo album and looked at the picture that was starring back at her. A woman, a man, and a little girl stared back. The woman had strait dark hair with brown eyes that added a lovable fun quality in them and with a stubborn backside. The man had curly light with blue eyes with a seemingly calm nature. The girl was a mixture of both; she had dark curly hair with brown eyes and a fierce determination in the tiny person.

Christine outlined the contours of the people in the picture. A sudden rage came over her and she flung the photo album across the room making it hit a box and it close, but the one picture hanging out, mocking her. She put her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. Tears fell silently down her face, and she whispered "Alone always alone."

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