"Why are you all dressed up?" Christine asked as she waddled into their bedroom.

"I'm meeting the managers for dinner." Erik straightened his tie, as Ayesha rubbed against his pant let and gave a disapproving growl.

"To discuss the new members?" She sat on the bed and Ayesha crawled into the limited lap space.

"Yes." He nodded and turned to her. "I shouldn't be very late."

"Good." Her eyes looked into his. "Erik, Abigail she…"

"I don't think we will have to worry about her." His lips almost made it to hers but Ayesha lashed out and hissed at him.

"Ayesha!" Christine gasped and dropped the cat on the floor and hurried to Erik rubbed the side of his chin. "Are you alright?"

"Yes I am fine." He took away his hand noted that there was not any blood on it.

"What has gotten into that cat?" She inspected his chin, although he was certain it was fine. "That thing used to hate me and now she's killing for me."

"Must be a female bonding thing."

"Must be." Her arms went around his waist as she looked up at him. "I love you Erik, really."

"I love you." He kissed her. "I'll be home soon."

Erik scanned the restaurant and spotted the person that he was looking for. Even after all this time she still had beauty but her soul was what was in question. He made his way towards her; it was the most secluded part of the restaurant.

"Erik!" Abigail smiled. "I didn't know if you would came or not. Actually I am surprised you did with…"

"I came to say good bye, Abigail." His voice was stern.

"What?" Her smile vanished. "But we've only begun to know each…"

"Stop with this foolishness Abigail." He glared. "You almost caused me to loose the person I love and cherish most Do you really think that I would trade that for you?"

"You can't do that!" She laughed. "Hell, is she what you really want?"

"Yes." His answer left no room for question.

"Really?" Abigail looked at him doubtfully. "You want a woman willing to have a child with a face like yours? A sick twisted…"

"Stop it, Abigail." He warned in a low and deadly tone.

"Why?" She gave him a fake questioning look. "Am I proving myself right? How do you even know that she can handle a child with the face of a monster! Besides, it's not like she actually loves you."

"Christine loves me." His eyes glared. "Leave her out of this!"

"I know all about her, Erik." Her body rose from the table. "I know that she lost all her money, I know that her father and her mother died when she was young. She's using you Erik, whether it is for money or for the emptiness she's using you and always has been."

"You know nothing of my relationship with Christine!"

"I know that you truly do not want the child!" She replied. "I know that you're afraid. That you are truly a coward and Christine is the first woman that showed you a good heart. You don't love her." A breath. "But I have changed Erik. I can also show you a truly wonderful heart now. Leave her; her family will care for her. We can go back to England, forget her, she means nothing."

Erik paused. Was he truly coward? Could he leave Christine? Her family would care for her. She would be pampered for her loss. She would rise up to fame because of him, but Christine… Abigail let herself smile as he thought.

"Think Erik." She pulled him close and whispered in his ear. "All your dreams come true."

"My dreams." He stopped. "No." His hands pushed her away.

"What?" Her eyes widened.

"You have no part in my dreams, Abigail." Erik glared. "You are my nightmares. You are everything vile and spiteful."

"I don't…."

"I don't love you, Abigail." He shook his head. "I never loved you. You have always been the cloud looming over me, preventing me from loving who I love best. I love Christine, Abigail, not you, never you."

"You Liar!" She shouted. "Liar!"

"I'm not lying." His eyes saddened at the woman in front of him. "I love Christine, not you. Good bye, Abigail, and let me tell you personally that you will not work at my opera house." He left, feeling much lighter and happier than when he arrived. A huge weight had been lifted. He arrived at another restaurant and sat down with the managers and Mrs. Giry, who was looking at him.

"Hello, Destler." Firman smiled. "We just speaking of the auditions."

"Yes." Andre nodded. "What do you think of that one girl…"

"Abigail Twitch." Mrs. Giry filled for him.

"Her voice is much too like Carlotta's." Erik commented. "And I have heard her disposition is none too pleasant."

"Indeed." Firman nodded.

"What do you think, Giry?" Andre asked.

"I think she has a beautiful voice." She shrugged, her eyes never straying from Erik.

"But," Erik spoke up. "We already have our star why should we get another?"

"Because that one is currently on maturity leave, as you well know Mr. Destler." Firman rolled his eyes.

"How Christine doing by the way?" Andre asked, and Erik was more than happy to tell him of her well being.

"Erik." Mrs. Giry caught him after the meeting.

"Nothing happened, Antoinette." He sighed. "Nor did I want anything to happen."

"Does Christine know?"

"I don't think so." Erik shrugged. "But with her you never know."

"Will you tell her?" Her eyes scanned every inch of him while she waited fro the answer.

"How?" He asked. "I know in time I will."

"You could have left, Erik." She stated quietly.

"I know." A small smile came to his face. "But I didn't want to."

Erik walked into his house. He placed his jacket in the closet and up the stairs to his and Christine's bedroom. As he stepped in, he noticed the bedside light still on, but his wife fast asleep clutching a book his her hand that was now resting against her large stomach. He smiled and took the book from her hands and kissed her stomach gently. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled sleepily at him.

"I love you." He whispered.

"You stayed." She felt tears form at the edge of her eyes. He nodded. "I hoped you would, but I wasn't sure. With the baby and me. I heard you and I were so…" Christine melted into sobs but he took her in his arms.

"She means nothing to me." Erik told her. "She is nothing, Christine. I promise, I will never ever again doubt our love, never."

"What if…"

"No." His voice was firm but gentle. "I will not."

She gasped and jumped.

"What?" He looked worried.

"Give me your hand." Her hand covered his and she placed it on her stomach. They waited until Erik felt something move against his hand and his eyes widened.


"It seems the baby agrees." She smiled.

"Yes, our child agrees with me." He smiled and wiped her tears softly from her face. "As it should."

"Your impossible." A small laugh emitted from her.

"I'm not the only one." And Erik kissed his wife.

10 years later…..

"Charles, Emily get away from that stove!" Christine shooed her niece and nephew out of the kitchen. "Is it really that hard for men to watch the children?"

"Why are women always the ones to be stuck in the kitchen?" Meg asked as she rubbed her large stomach. "All the men do is sit and talk. I bet they don't even watch the kids."

"What are you complaining about?" Bee looked at her.

"Yeah." Christine joined in. "You're just sitting there, doing nothing."

"I was peeling the potatoes." Meg shrugged. "But I got tried. Its not easy having a kid grow inside you."

"I swear he can't do a single thing right!" Anna sighed as she wobbled in the kitchen.

"Obviously he can do something right." Meg smirked.

"Yea." Bea nodded. "Five kids in the last ten years, beats us out. How many, including the one in there?"

"Six." Christine answered.

"Don't remind me." Anna rubbed her belly and with Meg at the kitchen table.

"What did he do?" She asked.

"You know maybe you should try and not be pregnant." Meg shrugged. "That might work, with the mood swings."

"Oh trust me." Anna smiled. "That is the last."

"Yes, I'm glad I had three." Bee nodded. "It seems easier than six."

"Thanks." Anna rolled her eyes.

"Honestly." Bee snorted. "I have to hand it to you, I can barely hand three."

"Well." She shrugged. "I now understand why some eat their young."

"So you think of having any more Christine?" Bee asked.

"I'm going to have to agree with you." Christine laughed. "Three is enough. Unless Meg pops out another."

"No." Meg patted her stomach. "I'm fine with this one, and only one."

"Uh oh." Anna winced as she heard the wail of a child. "It might be one of mine."

"No might be mine." Bee sighed.

"No," Christine gave a weak smile. "Its mine."

"Hello everyone." Erik came in carrying little one year old Katherine in his arms, he went strait to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle. Plopping the bottle in the girl's mouth he went over and kissed Christine. "How is Christmas dinner coming along?"

"With two pregnant women and two that are actually working." Christine smiled. "Pretty good. You didn't let any of the children open presents did you?"

"No…" He shifted a bit.


"Just one."

"Mom!" All the women turned their heads to the two children that just walked in.

"What is it?" Christine asked.

"Why can't we open presents?" Four year old Elizabeth whined.

"Because you have to wait 'till after dinner." She answered.

"But that is almost five hours away!" Ten year old Rilan sighed.

"No actually, its only ten minutes away."


"Listen to your mother." Erik looked at his children. "Or no presents."

"But you said if we finished dinner early we could open presents!" Elizabeth played with her chocolate curls.

"That's why we want dinner now!" Rilan added in, his blue eyes glowing with excitement.

Christine shifted her eyes over to Erik, who just shrugged. "It stopped them from complaining."

"Uncle Erik!" Kat ran in. "Uncle Raoul is trying to get me!"

There was a loud roar and all the children congregated in the kitchen, all screaming trying to get away from the man crawling on the floor.

"Raoul get off…" Meg began to yell but waved it away. "Never mind."

"Dinner!" Christine called and everyone gather around the table. Everyone that had matter most through out the years and would continue to matter, grow, and love sat around each other. No matter the circumstances they always loved each other and even if one complained to the other about another it didn't matter. Family was family.

Erik looked at Christine from across the table and smiled at her. She smiled back and both knew, they were not alone anymore.

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