Ginger Snaps Together Again

(A Virtual Movie)

Ginger's alive, Brigitte's out of the basement, and they have one last chance to get things right.

Disclaimers: Ginger Snaps and associated characters were created by, probably among others, Karen Walton, John Fawcett, Megan Martin, Christina Ray, Stephen Massicotte, Grant Harvey, and the actors who portrayed them, particularly the enormously talented Emily Perkins and Katherine Isabel. The characters are owned, I believe, by Lions Gate Films. The actors who first brought these characters to life are owned by themselves. I use these things without permission, but make no profit but my own entertainment and hopefully the entertainment of others. Being fan fiction, I also use these entities as an attempted tribute for the enjoyment they have given me.

Story format: As I did with a recent attempt at a Buffy virtual episode (with limited success IMO), I am writing this story in present tense format, as if I was describing the action as might be seen on a movie or TV screen. The story is intended as an actual sequel to the first two movies, and I also intend to incorporate material from the third prequel movie. Whether I succeed in this endeavor is up to every individual reader to decide. Heck, at this time I don't even know if I will consider this a success.

Story genesis: I find the character of Brigitte Fitzgerald, particularly as portrayed in the first two movies, to be singularly heroic and noble. She is faced with such overwhelming odds that she is doomed from the start, but she never gives up. I thought she deserved a much better ending than the one given her in GS II (although I thought that ending was very clever and well thought out). So, this story is my take on how Brigitte does when the playing field is leveled so that she actually has a chance.

Disclaimers: I have only been in a corner of Ontario once on a vacation. I don't know Canada, and so I will try to get around it by being as vague as possible.

With all that in mind, here we go…



We see a club off of a fairly busy city street. The club is called the Black Inferno, and hard rock with a heavy bass beat is pumping out through the front double doors (painted red against the black front of the club). In front of the door is a short line occupied by people mostly in their late teens and early twenties, dressed provocatively in black leather and jeans. There are lots of chains and piercings and tattoos among the people in line. Between the doors to the club and the small line of people is a truly immense man, probably 6-7 with massive tattooed arms, long black hair in a ponytail, and a black goatee. He is wearing black jeans, enormous black hiking boots, and an open black leather vest (showing off his massive chest and abs, and of course the vest is sleeveless to show off the aforementioned massive arms). He lets some people in, and turns others away.

A black van pulls up in front of the club. The passenger side door slides open and two people get out. The first person is Ginger Fitzgerald, dressed in a black leather miniskirt, a black sports bra, fishnet stockings (also black), and keeping with the black theme, black boots that come up almost, but not quite, to the knees. Over all of this she wears an open black trench coat. Her hair is red except for the white streaks along the front of her part. Ginger steps out of the van confidently and smiles at the huge doorman. Despite his tough guy look, his lips very briefly turn upward.

The second person to come out of the van is Brigitte Fitzgerald. She stumbles out of the van as if she was shoved, and as she turns and directs an angry look to the interior of the van, we become certain that she was, in fact, pushed out. Brigitte is also wearing a black trench coat, which in her case is belted tightly closed. Brigitte is hunched over, and her arms are crossed as if she is tightly hugging herself. She looks side to side as if she is terrified that someone she knows is going to suddenly appear to strike her dead of embarrassment.

Ginger immediately takes her place at the end of the small line, and Brigitte, with some hesitation, stands behind her older sister. In seconds, the door man motions to the group of three people in front of Ginger and Brigitte to enter the club. The door man, looking Ginger up and down and nodding with approval, then gestures for her to go in. Brigitte, without looking up, moves to follow only to walk into the big man's hand at the level of her chest.

Ginger turns and addresses the door man's back.

"She's with me," she says.

"Not tonight, she's not," The door man says. "She stays out, you go in."

"She says out, I stay out," Ginger says.

The door man shrugs.

"That's too bad," the door man says. "You're hot, but your friend…we have standards here, and it's my job to uphold those standards."

Saying this, the door man turns to look at Ginger and jerks his head towards the street. Ginger walks past him to join Brigitte on the sidewalk in front of the club. Ginger takes Brigitte's arm roughly and walks her quickly about twenty feet down the sidewalk.

"B, you know what Colonel Rowlands will do to us if we fuck this one up," Ginger says in a harsh whisper. "You're already on his shit list, and the shit list for the rest of the pack. Do you really wanna screw this up?"

Ginger tightens her grip on Brigitte's arm.

"Well do you?" Ginger hisses.

"No," Brigitte replies in a soft whisper.

"Then swallow your perverse antisocial pride, quite slumping, and show the man what you've got!" Ginger whispers.

In response, Brigitte pulls away from Ginger's grip and walks back to the doorman. Four new would be guests, young geeks futilely trying to look cool, are standing between her and the door man.

"HEY!" Brigitte says with surprising forcefulness as she undoes the belt to her trench coat and opens it to reveal an outfit identical to Ginger's. "Is this what you want to see, fucker?"

The door man nods, his smile brief but genuine. The four guys whistle and howl and applaud.

"Yes to both the new look and the new attitude, girl," he says. "You and your friend can both go in."

As Ginger and Brigitte pass him on the way into the club, the door man looks at the four guys and says with authority, "Not you. We have standards here, and it's my job to uphold those standards."

As Ginger and Brigitte enter the club, the music becomes louder.

Ginger pulls Brigitte closer and speaks into her ear, talking over the music.

"Our man is usually at the table by the kitchen," she says. "You go over and keep an eye on him while I mingle."

Brigitte glares at Ginger.

"Why don't I go mingle while you go keep an eye on him?" Brigitte asks angrily.

Ginger responds with a look that says I can't believe that you're serious.

In response, Brigitte looks away and with a low, embarrassed voice says, "Fine, you go ahead."

Ginger nods once, pats her sister on the shoulder, and turns and moves towards the dance floor.

Brigitte slowly makes her way toward the back of the club, which is extremely crowded. Brigitte is jostled many times as she approaches the bar. She pulls the front of her trench coat back together and starts to hunch over again, as if trying to make herself as small a target as possible. She doesn't notice a handsome young man watching her with interest. The man looks like a Canadian Aboriginal with a small goatee, his long black hair worn in a pony tail down his back. Flouting the club style, he is not dressed in black, but in a checkered blue and white shirt, open in the front to reveal a grey t-shirt and blue jeans tucked into tan cowboy boots.

The bartender, a solidly built tall woman dressed in a black tank top with spiked white hair and a nose ring attached through a chain to a left earring, looks up at Brigitte as she approaches the bar.

"I want a 7-UP," Brigitte says.

The bartender snorts derisively as she fills a small glass with clear, bubbling liquid, but then withholds the glass.

"Five dollars," the bartender says.

Brigitte's eyes widen in disapproving surprise, but she takes a wadded bill out of the pocket of her trench coat and tosses it on the counter. The bartender slides Brigitte her drink, sloshing a good portion of it onto the counter. Brigitte takes her drink. The bartender watches Brigitte as if expecting something more, and even starts to put her right hand out, palm up. But Brigitte has already turned and walked away from the bar.

"Bitch," the bartender says to Brigitte's receding back, none too quietly.

Then she raises her voice and yells, "Next!"

Brigitte continues her walk, now carefully holding onto her drink, to the rear of the club. At the back, the club opens up with an L-shaped turn to Brigitte's right. Brigitte follows the turn to a large, circular table. On the far end of the table, his back to the double doors to the kitchen, sits a large, obnoxious bear of a man speaking loudly in what appears to be Russian. Seated around the table are four other men. The men all look very dangerous, each wearing a long, black trench coat with flat, dangerous looking expressions. All except for the powerful looking man with long sideburns who laughs uproariously at everything the big Russian says. The big Russian wears an open black trench coat over a clean, tight white t-shirt that displays the big man's ample belly. Leaning against the Russian is a pretty but tough looking girl, probably no more than Brigitte's age, with dyed black hair, very pale skin, and very black eye shadow. She is dressed in a black spaghetti strap top that ends well above her navel, and black jeans tucked into long black boots. She is the only one who notices as Brigitte leans against the wall about ten feet from their table. Brigitte hunches over her drink and takes a sip, furtively watching the Russian and his companions. The girl narrows her eyes suspiciously, but then turns her face towards the Russian, smiles, and laughs at the latest thing he says.

Brigitte continues to lean against the wall and take sips of her rapidly diminishing drink. She looks around as if trying to watch several things at once, but truth be told most everyone in the club gives the Russian's table a wide berth, and it becomes rather obvious that the table is the only thing she is in the position to watch.

The girl scowls and, looking at Brigitte, says something to the Russian. The Russian looks up towards Brigitte with a hard but curious expression, then immediately appears to decide she's not worth his continued attention. He shrugs, looks away, and starts to resume talking to his friend with long sideburns. The girl, however, stands up and walks towards Brigitte. She is tall, perhaps a head taller than Brigitte. Brigitte sips on her drink and looks away, but her drink is now obviously empty except for a few melting ice cubes. The girl steps in close and looks down, so that her face is just inches away from Brigitte's.

"What the fuck are you doing here, creep?" the girl asks.

Brigitte looks away, back in the direction of the dance floor, although it can not really be seen from the angle at which she is standing.

"Nothing," Brigitte says. "I'm just having a drink, and watching people party."

"Well go do it somewhere else because you're creeping us out," the girl says loudly, looking around as an audience starts to form around the two of them. "How did you get in here anyway? Jason is supposed to keep out the little creep girls like you."

Brigitte stops looking away and looks straight at the girl. Brigitte is obviously angry, and there is something intimidating about her anger, and the girl takes a small step back, probably without realizing it.

"But I was let in here," Brigitte says. "I'm having a drink and I'm not doing anything but standing against a fucking wall, SO BACK THE FUCK OFF!"

The big Russian stops talking to the man with big sideburns. Both look at the brewing altercation, then look at one another and chuckle. The Russian then looks at the girl and Brigitte.

"Angel!" he calls loudly. "Are you going to let that little slip of a girl talk to you that way?"

In response, the taller girl, Angel, aims a left handed slap at Brigitte's face. Brigitte catches the attempted slap without looking. Then, Brigitte tightens her grip. Angel gasps, and her eyes start to glisten with tears.

"I said…back…the fuck…off…bitch," Brigitte says, her tone remedial as if speaking to a very young and stupid child.

In response, Angel tries in vain to use her right hand to help pull her left arm from Brigitte's grip. As Angel starts to whimper, Brigitte lets go with a slight and mirthless smile. Angel starts to back away, rubbing her left forearm, then suddenly steps forward and kicks Brigitte in the shin, then stomps on Brigitte's foot.

Brigitte's eyes go wide, and her lips purse angrily, and with both hands she pushes Angel in the chest. Since Angel is taller, Brigitte pushes upward, which lifts Angel high into the air. Angel sails over the man with long sideburns, the other three bodyguards, and the table they are all seated at. The Russian follows Angel's trajectory with his eyes as her body slams into the wall, her head striking the ceiling with a hollow thump. Then Angel falls limply but hard onto the table, tipping it over so that both she and the table flop into the big Russian's lap. The Russian looks at the big man with long sideburns, and jerks his head towards Brigitte. Long Sideburns gets up and swiftly hits Brigitte with a very hard left cross, knocking her to her hands and knees. He follows this up with a vicious kick to her gut, which lifts Brigitte into the air. Brigitte falls to the floor, holding her stomach. Other patrons of the club start to gasp, scream, and run away. One of them loudly says "dude!" in a tone of concerned disapproval.

The rock musicians continue to play, but everyone on the dance floor stops to watch the commotion. Ginger, who was dancing in the middle of four young men, has to shove two of her dance partners aside to see what is happening.

She sees Long Sideburns rearing back to kick Brigitte again. She also sees the Russian, clearly enraged as he shoves aside both his shattered table and the limp body of his girlfriend.

"Shit!" Ginger says as she takes what appears to be a cell phone out of her right trench coat pocket. She flips the cell phone open, and without punching any numbers, speaks into it. "Munroe, we've got a problem. We need you in here."

Outside the club, the black van returns and stops in front of the club. The side door to the van slides open, and two people, a very handsome man with dark brown hair and a strikingly beautiful woman with coffee colored skin, get out at a run. Opening the driver's side door is another handsome man, taller than the man from the side door. This taller man has an extremely irritated and arrogant expression on his face. Jason the door man steps in front of the approaching trio but before he can even say anything, the beautiful black woman grabs his scrotal area with her right hand, and his belt with her left, and lifts him head first into the top of the door frame with such force that there is a sickening crunch. As he drops to the ground, it is obvious that the top of the door man's head has been shattered, and his neck has been broken.

The taller man, the one who got out the driver's side door, looks disapprovingly at the corpse.

"That's a mess you didn't need to leave, Danielle," he says.

Danielle shrinks at the man's disapproving tone.

"I'm really sorry, James," she says, obviously terrified.

James shakes his head dismissively.

"Never mind," he says. "Let's see what trouble Ginger's idiot sister has gotten us all into now."

Danielle relaxes somewhat, and stepping over the dead man, the three enter the club.

Brigitte rolls and crab walks away from Long Sideburns next attempted kick, then regains her feet. Long Sideburns aims a right jab at Brigitte's face, but Brigitte knocks the punch aside, not like someone blocking a punch, but like someone waving a hand at a buzzing fly. Nevertheless, Brigitte holds onto the sleeve of the man's trench coat, then grabs his belt with her other hand. She lifts the big man over her head and throws him away into a crowd of people, who all fall down yelling and protesting.

"B!" Ginger yells as she expertly punches one the other trench coated bodyguards in the face, knocking him cold. "Quit fucking around and get Roskoff!!"

Roskoff the big Russian's eyes go wide upon hearing Ginger's words, and he starts to run towards the double swinging kitchen doors. Brigitte leaps after him, knocking him to the floor with an impressive if awkward tackle.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Aboriginal suddenly appears from out of the crowd behind Ginger and raises his right hand. In his hand is a pistol, held butt out. He pistol whips Ginger, knocking her down. Then he steps over her and turns his gun around to aim it at Brigitte. But before he pulls the trigger, he stops, his expression softening to one of wonder.

"Wait," he says quietly to Brigitte, whose back is to him as she struggles to subdue Roskoff. "I know you. The red and the bl…"

At that moment, Ginger stands up and yanks the Aboriginal's pony tail. He doesn't yell, although his pain shows on his face. Ginger grabs his gun and yanks it out of his hand, tossing it aside.

Ginger has changed, her hair is now a grizzled mix of red and white, and her forehead is now bumpy, while her nose and mouth project ever so slightly. Her teeth, particularly her canines, are noticeably longer.

"Bad mistake, asshole," Ginger says, her speech slightly distorted through her enlarged teeth. "Hitting me with a pistol? Bad. Pointing the pistol at my sister? Worse!"

The Aborignal, however, does not panic. He knees Ginger in the stomach and, gripping his pony tail in both hands, pulls it free of her grip. Then he runs into the crowd. Ginger looks as if she is about to pursue, then stops and looks towards her sister instead.

Roskoff has rolled on top of Brigitte, sitting on her. He raises his right fist to strike her and then stops. Brigitte snarls. It is not a human snarl. Her hair is swept back to reveal a pointed ear, and her lips pull back to reveal pointed and projecting canine teeth. Roskoff literally squeals in terror, and hits Brigitte hard in the mouth with his right fist.

"Ow!" Roskoff yells, pulling his hand back. It's bleeding.

Brigitte, her altered face now looking extremely angry, grabs Roskoff and throws him off of her. Unfortunately, he is thrown through the swinging kitchen doors. The sound of clattering pots and pans is heard as one of the doors swings loose from its hinges and falls to the floor.

Brigitte reaches up and gingerly touches her upper left canine tooth, as if expecting it to be loose. She smiles slightly when she finds that it is still there and still solid.

"Jesus Christ, Brigitte!" Ginger yells. "He's getting away!!"

"Oh shit!" Brigitte says as she gets to her feet. She runs through the kitchen doorway, Ginger now right behind her. The two sisters run through the kitchen and find the back door open. As they run through the back door into the alley, they see a black limo peeling rapidly away. Clearly, the sisters are too late.

"Fuck!! Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!" Ginger says. "Rowlands is gonna kill us!"

Brigitte turns towards Ginger, her expression very serious.

"You know that's not true, Ginger," Brigitte says. "Just me. Rowlands is just going to kill me."

James, his face a mask of rage, comes through the back door into the alley.

"That is," Brigitte continues. "If your wannabe alpha boyfriend doesn't decide to save him the trouble."

The scene fades to black, and the opening credits begin.

Note: It may be awhile before Act 1 shows up. I'm planning on five acts total. And yes, there will be explanations as to how Ginger is alive, and why the Fitzgerald sisters are (sort of) human again.