Two Birds in A Titans Tower

A fan fiction story by themangaloverofdoom

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Chapter 1

Starting it All

It was a cold, rainy, night in Jump City. The Titans Tower, a large T-shaped building that has very large windows lining it, is home to five extraordinary teenagers. Not just your average teens either. They are teens with extraordinary powers. They are the Teen Titans!

Robin, the team's leader, about five feet, five inches, with spiky black hair is an extraordinary leader. He isn't a supernatural being though. No super powers and all that jazz. He is both mentally and physically powerful. Robin knows all sorts of different types of meditations, martial arts, logical thinking forms, and has trained with the best of the best.

Starfire, the beautiful alien princess from Tamaran. She has a yellow-orange skin, and mid-back length dark ruby colored hair. Her green eyes seem to have a natural glow to them. Her lime-green star bolts, or 'special ability' are not something that you want to see up close. Same goes with her star bolts that come from her eyes. Not funny business to be playing around with. The only funny you get with her is when she is trying to learn our 'earthly ways.'

Cyborg, the cybernetic human. A six foot tall man, with computer body parts installed in his body. They allow him to have super strength, an intellect that is greater than all, a sonic arm-gun, and ultimate gamer skills...although, I wouldn't bring that up to Beastboy...

Beastboy, the green changeling! Yes, he does transform animals! He has big, green eyes, green hair, and green skin. He is a jokester, prankster and a total 'playa'. He uses his changing powers to beat bad guy butt, which he does, but it doesn't help him beat Cyborg at gamestation.

Raven, the gothic enchantress. A pale, seemingly grey skinned, young woman with violet colored eyes has the ability to use her mental powers, which creates a black aura, and allows her to move people, or objects. She meditates, and acts emotionless, but not much else is known about her.

(Raven's POV)

"Go away." I said in my usual monotone as I slammed the door in Beastboy's face.

"Aaaaaaaawwww...Raven! Please! Don't be a party pooper! C'mon! You know that you want to!" Beastboy said. I isn't that he isn't okay...but like I am really going to get hit with a ball of smelly green-yellow sweat stained socks? I don't think so. So, as usual...I sit in my room. Peacefully.


I stop floating and meditating to see that my door has fallen to the ground. In the doorway I see Cyborg. Greeeaaat.

"Uhhhh...sorry about the door?" Cyborg said in his usual cool but questioning voice.

"I told Beastboy that I didn't want to play. If you don't will never be able to play again! And I am serious. I will not play your pa-the-tic...whoa!"

Great. Cyborg was lifting me up. No he wasn't...he was carrying me down to the main room...

"Oh glorious! I must say! Cyborg! You have brought the friend of best here. I suggest that we have a group hug!" Starfire said. Wow...she is like...the perkiest person slash alien that I have ever met.

"Good idea!" Cyborg said. With that he gave me a bone crushing hug. There was no way that I could get out of this. Well. I guess that once I get let go of...I will go back to my room. From there I will go back to meditating. No...I should no better. Everyone is going to bug me. I will meditate after everyone is asleep. Maybe I will go shopping. Yah, shopping.

"Whoa! Titans! Since when did we..."

Slam! Beastboy's Whatever-the-heck-it-is-ball hit Robin in the face. Wow...that was unexpected.

"Look. I would love to play with you...but I am going shopping. No Starfire...I am going alone." I said in my monotone voice, but if you were listening hard enough, you could have heard my sarcasm.

"No. Raven. You aren't. I am going with you." Robin said. This was a huge surprise. "I have a few things that I need to get at the mall you and I are going together. We'll be back soon."

"Ow! Go Robin!" Beastboy said.

This was going to be a nightmare.

(Robin's POV)

This was going to be awesome. I must be able to learn something about her. Raven...the enchantress.

We were already at the mall in about fifteen minutes.

"So uh Raven...where do you want to go first?" I asked. I knew that she was going to ask to be alone, but I wasn't going to give up that easily.

"Look, Robin...this is...great and all but I have a few personal things that I need to get. I don't mind if we share lunch together though. So at one we will meet up?" Raven asked. Perfect.

"Sure. Look...I am going to know...I don't want to always be Robin. So I'll see you in two hours!"

I went to my T-Cycle, and pushed a button. The hologram of my costume was now gone. I was now Richard Grayson...not Robin anymore.

(Raven's POV)

Thank god that I got rid of him! I thought that it was going to be forever until he was gone. I immediately went to Hot Topic. I guess that I really do fit in there. There were people dressed up as their favorite anime and or manga characters. There were Goths, punks, and lord knows who else.

I went to my favorite rack. The rack with the belts and other accessories. I got two arm bracelets, you know, the black kind with the silver spikes. I got a matching belt and necklace.

The next store that I went to was Rave. At Rave I got a black tank top, and a pair of black Dickies. I went to the shoe rack and found some black Adidas. My new outfit was perfect. I knew exactly whose eye I wanted to catch with it. I found a hair clip with a picture of a raven on it. Cool. It looked great.

I looked at my watch. It said 12:55. I had five minutes. I power walked to Tilly's. I got another black tank top with a picture of a pirate skull and bones on the left side of it. I got a pair of denim blue Glow jeans and a chain bracelet which had a Pirates of the Caribbean skull on it. I got a black hair clip and black Converse high tops. I purchased the items, and then I went to the bathroom and I changed. My watch said 12:59. I power walked, which seemed like a jog, to the food stand. I didn't know what Robin was wearing so I just stood there.

"Well, are you going to stand there or are you going to eat?" Robin said. I turned around. I didn't see Robin. I saw a teenage boy about my age, and said impatiently, "Look kid. I am waiting for someone. Don't bother me. Got it?"

"Sorry Raven. I guess that I should have told you what I was wearing. I guess that I am not the only one who changed." It was Robin. I took a good look at him. I hadn't noticed that he didn't wear his hair in its usual style. He had from the middle of his head to the front, straight, jet-black hair coming directly forward. The other part of his hair was spiked. He had on a Simple plan shirt and denim jeans with a long chain that had a picture of a two drumsticks hanging on it. He had on black Converse all-stars. I looked at his face. No, I looked at his eyes. They were green. Not Starfire green, but a soft green that you could look in at for hours and get lost in them. I blushed. I was checking him out and he was just staring at me. "Err...sorry. Uh where do you want to eat?" I said quickly. I could have died of embarrassment.

(Robin's POV)

"Well. I guess that we could go to Panda Express. They have really good Chinese..." I said. Wow. Just from looking at Raven's style change I could tell a lot more about her. Her look was more punk then Goth. I decided that I wasn't going to ask her about her past. I guess that it would have to wait for another day.

We ate for about thirty minutes, and talked about what we did like and didn't like about the mall.

"Well...I guess that you could say that I am afraid to go into Limited Too..." Raven said. I tried to keep a straight face. It was funny. Raven, the person who would go to Hot Topic, but was afraid to go to Limited Too? I can't imagine her in there.

"Well I think that we should get going. It is about 2:00. The others will get worried about us. "Robin! What exactly did you need? You don't have any bags or anything..." Raven asked. I knew I was caught.

"I uh...I uh...Well...I ummm...I have to get something for Starfire...I was hoping that you would come with me..." I said. I bet that I sounded stupid stuttering like that. But Starfire wanted me to get her a Victoria's Secret polka dotted bra and...thong.

(Raven's POV)

"Okay. Where do we...oh..." I giggled silently. I knew exactly where we were going. Starfire had been ranting on and on about how she love the 'dots-of-polka'. "Here. I will go and get it. You don't need to go in there. Trust me..."

"Thanks. But I will go with you just so you don't suffer in there." Robin said. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! I had to get something there too.

"No really..." I said. He followed me. I was stuck with him.

"Jen? Jen? Hullo! Jen!" My friend Jennifer worked here. I only came here because, well Jen worked here.

Jennifer was a blond haired girl with big blue eyes, a tattoo of on her left shoulder, which was a picture of a purple cat that had a collar that said feisty cat, and a skimpy purple dress on.

"Yo! Raven! Was sup I have your satin tho...whoa! Who is this hot-tay?" Jen said. She saw Robin. "Uhhhh...he's a friend. Hem, Hem. Please just ring me up!" I said. My face was so red and hot, you could have fried an egg on it.

"Nice eyes. If you ever want some fun, call me. Rae has my number. Rae that'll be forty-eight cha-chings, and twenty metals." I gave Jen the money and said my good-bye. Robin and I were going home.

"Nice friend," he said with a smirk.

(At the tower in Robin's POV)

"Well hello friends! I hope that you enjoyed the time together!" Star said. I loved her like...whatever. No one would want to know that. I couldn't believe what I saw Raven buy.

"Well...was there more than shopping going on?" Cyborg and Beastboy asked. "No. I just had to pick up something for Star at the mall. That was it. I am going to my room. I'll be out for dinner."

I think that I was falling for someone else. I wasn't sure why, but at the mall I couldn't concentrate on anything. This is crazy. I can't. It would hurt the team too much.

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