Two Birds in a Titans Tower

A fan fiction story by themangaloverofdoom

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Chapter 10

The Official End

(Raven's POV)

"Don't you have any manners Robin? You should know not to kick your guests?" Red X had said. Man, he had one hella annoying voice. How come he always comes at the wrong times? I was having a moment with Robin.

Punch, Punch. Kick, Kick.

It was just a usual fight. A gadget here, a fist there blah, blah, blah. This was getting annoying. "AZARATH, METRION, ZINTHOS!" I started to enclose Red X in a black 'bubble' thing, but he quickly threw some sort of red, well, red X on me, shocking me. Thus causing me to lose concentration and allowing him to not be enclosed in a black 'bubble.' The thing he did manage to do was to steal my own technique and to use it against me. I was the one enclosed in a red 'bubble.' So what should I care? It isn't like I can't use my magic to get out of this. Red X certainly hadn't gotten a brain, that's for sure. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Nothing. It wouldn't work!

"Sorry babe, but I'm not that stupid. I do prepare for things. You should know that considering that I stole this suit from Robin himself." Red X said. If that mask wasn't covering his face, I know that he was smirking like he had just one a million dollar bet.

"You haven't one anything yet. Have you forgotten me already?" Robin asked. Heck yes!

"Come on Robin! I know that you can get him!" I yelled backslash cheered. This was going good already, minus the fact that I am still in a red bubble. I know…I'll just have to call the others. Yeah, I will definitely outsmart stupid Red X. I get the last laugh. Buahaha. Okay Raven, time to get serious.

I flipped my communicator open, "Calling all Titans! Come in!" Fizzle, Crack. Why wasn't I getting any reception? This was odd.

"Raven, you still have a thing or two to learn!" Red X said through a punch. "You really think that I would allow you to call for help? Robin, haven't you taught your girlfriend anything?"

Robin growled. He made a direct hit to Red X in the head. This was definitely getting interesting. "Shut up fool." Robin snarled. I don't think that I have ever heard him use a tone like that before.

"Feisty, eh?" Red X said.

(Normal POV)

((At the club))

All the other Titans were dancing, but Terra. She was sitting at the bar, tapping her fingers on the counter. She took a deep sigh, a look of worry painted her face. I wonder if Raven is aright.

The bartender came up to Terra. "Hey little lady, can I get you something to drink?" Terra didn't look up to the Bartender to answer. "No thanks. I'm all right."

The bartender's eyebrows furrowed. "Something is bothering you. Wanna tell me about it?"

Terra's big blue eyes looked up to the Bartender's face. He looked as if he was in his mid-to-late fifties. He had graying hair, and a sort of Mumbo-Jumbo look-a-like hair style. He had a stomach that was well fed, and hazel eyes.Terra smiled.

"Well, my friend Raven, you might have seen her. She was wearing a black V-neck shirt. She has purple hair and violet eyes. Well, my other friend Starfire kissed Robin and then Raven got upset and left without getting the full story. So now Robin is going to my home to retrieve Raven, and I am left here worried." Terra said. She inhaled deeply and sighed.

"Well ma'am, it seems to me that your other friends aren't worried. I take it that Robin is very trustworthy, eh?" The Bartender said. "By the way, my name is Dan. You are Terra from the Teen Titans, am I correct?"

"Yup, I'm Terra, that's me." Terra was happy that Dan wanted to help relieve her. "Here miss, drink some of this, it'll make ya feel better." Dan had taken a beer glass and filled it with a foaming brownish substance.

"I'm underage, I can't drink that." Terra smiled faintly. Why is he serving me an alcoholic beverage? I fight crime, I don't do it. Not anymore at least.

"Oh Terra, trust me, this stuff isn't alcoholic. It is a chocolate soda mixed with strawberry soda and the foam stuff is a chocolate whipped cream. I don't want to go out of business for serving minors alcohol. Especiallyto a crime fighter herself." Dan smiled.

Terra took a big swig of the drink and grinned just like the models. Beastboy came up to Terra. "Dude, are you drinking?"

"I used to perform acts of villainy, I don't now Beastboy. This is a chocolate-strawberry drink. Try some, you'll love it. Dan, how much do I owe you?" Terra asked, while Beastboy quickly drank the rest of the soda.

"You don't owe me anything Terra. Drop by here soon, and I'll let you try my next soda invention." Dan smiled and refilled Beastboy's mug.

"Terra! Where are you going?" Beastboy asked.

"I'm checking up on Robin and Raven. I'll see you later." With a wave, Terra broke into a sprint to get outside.

(Normal POV)

((At the tower))

Raven was sitting cross-legged in the red bubble, a look of irritation on her face. She was going to say something, but the last time she did, the bubble shocked her. 'I can only hope that the others come home soon, or else I believe that I will screa…'

Raven did not get to finish her thought because a blonde holding a rock rose to the top of the tower.

"I hope that…whoa! What is going on here?" Terra asked, allowing a puzzled expression take over the worried look on her face.

"Hey babe, stay away. I'll have to zap your little girlfriend if you come near." Red X said in an amused voice.

Robin came and he jump-kicked Red X in the back. "You will not come close to Raven, you hear me?"

Terra took this distraction to sneak to Raven. "Rae, do you know how to get out of here?"

"If I knew that Terra, wouldn't I be out of this thing already?" Raven whispered, a hint of irritation creeping up in her voice.

"Well excuse me!" Terra said through a muffled giggle.

"What is so funny?" Raven asked, irritation become quite visible in her voice.

"Nothing, it is just that all you have to do is THIS!" Terra's blue eyes became yellow, with a matching yellow glow on her hands. Red X turned to see what was going on.

"Blonde chick, I hope that you know that won't work. Nothing is getting through the zinothium." Red X still said, but not with as much of anamused sounding toneof voiceas before.

"I know that. I may be blonde. But I'm not stupid. Duh." The boulder that was hovering next to Raven was thrown with a jerky gesture by Terra to Red X, hitting him directly on the head.

"Uhn." Red X mumbled, collapsing to the floor.

Robin took Red X's belt off, pushed a button, and Raven was released to the sandyfloor.

"I'm gonna leave you two alone for a while, the others are arriving already here at the tower. The T-Car is coming…" Terra was cut off with all of the Titans on the roof. Raven had walked next to Robin, who slung his arm around her waist.

"Is every…why is Red X lying on the floor unconscious?" Beastboy asked, pointing a finger at the costumed figure. "Dude, what happened?"

Robin, Raven, and Terra gave slight smirks, with a synchronized "Nothing."

Robin and Raven just stood together, watching the waves and the sand consume each other. Terra and Beastboy went for making the world record of tofu, while Cyborg and Star pulled Red X away from the two 'lovebirds.' Cyborg had one question burning inside of his mechanical body for Starfire.

While Cyborg was putting Red X in hand cuffs, he asked Starfire, "Star, why were you doing research about how to get a boyfriend on my laptop? Stuff like that can be retraced you know." He now was sending a message to the local police force to take the part-time villain into custody.

Starfire blushed, and replied, "I was doing research to ask Speedy out on a date I guess. I think that I am getting the emotion of embarrassed."

"Come on Star, let's go inside." Cyborg said, mentally cracking up.

(Normal POV)

((Alone with Rob and Rae))

Robin and Raven were finally alone,and started walkinghand-in-hand along the beachshorline.

"So…" Raven said unemotionally. There was still one thing bothering her.

"What is it Rae?" Robin knew just what subject Raven was going to bring up.

"What was in that journal that Red X wanted so much?" She was finally going to get to the bottom of this.

"Just some information about the villains that we have encountered…" Robin said trailing off with a smirk. He figured that Raven wasn't really read to learn what was in the 'journal' just yet, if ever.

I am so sincerely sorry about the two almost three month wait. Time flies, eh? Well after going through ten different endings, this is the finishing chapter that I like the most. I think that I am going to make a sequel to this story. I am not sure what exactly I will title it, but it should be coming out soon. It will have mainly Raven and Red X, so if you enjoyed this story, I guess you should read the sequel.

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