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Broken Dreams

Chapter 1: Tears of Sorrow

Uchiha Sasuke walked out of the Konoha Leaf hospital feeling the deep darkness within his heart. The difference in strength, body, and spirit had barely changed ever since Sasuke was young. He had never felt so weak and destroyed. The painful memories came flowing back into his mind. The burning fire within his eyes was very fierce and enraged. A falling tear came out of his eyes and he quickly wiped it away in hope it would never show again.

"No, I'm an Uchiha. I must never show any weaknesses…" said Sasuke. "No tears…no tears…"

Sasuke dropped down to the ground and started to cry. The tears did not stop falling out of his eyes and he clutched the earth beneath him. He grasped the dirt below him and then tried to get up. It was hard to pick himself up after a fall. He had never fallen this far before…Itachi was just too powerful and out of his reach.

"No tears…please stop…!" shouted Sasuke.

The tears just couldn't stop coming, and Sasuke felt really horrible. He was weak. Sasuke was suffering, suffering and dying because of his brother. He only wanted peace in his mind. He was an avenger. Then Sasuke tried to wipe away the tears coming out of his eyes. He only wanted to become strong.

"Sasuke?" said a voice.

Sasuke turned around quickly and saw the figure that had changed his life forever. He tried to hide his tears and regain his dark personality. Although, the Uchiha could not. It was so hard to cry and when he did, it would not stop…

"Sasuke, it is okay. I don't mind. I know how you feel," said Kakashi.

"No you don't. No one does," said Sasuke.

"You don't have to tell me anything. I don't expect any words to have come out of your mouth," said Kakashi.

"Kakashi, do you ever think that I can ever defeat Itachi?" asked Sasuke.

"You will, if you wanted to," said Kakashi Sensei.

"What do you mean 'if I wanted to'?" asked Sasuke.

"I feel that something will come between you two. Something will break the ties and allow the light to shine through. Remember, through the darkness, you will find the light."

Sasuke looked up at his mentor with his Sharingan. Kakashi was quite taken aback at his eyes, but not afraid of him. Sasuke's eyes were still watery and tears were now falling silently downward.

"Kakashi, I am weak. How can I become strong?" asked Sasuke. "I'm so weak…I can't even control my emotions. My heart is cold and broken, but is the only way for peace to enter my mind is to defeat Itachi? Is that all I have lived for? I have answered 'yes' to this question before, but I have no idea anymore," said Sasuke.

"I do not mind if you cry. Let it escape you. Sasuke, you have kept too many emotions inside all this time. Just let it go…" said Kakashi.

"Let go? I cannot do that. It is…the only path I know of," said Sasuke.

"You will find many answers after you wake up from this nightmare. All the questions you have asked me, you want answered. Look deep within yourself, Sasuke. There is truly where all the answers lie. Trust me, Sasuke."

Sasuke then nodded his head and leaned onto Kakashi. Kakashi smiled and then helped Sasuke up and onto a nearby bench. Sasuke had felt immense gratitude towards Kakashi Sensei because it had seemed like the world had given up on him. His teacher and mentor was the only one there.

"Just release the pain, Sasuke. I've been there," said Kakashi.

Then Sasuke began to cry even more. The tears came falling out faster and Kakashi smiled. Sasuke leaned his head onto Kakashi and cried even more. He clutched his heart and thought of everything that had happened to him.

"Sasuke…Just take a deep breath and tear through the darkness that binds you."

Sasuke remembered everything in his life and it made him want to scream. His parents, his relatives, his entire family was gone. Itachi and him were the only Uchihas left. Hope was lost and his fate was sealed. He couldn't control himself, the tears just wouldn't stop. Sasuke was a broken person. The day went on as Sasuke grew more and more tired. Finally, he drifted off into an enchanted sleep.

"Kakashi Sensei?" asked Naruto.

Naruto had walked over to the hospital with Sakura-chan. They were hoping to meet Sasuke there, but saw Kakashi Sensei instead. Then their eyes darted over to the sleeping figure right next to him. It was Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun!" shouted Sakura.

"Shh!" said Kakashi. "Don't wake him up, it took me a long time before he would sleep."

Sakura looked at Sasuke's sleeping form and kneeled down beside him. She touched his head and then a kindness entered her eyes. She was happy for Sasuke's mind was at last at rest. This wouldn't last, but Sasuke had followed the path of broken dreams. He was an avenger, a strong one, but one that is willing to sacrifice anything he had ever had or needed to achieve an ambition.

"Sasuke-kun…" said Sakura kindly.

"Orochimaru is still after Sasuke, we need to protect him from the darkness. Sakura! Naruto! Promise me that you won't allow him to go to Orochimaru," said Kakashi.

"Okay, but why would he?" asked Naruto.

"Sasuke is an avenger. To find power, he would stop at nothing. Itachi has clouded his mind, but if he forgets about revenge, there would be still some hope."

"I promise too," said Sakura.

Then a giant gust of wind blew across Konoha and a terrible presence fell on the land. Kakashi could feel it inside of him and a shiver went down his very soul. Naruto and Sakura had felt it too.

"Sensei?" asked Naruto.

"I feel it too," said Kakashi.

"Sensei? Who is it? What do they want?" asked Sakura.

"They are near… Sakura! Naruto! Be prepared for the unexpected," said Kakashi. "These are no ordinary enemies. They know the true meaning of stealth."

Sakura nodded her head and Naruto gulped. Kakashi stood up and left Sasuke on the bench. Then, a shadow crossed over onto Konoha and the sky was pitch black. The moon was hidden beneath the clouds and the air was cold.

"Copy Ninja Kakashi…" said a voice.

"Itachi!" shouted Kakashi.

"Calm down Kakashi," said Kisame. "We only came for one person."

"Naruto! Get behind me!" said Kakashi.

Naruto nodded and ran behind Kakashi. Sakura did as well and all the shinobis drew their Kunais. Kisame raised her sword and Itachi's eyes shone like blood. The Sharingan was clearly defined and as red as blood. Kakshi lifted up his head protector and his Sharingan was reflected.

"You want the Nine-Tails?" asked Naruto.

"Again, assuming everything about yourself. We cannot obtain the Nine-Tails right now, we are after a different target," said Itachi.

"Then what do you want?" asked Kakashi.

"Itachi-san, Kakashi is annoying. Let's cut him up," said Kisame.

Kisame raised his sword up to Kakashi and Kakashi put it up to his Kunai. The Samhada was still more powerful, but Kakashi was still determined to stop them. Itachi then looked at Sakura and Naruto standing beside Sasuke. He walked up to the young shinobis and drew his Kunai.

"Bravery in the female ninja. I hate that," said Itachi.

"Don't you dare hurt Sakura-chan!" shouted Naruto and walked right up to him.

"If you and the girl don't stand aside, you will suffer like Sasuke and Kakashi," said Itachi.

Then Sakura and Naruto noticed immediately what they were after. Although, they would not move away from Sasuke. Itachi was planning to do something with Sasuke although they did not know what. The fear in their eyes could be clearly seen even with Itachi's Sharingan. Itachi laughed and raised his sword.

"I have used this sword to destroy many lives. I have killed mother, father, and everyone in the clan with this sword," said Itachi. "I have even destroyed my brother with this."

"What are you going to do with Sasuke?" asked Sakura.

"Nothing damaging," said Itachi.

"You bastard!" shouted Naruto and raised his Kunai up to Itachi.

Itachi saw this and quickly dodged it. He then picked up Naruto and threw him against the trees. Sakura watched in fear as she was always in the way. She was annoying and knew the truth that Sasuke had told her before. She can't help with many missions, and when she does, she freezes.

Itachi just walked right by her and she fell onto her knees. She didn't want to die and somehow lost all of her confidence. Itachi smiled and nodded over to Kisame. Kisame then pounded his sword onto Kakashi. Kakashi nearly missed the blade of the sword but was bleeding on his right arm.

"Sasuke…I'll help your suffering mind," said Itachi.

For once in a long time, Itachi had some kindness within his eyes and carried Sasuke onto his back. This reminded him of that time when Sasuke was younger. Sasuke was sleeping and Itachi carried all the way home on his back.

"I'm sorry Sasuke. But it was important. I will put you to have peace in your mind."

"Itachi-san?" asked Kisame.

"Let's go," said Itachi and disappeared with Kisame.

Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi just looked at the stars and wondered what kind of torture Sasuke has been living through. It had even brought tears to their eyes. Naruto pounded his fist into the trees. Sasuke was in the clutches of his heartless and merciless brother. The sky remained dark and was full of melancholy. The feeling was easily compared to the feeling in their hearts.

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