Broken Dreams

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Chapter 8: Choosing My Own Path

Everywhere I turn, I hurt someone
But there's nothing I can say
to change the things I've done
I'd do anything within my power
I'd give everything I've got
But the path I seek is hidden
from me now

Brother, I let you down
You trusted me, believed in me
and I let you down
Of all the things I hid from you
I cannot hide the shame
And I pray someone, something will
come, to take away the pain

There's no way out of this dark place
No hope, no future
I know I can't be free
But I can't see another way
I can't face another day

From the Brother Bear Soundtrack, sung by Phil Collins. No Way Out.

Sasuke's murderous eye's dawned upon Konoha only to see his horrid red Sharingan. Everyone grew scared of the Uchiha. With his old beliefs, he would have been ecstatic that his brother had died. Although, now, he knew the true pain of losing siblings, and it was different from losing his parents. He felt a closeness drift away and a caring love vanishing into nothing. He couldn't hold onto his anger anymore. No one understood him anymore. Only Itachi did, and that man died... Right before his eyes, the Sharingan master was lying in a pool of blood.

"An evil…like I haven't ever experienced…" Tsunade wheezed as she coughed out more blood.

"The air…I can barely feel myself," Sakura whispered.

The Uchiha then summoned the 10 swords together, all from the different five countries. (A/N: Fire country holding Hidden Leaf. Ex: Fire sword and leaf sword) Together, a mighty elemental sword was created. The chakra that Sasuke held was multiplied by hundred times over once. He finally raised the sword and stabbed it into the ground. A mighty wave pushed everyone back at the tip of his might. To use it to its full extent.

"This is for you…Itachi…"


Naruto opened his eyes and looked around him. He only saw blood. He tried to lift himself up and look around. Although he saw his own hands covered in a deep red liquid. He bolted awake and looked around him. He was in the Uchiha household and saw the floorboards filled with the red staining liquid. He couldn't understand what had happened.

"Tsunade-obaachan?" asked the boy hoarsely. "What happened here?"

"Naruto…become a fine Hokage one day," the woman said through coarse words.

He looked before him and saw the Hokage standing right before him. She then fell down onto the wooden floor without a breath of life in her left. Naruto looked wildly around and saw Sakura beside him. She was awake and shivering, crying in fear. Naruto cuddled closer to her and put his arm around her. Finally, both ninjas scanned the area.

"Sasuke-kun…" Sakura cried weakly.

Sasuke was found in the middle of the room crying in pain and anguish. He placed his head on top of Itachi and cried uncontrollably. Silent tears streamed down his face and onto his dead brother. His face was covered in blood and he was shivering in fear. Fear he had never seen before. He never imagined his brother defending him until his death.

"Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura weakly.

"I killed everyone," Sasuke said with those clear drops of liquid still falling down his face.

Naruto and Sakura held each other close and looked around. There were dead nins everywhere. Naruto's eyes fell upon the two Akatsuki members, Zetsu and Tobi…lying in a pool of dark red regret. Sakura's jade eyes looked at the Sannin and his subordinate. Orochimaru and Kabuto were dying in place thrown against the wall with horrible cuts and scorches through them. Only Team 7 had remained crying in the Uchiha household.

"How did we survive Sasuke's attack?" asked Naruto.

"Tsunade-sama…gave her life to protect us…" Sakura shivered.

"I'm sorry, I never meant for things to turn out this way," sobbed Sasuke.

There were three times Sasuke had cried because of his older brother. Except this time, Sasuke was crying out of sadness for his brother, and not anger for his parents. The sun dawned upon everyone in the house but no one felt the happiness that came with each passing day.

"Nii-san…you were right. These dreams always come true. I couldn't stop it, and neither could you. It wasn't in the Uchiha ability to go against their fate…" Sasuke whispered.

"Sasuke-kun…" the kunoichi said softly.

"Everyone is gone…" echoed the blonde haired boy.

A ray of sunlight fell through the open windows and cracks of the walls. Many had died in this horrid place. Now and forever more. Sasuke could not help but feel that he should have died as well. He took out the long katana held with his brother. He raised it into the sunlight. The blade was bloody for his brother's blood had fallen onto the sharpened object. The sun's rays bounced off of the blade and onto Sasuke's face.

"Don't!" shouted Naruto.

"There is absolutely nothing for me now…" echoed the dark haired boy.

His tears fell onto the katana's blade and it washed specks of red liquid off. He wanted everything to end. There wasn't anything for him anymore. He hoped the rain would come and wash away all the doubt and confusion in his mind. He wasn't even sure what had happened before him. Except the rain wouldn't come. It would never wash away anything he wanted. The sky did not weep for him. Or has it already?

"Sasuke-kun!" shouted the pink haired kunoichi.

He then raised the sword over to the side of his neck. He tried to make the most painful and painless death ever. He knew that he could never die with a clear conscience anymore. He was just willing to give up on life. He closed his eyes and then felt the cold blade close to his skin. His grip on the handle tightened and…


Naruto ran forward and knocked the sword out of Sasuke's hands. Sakura watch in her weak state and saw Naruto hit Sasuke on his face. There was anger and sadness within Naruto and Sasuke could feel him standing above him. The dark haired boy then fell to the ground hitting his head harshly on the horrible wooden floors.

"What do you think you are doing!" shouted Naruto.

"I killed everyone. Eventually, they Konoha will destroy me. I might as well suffer through a dignifying death here, instead of… " started the crying Sharingan master.

"Konoha won't kill you! You have killed the biggest threats to the Fire Country! Orochimaru! Kabuto! The Akatsuki bastards! And…"

"Itachi!" shouted Sasuke. "I let him get killed! I couldn't stop his death! I can't help anyone! I am a curse, ones I love always are hurt. I saw this in my dream. As hard as I could, I fought against it. I could never win! I don't want to lose anymore! I don't want to lose those precious to me!" shouted the young dark haired boy.

"I know…Sasuke, it is a harsh truth… Tsunade-obaachan is dead, and she was the only one who made me feel as if I had a mother…" Naruto said softly.

"I can't do anything!" shouted the Uchiha. "I couldn't stop those I loved from dying! I only caused more pain and destruction everywhere I went! Why not kill such a horrible monster!"

"You're not a monster! I am!" shouted the blonde.

Sasuke could not bear to hear anymore and soon closed his eyes. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to wake up. He didn't want to. He only saw through his cursed eyes. He knew that he alone could be a great shinobi, although he could not get close to anyone. He nearly destroyed Konoha, although he was stopped… by the love of someone close to him.


The last survivor of the Uchiha clan woke up in a hospital. He saw the lights overhead and tried to think of it as a dream. Maybe it was… Although he felt around his neck and the small cut that the katana had almost made. He sat up and realized that he was living in his reality. Naruto was sitting beside him and looked at him sadly.

"Sasuke…just please. I want you to be my friend…no matter what happens," Naruto said hopefully.

Sasuke thought about what Naruto was saying and knew that there was no point in destroying his life. He wasn't a criminal, for he wasn't in the ANBU emergency care. The village had thanked him for destroying Orochimaru and the Akaktsuki members. Although Sasuke could not help but feel the emptiness within his heart.

"Konoha has decided to banish you for killing the Hokage. Although you will not be killed," Kakashi said.

"Kakashi, help me…" Sasuke pleaded. "Find a way to carve Itachi's name into the stone."

"Many will not approve, although you and I both know that Itachi had risked his life for you, and become a true hero in the end…" Kakashi said solemnly.

Sasuke smiled softly and Kakashi nodded. They made each other the silent promise. Itachi's name was going to be engraved in the stone for everyone. Those who did not know why his name would be there, were those who could not understand a true hero. The rain began to pour against Konoha and the windows were heard with raindrops falling down the glass.

A Day Later

"I'll miss you Sasuke-kun…" Sakura said sadly as she hugged him tightly.

Sasuke had decided to leave Konoha as he was banished. He didn't expect Konoha to relent, for he has killed so many. Tsunade was gone, although her legacy has been filled into everyone's hearts. Old and Young. Skilled and Normal. Sasuke hugged Sakura back, for he knew this would be the last time he would be seeing her beautiful face. Naruto then stepped forward to say his good byes to the Uchiha and his best friend.

"I'll be with you, okay?" Naruto said uncertainly.

"Without you, I would have been left in the darkness forever…I'm going to be back on my quest. I hope I can see you all sometime in a distant future…"

Sauske began to walk away from the village with the village looking back at him. With remorse, they saw the kind Uchiha walk away with a sadness filling his heart. He was alone now and there was no one to help him. Although he knew that he was cursed. There was nothing anyone could do to help him. Although he kept Konoha in his heart forever. Next to his brother.

"Nii-san. I will help you gain the respect you deserved…" Sasuke said slowly.

Throughout the years, everyone has claimed to see a young boy that always helped nearby people and called himself Uchiha Itachi to show everyone that his brother was not a dark hearted person, but a kind hearted one as well. Finally, Kakashi got the new Hokage to add Itachi's name onto the stone forever… And no one came to the stone trying to disgrace the Uchiha name.

Sasuke still wandered the earth alone, until he died. But he felt as if had made a difference in the world. Finally, his conscience was at rest….


In another side of the world, a little weasel walked around with the Sharingan in his eyes. He wandered around fulfilling his duty as well… He was Uchiha Itachi.

Author's Note: I loved writing this story! I hope everyone else enjoyed reading it. I know the last sentences didn't make sense, but if you look 'underneath the underneath' I think you'll understand it. Sorry that Itachi died, and he is my fav. Character, so don't say I just bashed him or anything.

It's a somewhat sad ending, although Sasuke tried to make a difference till the very end of his life… That is what being a shinobi is truly for. Fighting for others in your name.