Dean let his head fall back against the Impala's warm leather and ran his hands over the steering wheel. He sighed softly, breathing in the heavy smell of gasoline, and looked through the passenger window to the glass doors of the gas station.

At last, Sam emerged, backing through the doors with his arms full of drinks and snacks. He turned as the doors shut after him and stepped off the curb, waited as a car pulled away from the pump, then walked forward to the passenger door. "A little help, here?" he grumbled expectantly, standing before the car.

Dean grinned, sneaking a look at his impatient brother through the slightly-open window. He shook his head twice, rocking it against the headrest. "You're the genius, you figure it out."

Sam sighed heavily- melodramatically, even- and Dean imagined Sam was rolling his eyes.

Sam lifted his arms to rest his burden on the car's roof. Dean opened his mouth to scold him- then caught sight of his brother's white underwear peeking over the waist of his belted jeans, and the sliver of belly flesh under his layered shirts.

"Jesus Sam, pull your pants up! What do you think this is, a strip joint?"

Sam jerked and Dean knew he would be blushing. Sam backed away from the car, jerked upwards on his jeans, then pulled open the door and ducked his head in. "Maybe if I had a little help…"

"Maybe if your clothes weren't falling off…"

Sam rolled his eyes, grumbling under his breath. He backed out of the car, pulled his shirt down with one hand, and reached over the roof.

Before he knew it, a crinkly yellow bag hit Dean in the chest.

"Here's your damn candy," Sam growled, then quickly gathered the rest of the items and ducked in the car. "Here," he said, pushing a sweating fountain drink towards Dean. "Ungrateful bastard."

Dean turned the keys and the Impala rumbled to life. "Calvin-Klein-poster-boy-wanna-be-freak."

"Shut up."

"You shut up."

"Stop looking at my underwear."

"Stop showing it off."

The Impala turned onto the highway, joining the flow of traffic, and once again, the Winchester brothers were off to find and defeat forces of the paranormal while discussing the finer points in life.