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Inuyasha stood in a beautiful, peacefull forest. Light shinning down through the treetops of the trees swaying in the cool breeze.He turned around and saw Sesshomaru standing before him. His silky, silver hair flying swiftly around him in the breezse. He walked slowly to Inuyasha and pulled him gently towards him. Inuyasha felt his heart race. Sesshomaru put his arms around his brother in such a caring way and before Inuyasha knew it, Sesshomaru...kissed him. Such a deep passionate kiss! So full of love and care! Inuyasha wanted it to last forever. He hugged his brother closely returing the kiss and making it deeper and stronger!


"Inuyasha? Inuyasha? What the hell is wrong with you? Can you hear me you dumn dog?" Sesshomaru gazed at Inuyasha not knowing why he was so spaced out.

At the sound of his brother's voice Inuyasha snapped out of his dream and was back to reality. "What? I-I'm fine."

"You don't seem fine. You seem as if something is on your mind."

"Nothing is on my mind! Would you just drop it! and tell me why the hell you wanted to see me!" Inuyasha was becoming impatient. His brother was acting so strange and it was starting to irritate him. Sesshomaru just stared at him still not sure what to tell is beloved brother. While thinking of a way to approach this he started to fantasize what would happen. Either Inuyasha would feel the same way he felt and they would be happy together. Or Inuyasha would start to dispize him even more. "Damnitt! Sesshomaru! Say something!...If you're not ganna say anything then I'm leaving!" Inuyasha turned and was about to leave.

"Wait. Alright. I'll tell you why I brought you here." Inuyasha turned back towards Sesshomaru, who was walking towards him just like in his dream. Sesshomaru stopped just a few feet in front of Inuyasha, who was staring at him in a strange way. "Inuyasha? Snap out of it! Do you want to know why I brought you here or not?"

"Yes. I do so get on with it already!" Inuyasha was now more impatient then ever, but that didn't really bother him. What bothered him was Sesshomaru. Inuyasha loved him so much but didn't think Sesshomaru would ever love him back. He kept fantasizing about the love of is brother and it was distracting him very much.

Sesshomaru was silent for a second, then finally let out a sigh and was about to tell Inuyasha his true feelings toward him, but before he said a word he reached out and put his hand on Inuyasha's cheek. This surprised him. He didn't know what Sesshomaru was possbly thinking about. Sesshomaru gently stroked Inuyasha's cheek causing him to almost faint. What is going on thought Inuyasha. Is this just my imagination or is this actually a reality. Inuyasha gazed at Sesshomaru not knowing what to say or do. He was frozen.

While still stroking Inuyasha's soft cheek, Sesshomaru finally spoke,"Inuyasha...I know we've fought prettty much all our lives and never seemed to show much care or compassion toward each other, but...I want you to know." He paused for a moment his eyes filled with tears. "I love you Inuyasha!"

At the sound of those words Inuyasha's heart almost exploded out of him! He was so happy! Then he saw the tears in Sesshomaru's eyes," What? S-Seriously? Hey, why are you crying? Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru turned away from his brother. "Because...I know how much you dispize me. but I don't care. I love you and will always love you."

Inuyasha's eyes were now filled with tears as well. In a soft voice he spoke," Sesshomaru...please stop crying. You have nothing to cry about. I don't dispize you...I love you as well. With all my heart.

Sesshomaru's eyes went wide. He turned and faced Inuyasha who was happily smiling at him with tears in his eyes. "What? D-Do you mean it?"

"Of course. I've always loved you, but could never tell you because I thought you dispized me." There was along silence.


What the...! Are they serious! I stared in shock as I discovered what had been going on all this time. They can't be serious about this. I mean they're brothers for crying out loud! I can't belive this is actually happening! Uh-Oh. What's about to happen now? A few minutes have passed. They're just staring at each other, smiling with such passion and happiness in their eyes. I-I know it's wrong because they're brothers...yet I feel as if it isn't wrong. I don't know why but seeing them there together so happy and in love...it almost seems so perfect. As if they belong together. O wow! As I continued to stare at Lord Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, I saw their faces moving closer together. They put their arms around each other. I couldn't belive what I was seeing! Inuyasha and Sesshomaru kissed. Their kiss showing their true love and passion for each other. They were so mezmorizing. So beautiful. Two perfect men, sharing their perfect love for each other. Their kiss seemed to last forever. It was so deep. I thought it would never end. I know for a fact that they don't want this kiss to ever end. Wow, so beautiful. I just can't stop gazing at them. It's amazing.


Sesshomaru knew that Rin was watching, and knew that what he and Inuyasha did next would never leave her mind for the rest of her life, yet he didn't care. He loved Inuyasha and Inuyasha loved him. Thats all that mattered to him. With gentle hands and while still kissing, Sesshomaru gently started to remove Inuyasha's clothes. Inuyasha knew what Sesshomaru wanted and responded by strating to remove Sesshomaru's clothes as well. They threw each others clothes aside and got on the ground. Sesshomaru was now on top of Inuyasha gazing into his gorgeous golden eyes. Inuyasha gazed back into Sesshomaru's eyes and happily smiled. Then they both turned and saw Rin. They smiled and waved to her. Rin, with very wide eyes, slowly waved back. She could barely move. She wanted to close her eyes, to get away from what she was seeing but couldn't. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru knew that there was nothing they could do and knew that she would eventually go away, so they just turned back to each other.

A few moments passed, then tey finally bagan their little game. It lasted all night long. There was so much kissing, licking and sucking. There was so much love between them. Luckily, for Rin she fainted before it all started.

(Kagome and the rest)

While Inuyasha and Sesshomaru slept peacfully together, holding each other close and tight, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara are still searching for Inuyasha, but still headed in the wrong direction.

---For them this isnt such a happy ending.

--------For Rin this is a strange, surprising, but very happy ending.

-------------For the beloved Inuyasha and Sesshomaru---This is the perfect ending. An ending that they will love dearly and remember for the rest of their lives. An ending that people could only dream about...

The End

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