Summary: So, imagine if you will, just for a moment, that perhaps there had been a Triwizard Tournament held at Hogwarts during the MWPP era. Suppose, just for kicks, that perhaps—just maybe—it was the event that brought Lily and James together. Let's play pretend, let us allow ourselves to let go and dare to dream that perhaps the Triwizard Cup did not belong only to Harry but to his father as well. AU (obviously), rating as of yet undecided but probably R, Lily/James pairing.

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The Triwizard Tournament

Chapter One: The Announcement, the Ride, and the Cup

By Natali K. A.

"This year, Hogwarts will have the great honor of hosting the Triwizard Tournament."

A buzz of conversation erupted around the hall, while Lily Evans looked inquiringly at her pureblood friend. Yet another disadvantage of having muggle blood.

"It's a competition between three schools—I'll tell you later," Beatrice Craig whispered. "Just listen for now."

Lily nodded, wishing not for the first time that she wasn't so utterly clueless about things every other student seemed to know about.

"As before, the wizarding schools of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be competing with us, as we have been for over six hundred years," Dumbledore continued once the chatter had died down. "Only this time, we shall leave with a group of students who would like to participate and leave for Beauxbatons, where the Tournament shall be held.

"It shall be explained at a later date. For now, classes shall go as planned. The group that shall represent us will be leaving in two weeks' time, and those qualified will be informed about it on the morrow. Off to bed!"

"The Triwizard Tournament," Beatrice—Betty to all—told Lily excitedly, "is a competition hosted traditionally where the schools of Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Hogwarts each have a single student to represent them. There are three tasks, each more difficult than the last. Several students have died in the past, which is why it's been suspended for so long."

Another of Lily's friends, Ashley Thermont, whose muggle-born grandmother had married into an old wizarding family, added her own knowledge of the events. "It's a game to test your knowledge, skill and courage. Definitely not for the weak of heart. There's all sorts of dangerous creatures involved—multi-headed beasts, giant scorpions, a rabid hippogriff. Just to name a few."

"Oh, just?" Lily commented dryly. "So because of this, students from here are going to spend an entire year at another school, just because they want to compete?"

Betty and Ashley stared at her.

"You're going, aren't you, Lily?"

"No," Lily said to Betty. "How utterly ridiculous. Imagine that, a game. A silly, dangerous one at that. This is our last year here, and I hardly think we should be wasting our time when N.E.W.T. exams—"

"Students who go over are exempt from N.E.W.T.s," Ashley smirked, knowing that would convince Lily to enter. "You just have to keep your grades above average throughout the whole year in all your classes."

Lily considered this.

Perhaps it wasn't something so totally unthinkable after all.

Two weeks later, fourteen Sixth and Seventh Years were on their way down the front path to leave to Beauxbatons.

"Do you know how we're traveling, Head Girl?" Betty asked, using the annoying name she now called Lily by.

"I don't," Lily lied.

"You're lying!"

"Of course I am. I do know but I'm hardly going to tell you. You'll find out soon enough." She smirked as she saw Betty harrumph.

"Head Boy and Girl share one carpet!" McGonagall called out. "You'll be the very first to arrive and we figured it would be more uniform this way. It's the multicolored one."

Lily suppressed an urge to groan as she waved goodbye to her mates. Hours on a magic carpet with James Potter?

Damn it.

"Ladies first," James bowed, sitting down on the green, scarlet, gold, and blue rug. The instant he did so, it jerked and took off.

"Bloody hell I'm going to hate this ride," Lily moaned, lying down flat and holding on for dear life.

"Oh, don't worry. It's nearly impossible to fall off a flying carpet."

"I believe it's that word 'nearly' that upsets me."

They passed the remainder of the two hour long voyage in silence. Soon enough, the tiny dark specks that were their classmates were visible.

"Dumbledore mentioned something about the carpets going into a special formation as we're about to land, correct?" Lily asked, trying to distract herself from the thousands of feet of air between her and the rock solid ground.

"Yeah. But we won't be a part of it. We're going to arrive about five or ten minutes before so that they know we're coming. It's supposedly to be a very extravagant thing, apparently."

Lily raised an eyebrow. "School A trying to impress the pants off School B?"


"There it is," Lily cried, pointing. "My, it really is a beautiful fortress."

"All-girl school."

"You must be thrilled."

James let out a bark of laughter. "I'm more concerned with winning the Tournament."

"And you are so sure you'll be our champion?" Lily said skeptically. "Rather big-headed of you, isn't it?"

"No, just hopeful. A man can dream, can't he?"

"Yes, that he can. What are we supposed to tell the Headmistress exactly?"

"That the rest of the troops are on their way and to prepare a harem for us!"

"James, you are utterly ridiculous."

He grinned, stretching out his hand. The carpet had begun its descent. "I resent that."

Lily humphed but placed her hand in his anyway. She would have to pretend to like him for the time being. "Look, the students are watching. Durmstrang's arrived as well."

James nodded. There was just fifty meters until they landed.

Once they did, he helped her step off and they walked toward the Headmistress of the French Beauxbatons, bowing or curtsying according to his or her gender.

"The rest of the students and Headmaster Dumbledore will be arriving shortly," James told her. "My name is James Potter and this is the Head Girl, Lily Evans."

"It eez vonderful to 'ave you," said she, a tiny bit of a woman really. "I am Madam Olga. Velcome to zee Beauxbatons School of Genteel Witchcraft for Ladies of France." She clapped her hands and instantly her assistant stepped forward. "Jenna, do get a drink for zees students."

"Oui, Madam," Jenna bobbed, going in search of refreshments.

"Ven are zey set to arrive?" Madam Olga asked.

Lily and James turned simultaneously as the magic carpets came into view, the four colors of Hogwarts represented from the streamers hanging from the ends of each.

It was quite a magnificent sight to behold, especially as twenty odd firecrackers exploded in the sky around them, illuminating the evening sky.

"I believe, Madam Olga," Lily said, turning back to her, "that it is safe to conclude that I may present the selected students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Later that night, when Lily had finally sat down in a chair, she finally had a chance to review the day.

The carpets they had flown on had all grown and formed one giant tent, divided into three long halls—one for the boys, one for the girls, and one for them to share. The Headmaster had his own room off of the boys'. McGonagall had come as supervisor to the girls. Her room was separated by a door and was actually quite large.

From what she had seen of Beauxbatons—which was not much—it was a beautiful place. An old fortress restored as a school for girls, it held that powerful mystique that Hogwarts had but with its own feminine character.

Lily was not sorry about having to live a year there.

"It's too bad that all schools speak different main languages, eh?" Betty sighed dramatically. "It would've been such a riot to have classes with the boys of Durmstrang."

"The men of Durmstrang," Ashley amended. "I daren't even dream of that. As it is, I'm sure our studies will suffer. They're positively gorgeous! One of the older ones was looking at you, Lily."

"I noticed," Lily muttered, staring at the group of three Gryffindor boys who were busy chatting quietly around the fire. What were they up to? "He had a big nose."

"Gave him charisma!"

"Made him look like a bird." She pushed herself off the armchair, eyes still trained on James. "If you'll excuse me, I've got something to take care of." As she approached the three Marauders (Peter had been left behind because his grades had not been good enough to merit such a reward), James noticed and stopped their chatting.

"What can I do for you, Miss Evans?" his asked smoothly.

"I thought it would be a good idea for us to initiate this whole Goblet business," she explained. "Should we head over now and insert our slips of paper?"

"Sounds great." He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. "I've got mine. Have you?"

She pulled out her own. "I do. Just let me get my cloak and we'll head over."

They did just that, traversing through the steep mountain side to get to the fortress. Thankfully, the snow season hadn't set in yet. Once they were inside, people began to notice. Some of the Durmstrang students were still there, as were some of the Beauxbatons girls (naturally).

"You are 'ere to put in zee paper?" asked a blonde, blue-eyed girl near the front. "No von else 'as."

"Then we'll be the first," James said, walking straight to the goblet and throwing in his paper with his name written on it. The flames glowed extra brightly for a moment then died down again. Lily did the same.

"May the best student win," James said congenially. "If it can't be me, I hope it's you. But it will be me."

She turned on her heel and strode out of the fortress. "It would serve you right, James Potter, if that statement came back and bit you in the arse."

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