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Senior Prom

The senior year had gone by so quickly and Orange Star High was bustling with excitement. The dance committee worked overtime to create the perfect senior prom. Everyone was worried about their prom date or the perfect outfit. Everyone except Bulma Briefs. The blue-haired heir to Capsule Corp had other things on her mind. Her parents had left for a business trip and everyday grew busier as numerous companies called Bulma to schedule meetings and make business deals. For once, Bulma was grateful to be rich. He dress had already been picked out and her date, Yamcha, her steady boyfriend, was perfect. Bulma lounged back on the couch in her room. She had a short moment to relax and decided to take full advantage of it. Bulma closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift towards her friends. Chichi and 18, her two best friends in the world. They were always around when Bulma needed them to be. There was also Goku, Chichi's loving boyfriend. He was child-like and goofy and often caused trouble. Krillen, Goku's best friend, was dating 18. They made a strange, but cute couple. Then, there was Vegeta, the bad boy. No girl lasted more than a week with him, and Bulma often wondered why all the girls went after him. Sure, he was good looking, but Vegeta possessed a menacing aura that frightened Bulma. He wasn't all bad, for Bulma had seen a gentler side of him. Just once.

The telephone's ring pulled Bulma out of her thoughts. Since companies called everyday, the telephone's ring became a great annoyance. Bulma sighed and picked up the phone. "Hello?" she mumbled.

"Bulma?" Chichi's excited voice questioned.

"Oh, hey Chi! I'm so glad it was you who called", Bulma said, a grin creeping onto her face.

"Yeah, I figured you'd be busy all the time. When are your parents returning anyways?" Chichi asked.

"Uh, in two days. Same night as prom".

"Prom! That's what I called about! I still don't have anything to wear!"

"Really? I thought everyone picked out something months ago!" Bulma said, surprised.

"Just you, B-chan. Not everyone is a rich genius", Chichi joked.

"Geez, Chi. You know what? I'll take you shopping today. Come over", Bulma offered.

"Great! See you in a while", Chichi replied. Bulma smiled and hung up the phone. She would take a day off today. She deserved it.

Prom night finally arrived and everything was going great. The 3 girls stayed at Bulma's house, readying themselves for the prom. "I'm so excited!" Chichi squealed, picking up her soft-pink dress and twirling it.

"You'll be late if you keep fooling around", 18 commented dryly. Her pale orange dress had already been put on and her short blond hair was in curls.

"Come on, Chi. Go change already", Bulma urged, combing her hair into a bun.

"Take it off. It doesn't work for you", Chichi replied, motioning towards the bun. Bulma frowned at her reflection then let down her hair.

"I think you should curl it", 18 suggested, pulling out lip gloss from her bag. Bulma frowned again and ran a brush through her sleek, blue hair.

"Or just leave it down", Chichi said, stepping out of the room with her dress. She waltzed into Bulma's restroom and locked the door behind her.

"I think I'll curl it", Bulma said to herself as she pulled out a curling iron. 18 leaned over Bulma's shoulder and glanced at herself in the mirror.

"Perfect", she murmured to herself.

"It's amazing how you get ready so fast. Almost as if – ", Bulma frowned as she was cut off by the doorbell.

"I bet it's the guys!" Chichi called as she stepped out of the restroom.

"But we're not ready!" Bulma panicked.

"Only because you two are slow. I'll get it", 18 said, walking down the stairs. She pulled open the large double doors of Capsule Corp and smiled. There stood Krillen, Goku, and Yamcha, each holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Goku stepped in first and headed for the kitchen. 18 rolled her eyes as she let the other guys in. "Where's Vegeta?" 18 asked, looking around.

"Right here", a voice growled. 18 looked over Yamcha's shoulder and saw Vegeta with a slutty girl clinging to his arms. The girls bright orange hair annoyed 18 and she noticed her gaze was set on Yamcha.

"These are for you", Krillen said, handing his flowers to 18. She bent down and planted a kiss on his cheeks.

"I'll go get the girls", Yamcha offered, looking uneasily at Vegeta.

"Uh, they're not ready yet", 18 said, pulling him away from the stairs. She walked up the stairs and let herself into Bulma's room. To the blonde's surprise, her two best friends were completely ready. Dress, hair, make-up, even accessories.

"We can be fast too", Chichi said with a wink. 18 shrugged and the three girls walked downstairs.

"You look great, Bulma!" Yamcha commented, picking Bulma up and twirling her around. The orange haired girl made a face and Vegeta growled, looking away.

"Goku!" Chichi yelled, smacking him on the head. "How can you eat right now?" Goku grinned sheepishly and put odnw the fries he found in Bulma's kitchen. Chichi sighed and gave him a hug.

"Let's go already!" The orange haired girl whined.

"Alana?" Bulma questioned, looking at the girl.

"Duh", she replied with a smirk. Bulma groaned. She hated Alana more than anything. Alana always picked on Bulma when they were younger and she became the sluttiest girl in high school.

"Not a surprise. Alana and Vegeta", Bulma mused.

"Shut up!" Vegeta glared at her. Bulma ignored him and looped her arm around Yamcha's.

"Let's go", she said to the others, and they left the house.

"Dance music, flashing lights, and beautiful decorations crowded the gym at Orange Star High. Bulma stepped excitedly out of the limo, followed by Yamcha, Goku, and Chichi. Her other friends had already arrived in the limo before them. "Let's go already!" 18 said, pulling Krillen behind her. Chichi and Goku followed eagerly and Bulma went after them, hand in hand with Yamcha.

"Come on, Vegeta", Alana whined, pulling him towards the dance floor.

"Don't tell me to 'come on', woman", Vegeta said angrily.

"Don't forget I'm paying you for this!" Alana said, dragging Vegeta towards the dance floor. He growled and pulled back.

"I- don't- dance", he spat at her. Alana sighed. Getting a bad boy to compromise was not easy.

Meanwhile, Bulma and all her friends were having a blast. Goku had gone off to the food table, so Chichi went off with Bulma. Yamcha had disappeared, and 18 and Krillen were together.

"Where did Ya-chan go?" Chichi asked Bulma. The blue haired girl shrugged and continued enjoying herself. Chichi looked around and spotted Yamcha heading for the restroom. She figured this was pretty normal and decided to ignore it.

Yamcha leaned against the wall next to the restrooms and searched the crowd. Where was Alana? Suddenly, a mess of orange curls appeared beside Yamcha and he smiled slyly. "Let's get away from all this", Alana whispered to Yamcha. He eagerly agreed and they headed out the door.

Vegeta looked around him and noticed Alana was nowhere to be seen. He felt he couldn't care less and joined Goku.

"Hey Vegeta!" Goku greeted with a grin, "Where's Alana? Shouldn't she be with you?"

"What about your little girlfriend?" Vegeta asked, raising an eyebrow. Goku pointed to the middle of the dance floor where a circle had formed. Bulma and Chichi were dancing in the center with everyone else watching them. Vegeta's eyes trailed over to Bulma and he watched, hypnotized, as she moved seductively. He was getting turned on and felt disgusted by it.

"Vegeta?" Goku said, holding up a glass of punch. Vegeta ignored him and continued watching BUlma. She was nothing more than an annoying sister-like figure to him. Someone who he couldn't stand, yet couldn't live without. Vegeta forced him self to turn back to Goku, but found that he was no longer there.

"What the - ?" Vegeta looked around and spotted Goku in a corner of the room. Bulma and Chichi stood beside him with a worried look. Vegeta quickly glanced back at the center of the dance floor, but there was no longer a circle there. A short man wearing a black suit approached Bulma and handed her a small envelope. Vegeta watched from a distance and she opened it and promptly burst into tears. Chichi reached over to hug her best friend, but Bulma darted out of the room. Immediately, Goku and Chichi went after her, followed by Krillen and 18. Vegeta frowned, but decided to go after them.

Bulma collapsed to the floor, burying her head in her arms. Chichi picked up the envelope and read the note silently. Her face turned pale and the crumpled piece of paper slipped out of her hands. Chichi slumped to the floor beside Bulma and hugged her best friend tightly. Goku picked up the note and read it out loud to Krillen, 18, and Vegeta, who had just arrived.

"Miss Bulma Briefs of Capsule Corporation, we are sorry to inform you that at 5 pm this afternoon, the plane your parents boarded has crashed. There were no survivers".

"Her parents are – gone?" 18 sat down on the other side of Bulma and looked up blankly at Goku. Krillen looked down sadly and Goku did the same. Vegeta wanted to say something, but the words were caught in his throat.

"I'm going home", Bulma said softly, standing up.

"We're coming too", Chichi stated. Bulma made no reply and began walking towards the limos. The group passed by a row of bushes when Goku suddenly froze. "What's that noise?" he wondered aloud. Vegeta stopped to listen and spotted bright orange hair behind a bush.

"Stay here", he ordered. As he approached the bush, a disgusting sight met his eyes. There on the grass was Yamcha and Alana sprawled out, almost naked, all over yeah other.

"Uh- Hey Vegeta", Yamcha said nervously. Vegeta shook his head in disgust and walked back to the group.

"Don't go there", he said, shaking his head.

"Why?" 18 asked.

"Just don't", Vegeta said, slightly annoyed. Bulma looked at him suspiciously and walked to the bush, followed by Chichi. A scream escaped into the air as Bulma pounced on Alana and smacked her in the face. Immediately, Yamcha had Bulma pinned to the ground.

"Get off her!" Chichi screamed, pulling Yamcha's hair. Before he had a chance to react, Yamcha was shoved to the ground by Vegeta. Goku took this chance to pin Alana's arms behind her back while 18 watched in surprised.

"Yamcha?" Bulma asked in a timid voice. A part of her refused to believe this was happening, but she knew there was no escaping the truth.

"You weren't good enough for him!" Alana screamed, struggling against Goku's tight grip.

"Bulma! I can explain!" Yamcha whined. Bulma studied him for a while, as if deciding to listen to him or not. Finally, with a single tear leaking out of her eyes, she opened her mouth to speak. "No, no you can't"

She walked off towards the limos, shaking her head sadly. Goku quickly dropped Alana to the ground and ran after her. Chichi and 18 stood stunned for a moment, then ran after her too, followed by Krillen and Vegeta.

The group rode in silence back to Bulma's house. When they arrived, Bulma hurried into her house and closed the door behind her, letting no one in. "Bulma!" Chichi called out.

"I'm fine!" Bulma replied, leaning against her door. Her head was spinning as she quickly clicked the lock. "I'm fine", she repeated quietly to herself. Bulma stumbled up the stairs into her room and collapsed on her bed. She could hear her friends coaxing her to open the door, but she ignored them all. Bulma hugged a pillow close to her and sobbed.

"Stop making that noise", a voice growled in her room. Bulma screamed and jumped up, finding herself face to face with… Vegeta?

"How did you get - "

"Shhhhh", Vegeta sat down on Bulma's bed and pulled the girl into his lap. His actions surprised the both of them, but neither made a comment. Vegeta sat in silence as he listened to Bulma's sniffles. The sounds of car doors told him the others were leaving.

"Vegeta?" Bulma's voice came out shakily. He grunted in response and tightened his arms around Bulma. "Vegeta, am I really not good enough for him?"

"Don't listen to that bitch"

"But she and Yamcha - "

"Stop thinking about him"

"You didn't answer my question"

"What question?"

"If I was really not - "

"You're perfect", he whispered, kissing her on the cheek.