A Weiss Kreuz Fanfiction

Part I

During the hours of darkness it is often that human sight is less adept and often leaves them to fumble almost drunkenly in the shadows of the night upon things that they cannot see - Its then that the shiver that runs across their spine dances in forewarning; a simple object, a cold breeze, or the sense of another presence close by. Its here that humans forget to rely upon sound; It is here, on the darkest of nights that they hide within the shadows within the darkness at the heels of those truly in the dark; Unseen to the seeing – all but blind.

It had been handed to them the day before last, in a plain manila envelope. The orders already issued as the lights pressed fully into darkened eyes; dilating in the once dark room.

The information they were given was limited, but what was given was enough to conclude the mission as low in threat; dealing with a small black market pharmaceutical company. The mission assignment was simple, it would be a quick in and out reconnaissance to gather the information needed to bring them down. It was an easy in and out.

It should have been.

The explosion wracked half of the south hanger against the east wall, coming from the lab that situated itself there.
Blood already covered the floor in mass puddles, staining the pristine white floors in rivers as blood spatter painted the walls in projectiles. It was something out of the darkest of his nightmares; bodies lay tossed hazardlessly from where their last breath had been taken, drowning in their own rivers of red. And in the midsts of it all, metal claws rained crimson.

He cringed.

Information had somehow leaked, from the inside – from faulty security over ride measures that hadn't been taken, to an inside snitch - how was not known. What was was that a non-lethal mission had turned lethal in a matter of seconds.

His assignment had been to gather the data collected in the south hangers lab, while Bombay kept a visual. Abyssinian and Balinese were to raid the north hangars lab and gather as much information as possible as it seemed to be the primary lab, holding everything they hoped to need.

His mission was to check the south lab, even though it was empty, for anything further. They would leave nothing uncovered.

By then the trap had been set, as he was to far from the others, and the leak was noticed.

The north lab was empty; and Balinese and Abyssinian had fallen for the decoy.

Several well-armed guards now stood before him, having sprung upon the prey they themselves had laid trap to. Cornered, surrounded and hunted, they grinned at the seemingly caged animal before them, as if they had the upper hand.

A sneer licked his lips.

Their over self confidence would become their downfall.

The sneer that ripped against his teeth was like that of an animal; untamed and dangerous. With the flex of his arm, he quickly released the bladed claws at his hand once again with the clutch of his fingers; never stopping in his hunt.

With a step back, his eyes darted to the prey that now hunted him.

Picturesque, he looked like just that, a caged animal of the wild, discharging raw strength at the simplest of movements, from the way his fingers shifted or his arms swung, to the movement of his legs.

However, he was now cornered, caged and injured, and working off adrenaline alone. His breathing had long ago come in heavy gasps for air, as he had now been backed into a corner, continuing to watch them with dangerous eyes. His actions slowed with his step back, his thoughts taking grasp of the situation, working a counter measure – claws extended and adrenaline continuing to pour.

Few remained as Siberian cleared his bloodied path towards his original destination, the fallen at his feet like corpses of prey that befell victims of his hunger.

His steps however, were delicate, each one lined carefully with pain as his right arm snaked about his torso. His clothes and hands lay drenched in blood, as his own blood began to soak the skin already marred with that of his befallen victims, a bullet wound having all but grazed him.

The few now scattered with fear, their white lab coats stained and splattered with the blood of their colleges.

Struggling forward, the explosion hit as he reached the open door, having thrown the last of his victims to the side.

Heat hit him in a brilliant flash of light as clashes of white and gold hit his eyes and everything suddenly became black and even the sounds became silent.

From their side, sudden static washed over the communication unit as seconds passed from the explosion's tremble. "Siberian…"

"... Siberian!"

When his mind slowly cleared from the fog that obscured his thoughts as he regained consciousness, he could hear everything that went on about him in the awing silence; the crash of wooden planks falling but a few inches, to the sound of broken glass that still lingered at the whole.

Dust and debris shifted from the rafters, glass having etched across the floor in the pools of blood he'd left in his wake, and the sounds of the moans of the few remaining silently echoing about him in a half conscious agony.

At first, the sounds came in fragments, the falling rubble, the soft moans; and he blamed it on the momentary regaining of consciousness. He could hear a faint ringing in his ears that cleared as he stirred, sounds flooding back in unison.

He couldn't help the half grunt, half moan that slipped from his cracked lips as he stirred. Pain blurring his movements as his hands slid across the floor, slowly sliding to where his head rest. And slowly, his eyes opened to utter darkness.

Stiffly, he rose to his hands and knees, feeling with his hands the ground around him. Sifting through the debris he sought out with his fingertips the headset he'd lost during the explosion. It was with sheer luck that he found the tiny transmitter buried beneath a bit of rubble.

"Bombay…." His voice cracked, "The powers -" Gone out.

Nothing, not even static lined the air frequency.

With a muffled grunt, he moved his hand before his eyes, moving to push the bangs he could feel against his eyes to the side and he suddenly froze.

Terror gripped him at the sudden realization that struck him.

It wasn't the power that was lost, it was his sight.

"Bombay! Bombay!" Desperate, futile attempts into the long dead unit. Panic rose, lodging within his chest, clamping about his throat, his hands desperately clawing over the ground; he fell back, finding one of the walls still standing. His fists clenched, claws extended as unseen eyes darted every which way, his breathing ragged.

"Abyssinian! Balinese! Explosion from the south side! Man down! Siberians unresponsive, signals have been lost!" Bombay's voice quickly disguised his concern, quickly taking command.

Heads turned to find each other's eyes, wide. "We're on our way."

Everything. The slightest sound sent him lashing out to push himself further into the wall in any attempt to conceal himself. His reasoning was irrational within his own mind, knowing the wall would only come as a form of protection to the rear.

"Omi. Youji!"



He knew his attempts with gaining a signal were futile, but the fear that gripped him was greater than any sensible thoughts that lingered in the back of his mind. Its circuitry had most likely been fried during the explosion. But it was all he had.

His breaths became shallow in his fear, the wound lining his side continuing to slowly bleed from the gunshot, along with various other small cuts he could feel lining his body. And slowly, things began to grow cold.

He couldn't see.

Ran wrenched his sword from the opponent before him no longer active in participation. Drops of crimson liquid slid down the untarnished blade at his hand, and the katana wielder gave a quick flick to disperse the un-dried blood.

Giving his blonde partners a quick look, he turned to retreat from the dying battle that dwindled as they fought their way through. His steps thundered about him in the hall, a seconds quickly following in pursuit as Youji fell behind in step.

When they found the room connecting to the lab, they found it in shambles. The rafters half eaten, the glass windows no longer whole, and the burn marks against the walls; the pools of dried blood beneath the bodies that could only have fallen at Siberians hands. Debris covered everything in sight; rubble.

He could feel the tips of his fingers start to tingle uncomfortably, and the numbness slowly creeping its way up his arm. Shivers wracked his body, from the sudden cold, from the fear, from the silence, from the darkness that encased him.


Footsteps quickly approached, crunching the glass and wreckage beneath their steps. His breathing hitched, concealing itself to the sounds that emanated.

Panic set in for a second time, fear inclosing him, pressing against his lungs.

Like a caged animal without sight.

He pressed further against the wall, his feet pushing to press him back uselessly as the panic continued to rise, the fear within his sightless eyes reigning.

He swung; claws fully extended despite the cold numbness within his hands – despite the two broken blades; he swing blindly.

In the silence, he could almost hear the blades cut through the air emptily, connecting with nothing. He could hear the blood that coursed through him pounding in his ears, but the wild beating of his heart sounding far above all others.

Youji quickly retreated, stepping back slightly in surprise, "Ken!"

Ken froze, his fist shaking as he held it before him, catching the name and the sound of the voice. "Yo-Youji…"

His hand fell, the rampant trembles continuing to wrack him; he no longer had the strength to even hold up his arm. He couldn't even see the worry that laced itself across the blondes face as he had tried to turn his eyes in the direction of the voice, or the worry etched across the red heads. All he could hear was the silence; he unbearable, sightless silence.

"Lets get you out of here." The voice was soft as it came almost whispered from the blonde.