Fushigi Yuugi: The legend

Rating: M

Summary:Its been years since the beast gods came together to forever seal the Universe of The Four Gods away, ending the tale of the priestess' once and for all. But, the story it would seem, is far from over. Warriors from all four gods must come together to defeat one forever sworn to protect their land...a priestess by the name of Takiko Okuda.

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It was just another day, a day full of sunshine, soft breezes, and of laughter as young children ran amuck around the city streets, bundled up in light cloaks to keep the near-winter chill from reaching their skin. Yes, even in the southern kingdom of Konan winter was starting to drift in. During the daytime hours it wasn't too bad, a little bite to remind you of the season- but at night... Houses were closed so tight not a breath of air was let in, fires blazed and blankets flew off the marketplace stands.

It certainly would be a winter to remember. In more ways then one.


"Chichiri!" The bandit wailed, his feet dragging as they trudged on through even more snow. For Suzaku's sake- Why were they in northern Hokkan anyway! "Come on! We've been walking all DAY! Cant we at least stop for a little!"

The monk in question turned so his profile was shown to the other, his fox-like face sizing the other up silently. "Tasuki if we stop you'll just get colder and then you wont want to walk at all no da. Besides, if we take any more breaks we will have to walk double tomorrow."Tasuki hung his head as he forced his legs to keep moving. There was no point in arguing with the elder warrior, because no matter what he said or did, or how right he was...Chichiri always won. "Oi, what did you mean by 'You'll just get colder'? Aren't you cold?" He eyed the kesa that settled over his companion's shoulder, the thin material moving slightly in the wind. Surely using that as his only cover...

"Not really, no da. Why, are you still cold?" Here he stopped, his hand going to the pack that hung by his side. He pulled out a blanket and silently handed it to the other before continuing to plow through the snow in front of them.

Blinking, Tasuki stared at the thick wool in his hands before wrapping it tightly around his shivering shoulders and once again willing his aching legs to carry him up and over the powder that stretched unendingly in both directions as far as the eye could see.


"Are you sure this is wise, love?" The breath from his voice caressed her skin and she turned to him without a thought, bringing her lover to his knees as she embraced him from behind.

"Are you questioning me?" She said softly, her voice never rising from its soothing tone.

"Never." He moved slightly and a curtain of mahogany settled around them both, smelling slightly of something akin to vanilla. "I would never think of doing that to you, my love."

"Good." She purred, her nails lightly scratching his skin as she traced the lines of his face. She sat back in her high-backed throne and regarded the pile of rags at her feet with disdain. Her sharp eyes roamed over the bloody clothes and the matted silver hair that half-concealed a once fair face. No longer. She had seen to that sure enough.

"You see, this is how a seishi is supposed to act; doing what he is told and never, ever talking back." She spoke to him with cut off words, crisp and precise, as if he wasn't even worth a second of her time. "Why don't you just give up and tell me where he is? All it takes is a few words, just a few words and then it'll all be over; you wont have to endure this. Just tell me where he is and I'll show mercy to you. Hikitsu."


"Did you hear something, Subaru?" Tokaki asked, his brow creased in concern as his companion got to her feet slowly, inching toward the door, a finger moving to touch her mouth in a gesture for silence.

He nodded as he too got up from the table, eyes narrowed as the woman he loved flung open the door to their home, a spell on her aging lips. But instead of releasing the deadly charm, she let out a cry of alarm and moved to catch a lean figure as it fell through the doorway, barely managing to halt his swift collapse.

Moving to his lover's side he helped lay the new arrival on the ground, brushing dark brown bangs away to reveal a slightly bruised and battered face. Nevertheless it was a face the Byakko seishi knew well, even if the only time they had met seemed like a lifetime ago.

"Oh, Byakko..." Subaru gasped, hands moving to cover her open mouth.

Tokaki could do no better, but to his credit he didn't show the shock as clearly as Subaru had. Instead he knelt there on the floor, his hand reaching out on its own to tilt the unconscious youth's head back, his features shining fully in the light. There was no mistake...

"Tomite...of the Genbu seven."


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