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If Immortality Unveil

"Victor… It is time for me to go… you have set me free… I am the corpse bride no longer." Emily, the corpse bride said. She looked into Victor's eyes, the same eyes she had fallen in love with. He put his hand over hers, "But Emily… I made you a promise… to b." She put a finger to his lips before he could finish. "You made a promise to set me free… And you have kept it… Your life is here in the land of the living." She gestured to the other young woman standing behind Victor. "Here with Victoria." That last sentence put a bad taste in the bride's mouth. It pained her heart to let her love go… but deep down inside of her she knew he was doing the right thing… "But is it right for everyone? Right for me?" She thought. Victor was about to say something, but his efforts only ended in a stutter. "Oh Victor… I am absolutely horrible at goodbyes… I want you to forget all about me… go on and live your life the way your were meant to…" And with that she turned to face the balcony of the chapel. Tears were streaming down her face as she walked into the moonlight. Letting out a sigh, the moonlight shone onto her body. Her soul was now free… she was the corpse bride no more. Her body slowly began to vanish, vanish into thousands of blue butterflies. "Emily… EMILY!" Victor called frantically after her, but it was too late, the clump of butterflies had already begun its journey back to the land of the dead. Victor's head drooped slightly, and Victoria came up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder.

"So go after her." Victoria said. Victor looked at her with huge eyes… did she know?

"B-but what about y-you?" He said, horribly fumbling with his words

"Victor, I think that you and I can both agree on something. You are a wonderful person, but ever since I met you I felt forced into this… and I'd like to choose a husband for myself… do you understand?" Victor could only nod. Victoria continued "Emily needs you; she's been through so much…" Victoria looked at Victor, and soon after she was wrapped up in his arms.

"Thank you so much for understanding, Victoria."

"I'll never forget you… Victor van dart." She said, gently releasing herself form his grip. She took off her veil and began to walk slowly out of the church. Stopping just before she reached the door, and turning around, she said "Good Luck." And that was the last thing he would most likely hear from Victoria Everglot. Seeing all of this, Elder Gutknecht limped over to Victor, his voice hoarse and aged.

"So you have chosen to return to Emily?" The elder asked.

"Yes… yes I have." Victor said, a certain confidence in his voice. The elder nodded.

"Then I leave you now… The Raven's Elixir takes about three sunrises to make. In which time I think it wise of you to say your good-byes. Then I will return and give you the elixir." The elder said, and finished his sentence with a coughing spell.

"Thank you Elder Gutknecht… I will meet you back here in three days." With that, the elder nodded once again and ushered all of the awestruck people back into the world of the dead.

Back in the underworld, at a familiar place called the "Ball and Socket pub." Emily was sitting on a high barstool with her arms crossed on the bar. Her face showed naught but pain and misery. A green martini in front of her was foaming slightly, it had barely been touched. Bonejangles was taking his bartending shift and had noticed this while polishing some glasses. He walked over to Emily and put his hand on the counter by her arms, she looked up at him slowly.

"C'mon baby, lighten up. I always make you a martini on Wednesdays and you've hardly touched it… He still got you down?" He asked. Emily shot him a deadly "what-do-you-think look." And buried her head in her arms. Some of the foam from her drink splashed out of the glass and landed on Bonejangles' finger. Flicking it off casually he began to speak, when a faint mumbling stopped him.

"It's like he never even cared about me… he didn't even say goodbye." She said, but her response was so muffled that Bonejangles had to put a hand to his ear… Or where it should be.

"Come again babe?" He said. She was about to pick her head up and speak, but her head dropped back into her arms. Knowing instantly that Emily was on the verge of tears, Bonejangles signaled to Mrs. Plum to take over for him. The old woman nodded and walked into the bar. Bonejangles somehow managed to coax Emily out of her seat and out of the pub to the street outside. It took her a minute to register that she had been taken out of the pub, but when she did she blinked her blurry, tear-filled eyes and looked at Bonejangles.

"W-where are we going?" She asked.

"C'mon… obviously you were crying. I figured you could use some fresh air… clear your head and all." Emily said nothing after that, but got lost in her own thoughts. Bonejangles was a hard skeleton to figure out. To anyone but Emily, he was a rowdy, jazz-loving, cool-cat partygoer, but Emily saw a side of him that not even Mrs. Plum had ever seen, He was a kind, caring, gentleman, caring for her like he was her own father. Emily had been so lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice a woman carrying numerous boxes in front of her… and walking right towards her. Bonejangles saw this and called out to her. "Emily… Emily… EMILY LOOK OUT!" But it was too late, before Emily could even turn her head to answer him, she and the lady collided. Boxes were flying everywhere, and one of the heavier ones came down on top of Emily's head. Shaking her head a few times to regain clear sight, she saw the lady… and about ten other people staring at her. Looking around, her cheeks flushed a deep blue and she got up and fixed her dress. Standing up she looked at all of the people staring at her… the looks on their faces… tremendously embarrassed, she took one final look at them and took off down the street…

She ran into the old cemetery, the one where she had awoken after being murdered on the eve of her wedding. She walked through the rows of graves, and finding hers she sat down in front of it. Her tears now flowed like rives down her blue-tinted face. She was sobbing uncontrollably. Laying her head up against the marble stone, she closed her eyes… but no matter how hard she tried, her thoughts only led her to victor. That funny way he talked and laughed, and occasionally stuttered. His every move captivated her, and made her love him more. "But now he has Victoria… he has someone to love…" She thought, still sobbing… yes it was true… he and Victoria would soon be married… the thoughts of that made her sick to her stomach. She thought of them… kissing…touching… just generally enjoying one another's presence… He would be the one to comfort Victoria when she was sad… to sit by her side when she was ill. Emily, on the other hand… had no one… she was alone in the afterlife. Her sobs had quieted to mere whimpers now, tears still flowing down her face… But she managed to utter a few small words and a shaky, almost inaudible tone… "If I am no longer the corpse bride… then why does it still feel as if I am bound to that life… the lonely life…" Victor was sitting in his room… he had already broken the news to his parents and was thinking about how strangely well they had taken it…

"YOU'RE WHAT?" His parents had exclaimed after he had told them he was marrying a corpse.

"You heard me." He had said "I'm going to drink the raven's elixir so that I may marry Emily… the girl I have fallen in love with.

"But we thought you loved Victoria!" His mother exclaimed, trying to talk Victor out of killing himself.

"So did I… for a time… but it was only because I was being forced to marry… I felt obliged to love her." Victor replied, his voice strangely calm.
"Well… I suppose we can't stop you then… If you're in love…. But we will miss you so." His mother said.

"Is there any chance of you coming back upstairs to visit us?" His father added, victor nodded.

"It's possible… Elder Gutknecht can do many wonderful things… and you'll see me again someday, you can count on it." Victor smiled, and he hugged and kissed his parents. Mrs. Van Dort had begun to cry, and Mr. van Dort put his arms around her as he ushered Victor upstairs. "I give you my blessings son… best of luck… and goodbye." His father said solemnly as Victor walked slowly up the stairs.

He sat on his bed, packing what looked like a very small carpet bag with a few of his possessions. Remembering the phrase " you can't take it with you." He hoped the Elder would let him take these things down to the land of the dead. Victor packed a picture of him with his mother and father. They were all smiling… and Victor held something in his arms. It was his dog Scraps. Scraps and him had been reunited just a few weeks ago by Emily. Emily had given Scraps to Victor as a "wedding present." "Emily." he thought to himself…. Oh how he couldn't wait to see her. She took his breath away. Chuckling at the unintended pun he had just made… he thought about when they had first met.
He was absolutely terrified of her, meanwhile he thought her very beautiful. She had claimed her rights as his wife… and would stop at nothing to keep him hostage there. However, in the time that he spent with her, something had changed about him. She was the first one that had shown him real fun. She took him away from his stuffy, boring life and showed him how to have a good time. In the ball and socket pub, even though it was a fleeting moment, the time she had grabbed a hold of his hands and began to twirl him around (you all know that scene right?) had he really had time to think. He didn't want to go back to his old life… no.. he wanted to stay here. Here in the land of the dead, where people didn't care if he had a little bit of fun once and a while. Here where time stood still…. Here… with Emily. Emily was the whole reason this revelation had come about, but as hard as he tried he couldn't put his finger on what he liked most about her…. Maybe it was everything. He thought abut her personality… her vivacious mannerisms… her flirtatious giggles… the sweet side of her that was rarely ever seen. He loved everything about her… and that made him want to see her even more. He could kick himself twice over for letting her leave… "She must feel awful…" He thought. Victor gave a loud sigh, and began putting other small things into the bag...

Emily sat against her gravestone… it was apparent that she had dozed off for a while, because the sun had gone down. She stood up and walked over to the pond by her grave. Gazing into it, her reflection sickened her. Her blue-hued cheeks were wet and stained with tears, and her eyes had become slightly puffy. Her beautiful hair had become somewhat ruffled from her nap. The look on her face quickly changed to a look of anger and disgust. She kicked the water, watching her reflection contort as the ripples consumed it. Letting out a scream of rage, she drooped to the ever so familiar position on her knees… crying once again. This time thought, she was crying out of sheer misery. All of the emotions she had kept bottled up inside of her now reared their ugly heads again, in the form of crystalline tears. Bonejangles was watching her, he had been watching her the whole time. Checking on her once and a while to see if she was okay, and seeing that she was not, he ran over to her and kneeled down beside her.

" Yo, Emily, calm down… calm down… it's ok." He mentally kicked himself, he wasn't the type for comfort. Looking at the site before him, he placed a hand on her back, rubbing big lazy circles on it, hoping to bring some form of condolence to the bawling bride.

" It's n-not okay." Her voice was nothing but a feeble mumble. " I let him go… but then why do I feel so horrible?" She said, and then her sobs became louder again. " god why did all this happen to me! All I wanted was to live a normal life… if there is anything worse than death I'm the first to experience it!" she howled.

" Aw it's ok babe… you have every right to be mad…" he was interrupted before he could finish

" Who on earth said I was mad? I'm not mad at all…. Because deep down, I know I would have done the same thing in that position." she buried her face in her hands. Bonejangles looked at her, then giving a sigh, he stood and picked Emily up, carrying her towards the town. " it's ok em… it'll all work out for ya… someday…" he whispered. Emily was in no condition to object being carried, so she wrapped her arms around Bonejangles' bony neck and closed her eyes, hoping that wherever he was taking her was better than here. When Bonejangles reached the ball and socket pub, it was way past closing time. Mrs. Plum was sweeping the floor when Bonejangles walked in.

" O dear.. Is everything a-." Bonejangles stopped her with a loud "shush!"

" Sorry Mrs. Plum, but Emily's asleep… and I think it best to leave her that way… poor baby hasn't slept in days."

" Alright BJ, give her to me and I'll put her to bed." Bonejangles put the sleeping Emily into Mrs. Plum's arms, where she stirred ever so slightly as she was carried up the stairs to her coffin bed. Mrs. Plum put Emily on the bed and covered her up with a blanket. Mrs. Plum sighed and shook her head, looking at the sleeping bride before her. " you poor thing… he hurt you bad he did… sleep well… Emily." Kissing Emily's cheek softly, she hurried down to the bar… Mrs. Plum feared for Emily's well-being. She never had any children of her own, so Emily was like her daughter, and she cared for her as such. Stopping only to place something next to Emily, she went back down the stairs into the pub.
Victor sat at the table by his parents, they had just finished breakfast and were now talking quietly. Victor was a bit saddened by this… it was the last time he would share a conversation like this with his parents.. Well… until they died that is. He looked down at his place at the table, and was about to speak up when a faint tapping was heard. Victor excused himself from the table and walked upstairs… there was the tapping again, only this time it was louder. Victor went into his bedroom, still searching for the source of the noise, he nearly jumped out of his skin. It was Elder Gutknecht, tapping at the window with one of his long bony fingers,

" There you are my boy… I was worried that I had come at the wrong time."

" No, not at all." Victor scrambled to the window and threw it open, and the old skeleton hobbled inside.

" SO victor… are you ready? I have the elixir right here." The elder held up a small bottle filled with a blood-red liquid.

" I am.. But may I go say goodbye again?" Victor inquired, the elder nodded and followed victor downstairs.

" Mother, father, this is elder Gutknecht. He is the one who is going to bring me back to the land of the dead." The elder bowed his head.

" I-it's a pleasure to meet you." Mr. Van Dort said, extending his hand to the skeleton, who took it respectfully.

" I understand any feelings of fear or apprehension you may be feeling now, Mr. and Mrs. Van Dort." The elder said, stopping to only to cough. " but I assure you, your son will be taken care of… Victor… it is time." the elder beckoned for Victor to come forward. Victor did as he was told, and took the bottle from the elder's hands. He was just about to drink from the bottler, but before the liquid touched his lips, he heard his mother weeping, and ran over to embrace his parents. After a tearful goodbye, he stood in the middle of the center hall and looked at the elder

"Victor, as soon as the Raven's Elixir touches you lips, walk around until the weight in your legs overcomes you. Drop to your knees, and all will come to pass… after… we shall return to the land of the dead where Emily awaits your arrival."

" Y-you means he knows I'm coming?" Victor asked, wondering if she was mad at him. Elder Gutknecht only chuckled.

" Not a clue, dear boy… now drink"
Victor gave one final look at his parents… and drank from the glass bottle. Draining the small bottle in a matter of gulps, the whole room went silent. Victor began to walk around the room until his thin body collapsed into a heap on the floor. His body didn't tremble… and his only thoughts were on his bride to-be. Victor Van Dort was dead… and the whole room knew it… His last breath.. Though short… was wasted on one word… "Emily…."

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