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Simple Seduction

Rose petals cover lidded eyes

Like some sweet secret hiding lies.

Whether scentless, or fragrant and full

Colorless, or bright and bold

Captured in a pale abyss

Like a petal's soft, sweet kiss.

A breath of what one cannot feel,

A vision of what is not real.

Thorn pricks the finger's fragile flesh;

Blood and dewdrops slowly mesh.

A mysterious beauty, silken and pure;

Easy to sway, easy to lure.

Cry of the Wicked

Chapter One: The Deed

I sit on the floor in silence. The house is dim, only a small lamp sits upon a desk in the corner of the bedroom. The carpet, I notice for the first time, is blue shag. I let the fingers sweep through the bits of fabric in slow, calm motions. It's entrancing really. To think something so simple could catch someone like I's attention. As I stare down white locks fall into my face. Sighing in aggravation, I quickly decide they'll be one of the first things I change.

The body has a name: Ryou Bakura. It's seventeen years old, scrawny and pale. Not the most ideal body for me, but now I can build up the muscles, be weak no more. Why? Because I, now and until its end, will be in total control.

No, I'm not Ryou. Ryou is gone. The little sneak had decided it was time to be free of his darker half; to banish me forever so he could live his life the way he pleased. Foolish boy. He had no idea what kind of life he wanted to live. He spent his days in the shadows of buildings, away from all. He isolated himself from everyone and everything. I can't believe he called it his 'life'. That is no way to exist. To hide like a coward from the people he cared about.

I focus my attention on the door to my soul room. Standing in the hall outside of it I stare across to the other side where another door used to be. It is no more. The room where my lighter half's soul resided has diminished. A evil smile curls on my lips. Finally, I am free.

(Yami's POV)

I sigh deeply, unable to focus. My abiou is in control at the moment. I'm too anxious to pay attention. Why am I anxious? I have no idea. There's just something lingering in the back of my mind. Something's wrong. Very wrong.

I begin pacing, trying to think of something else. Yugi and his friend's are in school. I, therefore, have to stay in the confinements of the puzzle. After school he has to do homework and such. I have less freedom during the school year.

I'm not angry about it, really. It is Yugi's life, not mine. I don't want to keep him from it. I suppose I'll live on for eternity. It's a rather frightening thought. I mean, eternity is...a long time. It scares me to think that everyone I know throughout time will pass over as I linger on. Alone.

I smile humorlessly. No, that's not true. There's two others who are like me. One resides in a boy named Marik. His darker half, Malik, is an extremely violent and cruel individual. The other being is Ryou's yami, a tomb keeper from ancient Egypt called Bakura. He's just as bad as Malik. Both have an acquired taste for blood and like to play with sharp objets. So I get to remain with the two psychopaths. Oh delightful. I think the gods must enjoy torturing me.

(Yami?) a voice echoes throughout the puzzle.

I smile slightly. ((Yes, abiou?))

(I can't focus. Class is so boring today!) he complains.

((You say that every day, hikari.)) I smile.

(But this time I really mean it!)

((Yugi, you really should pay attention.)) I say not too seriously, trying to be the stern, caring guardian I strive to be.

(But it's hard!) he whines.

((You're going to get in trouble for daydreaming again. Do you want another one of the...those...)) I struggle for the word.

(Detention, Yami.)

((Right right. Detentions.)) I emphasize the word for effect.

(No) he replies drearily.

I nod in approval and jolt in surprise when he materializes before me in my soul room.


"I don't care about detentions today. Honda and Jou already have one so I won't be lonely if I do get caught." He grins happily, plopping down next to me on one of the many stairs in the puzzle's chambers.

"Why do I let you off so easily?" I sigh, giving in.

"Hey, if you're so worried then you take control and try to pay attention to the lecture," he laughs.

I scowl slightly. "Yugi..."

He looks at me with his large, violet eyes, feigning innocence. I close my eyes, relaxing. We sit together in silence for a while, just happy to be in eachother's company. I think sadly how someday he'll be gone and I'll be trapped in the puzzle again for only Ra knows how long. I shudder involuntarily at that thought, earning a questioning look from Yugi.

"What's wrong?" he asks, voice etched with concern.

"Nothing really, abiou," I lie.

He studies me doubtfully. "Truly?"


"All right then," he answers slowly, still watching me. "You know I'll find out sooner or later."

I smile slightly, nodding my head. He glances to the floor of the puzzle that's about three stories down from where we're perched. He once told me he liked it better than his own soul room; liked the complex twists and endless doors. I beg to differ but I didn't tell him so.

"Ryou's not at school today."

I turn and slowly adjust what he's just told me. Mulling the information over, I grow agitated. I can sense the anxiety in his voice.

"Maybe he's sick," I reply reassuringly.

"But he never misses school! One day last year he came with a high fever; another time, the day after he'd broken his leg and collar bone!" he argued.

Ah yes, all the injuries he's received because of the tomb robber. Bakura always manages to rough up the body when he's in control, leaving poor Ryou to deal with the affects. I fight to suppress a seething coment. Yugi doesn't like it when I insult people, no matter who it may be.

"I'm sure he's..."

"I'm worried, Yami. I'm really worried." He looks away, fists clenched.

I sigh, gently wrapping my arms around him. He clings to my arm, shivering slightly. I can feel the solicitude radiating from my hikari.

"Then we'll go check on him after school," I say quietly.

He looks up in gratification. "Really?"

"Really." I smile suddenly. "Unless you get caught daydreaming and get a detention..."

"Fine fine," he grumbles but can't hide the relieved look on his face as he vanishes from my soul room.

I chuckle slightly, giving myself a pat on the back for a job well-done.

(Bakura's POV)

I throw many of my hikari's cherished items into a large, musty cardboard box that I'd found in the basement. No need to keep these anymore. I grin, basking the the truth that he'll never vex me again.

I jump at the sound of the doorbell. Growling in annoyance, I decide to ignore it. I turn back to my previous activity. Suddenly the points of my ring are drawn toward the door. Raising a slender eyebrow in curiousity, I make my way down the stairs cautiously.

Someone is now knocking on the door insistently. I trudge over to the window and lift a corner of the curtain to see who's causing this irritation. Ah, so the pharaoh has decided to pay me a visit.

A wicked grin spreads across my face. Now I can finish him off once and for all without my 'little light' getting in the way. Oh the pharaoh will be enraged when he's told that Ryou no longer...

I stop at that thought, a new idea forming in my mind. There's a much better way to do this. Much more devious and cruel.

I quickly focus on my appearance, making the eyes larger and innocent. I let the hair smooth down from the spikiness, letting it fall to its natural shabby state. Glancing at a mirror on the stairs I grin that stupid, shy smile my light was known for.

Snickering, I walk over to the door that the pharaoh's now pounding on demandingly. Hiding my smirk, I undo the locks, slowly creaking open the door in a timid fashion.

"Hello?" I ask softly, peeking out.

"Oh Ryou, there you are!" he smiles in relief, stepping inside without my permission.

I internally scowl. Arrogant as ever, I see.

"What's all this commotion about?" I say instead, looking confused.

He blinks in surprise. "Yugi said you weren't at school today! Everyone was worried."

"Oh that," I laugh lightly, closing the door. "I had some…"

"What'd he do to you this time?" he suddenly questions.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Bakura." Yeesh, he always manages to make my name sound like an insult. "What did he do this time?" He presses urgently.

I hold up my hands in peace. "Nothing! He hasn't done anything."

"Then why weren't you at school?"

Good Ra he's nosey! "That isn't really your business." Oops! My light would never had said that.

The pharaoh is looking at me questioningly. I smile innocently, trying to mask my error.

"Do you want something to eat?"

He blinks, as if coming out of a daze. "I…suppose that would be all right," he says slowly.

He follows me into the kitchen. I open the fridge, glancing about. He's at my side.

"Wow. No expiration dates at all!" he laughs.

I jump slightly. Oh damn, it's Yugi now. This kid annoys me like no other.

"Yugi, you…startled me," I say cheerily, feeling my eye twitch slightly.

"Sorry! Hey, we missed you today!" he begins scrounging about in the food drawers.

Since when did I give him permission to do that? Damn it! The pharaoh needs to train his light. This is what becomes of a hikari that's not disciplined!

"Hmm." I say, uninterested with the conversation. I wasn't going to have any fun talking to him.

"Yeah. Honda and Jou say 'Hi'. They couldn't come though because they have detention. Anzu's at dance practice and Otogi had a business meeting. So I guess it's just you and me!"

Oh Ra I think I'm going to throw up.

"That's very nice. Yugi, I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm kind of tired…"

"Oh that's fine! I'll just be going so you can rest!" he says eagerly, walking for the door with an ice cream bar in his hands.

Since when did…? How did…? Never mind. I can't be irked over mediocre things like desserts. Actually, I don't like frozen food. Far too cold for my tastes.

"Ryou?" The brat hasn't left yet?

"Yes, Yugi?" I reply sweetly.

"Yami says good bye!" How thoughtful.

"Tell him good bye!" I call cheerily, scowling as he closes the door.

What a headache. I'm shocked really the pharaoh can deal with him….and his little group of "friendship". They disgust me to the core. Love and devotion to others are for the weak; for those who can't depend on themselves and have to rely on others for strength. My light was such and individual.

My mind flickers as I remember the mound of trash I've already piled into the box. Shit, now I'll have to keep it. If they discover his room has been repainted black and is decorated with knives and such I think they might become slightly suspicious…Of course, I could say 'Bakura' did it, which would be true. Not that I care if what I tell them is honest…

This truly is all to my advantage though. I can get close to the pharaoh and his pathetic posse and then break them. It will be extraordinarily delicious.

I let out one of my signature demonic laughs and head back up the stairs to unpack 'my' precious treasures.

(Yami's POV)

I sit back in my soul room, quite perturbed by the conversation I'd had with Ryou. Something didn't seem right. He seemed fine enough. The boy was, however, extremely talented at masking his feelings, which is not always a good thing, I might add.

(Yami? )

((Yes abiou? ))

(Do you think Bakura did something?)

((I'm not sure, hikari)) I sigh.

(Why don't we have a little get together over the weekend so we can keep and eye on him) Yugi suggested.

I smile, shaking my head. ((You'll use whatever excuse you can to have a party))


((Fine fine. Let's have everyone over))

I can feel him smile in response, content. Now his mind is focusing on the ice cream bar he's devouring; apparently it's chocolate. I heave a sigh. Why can't I be like that? Easily carefree?

(Because you're a worry wart.)

((Yugi! Stop tapping into my thoughts!)) I scold, quite flustered.

(Sorry Yami. Seriously though, you need to calm down a bit. This weekend should help. You'll be able to talk to Ryou and be assured that he's fine.)

I smile, closing my eyes. ((Perhaps you're right.))

I can feel him laugh in response. (I'm always right.)

(Bakura's POV)

I've finally put all the clutter back, deciding it would be easier avoiding the others' questions. Did I just call them the "others"? That's disturbing. My light's thoughts of them must have rubbed off on my vocabulary.

Frowning, I sink onto the bed. The body is tired. How could it be tired already? I pound on the pillow angrily, ripping it to shreds with my hands. This is ridiculous. I had no idea he'd been this weak! Sure I'd been in control occasionally, but not full time. Whenever the body was tired or sick I let him take over. No need to be miserable when I didn't have to be. This was going to take some getting used to.

My ears perk as the telephone rings downstairs. Already irritated, I decide not to answer. My stomach rumbles. I scowl. Now I'll have to go down and eat something. I stomp down the stairs, enjoying the pounding of my feet on the surface. It even hurts slightly, which only thrills me more.

"Hi Ryou! This is Yugi!" I freeze, looking about frantically. Is he still here? My eyes fall on the answering machine. Oh yeah.

"Anyway, Yami and I have decided to have a little party this weekend. The others already said they could come." There's that 'others' crap. "I hope you can make it…"

I sigh in irritation and pick up the phone. "Hello?"

"Ryou? Hi!" he chirps.

"Hi." I do not feel like being social right now.

"So can you come?" he asks excitedly.

I pause, thinking it through. It would be an excellent way to get near them. Even though it will be unimaginably annoying, it will all be worth it in the end.


He squeals in delight, blasting my ear out. I wince, holding the phone away. The fact that his voice can reach that octave is wrong.

"Great! We'll discuss it more tomorrow at school. Yami, Grandpa, and I should have the details by then!"

School? Oh Ra, I forgot about that!

"Um…great!" I say, not too enthusiastically.


"Yugi?" I ask, worried I've blown my cover.

"This is Yami now." Oh shit.

"Hi Yami. Did you…want something?"

"No. Just checking up on you, is all. Are you all right?"

Yes. Perfect. Haven't been this well in a long time. Ryou's gone, I'm totally free, I'm going to ruin your entire exsistence…

"I'm fine," I say assuringly.

"….Well, if you're sure…"

"About?" I ask, getting quite peeved.

"Ryou, about Bakura…"

I tense. "Actually Yami, I'd rather not talk about him right now."

He pauses, unsure. "Oh…well, if you need anything all you have to do is call and I'll be there right away." My hero.

"I appreciate the offer, but I assure you, I'm quite all right." I reply confidently, yet 'kind'.

He sighs heavily, giving in. "Very well, we'll see you tomorrow then. You are going to be at school?"

"…yes…" I hate this. I truly loath it.

"All right. Good bye, Ryou."

"Bye." I hang up the phone quickly.

I ball my fists angrily. What a nerve! What an intrusively inquisitive ass! Just how long exactly has he been doing this? It all makes perfect sense now. I glare toward the stairs leading to Ryou's…no, my room, where the offending object that directed his fate remains. I snarl; the kid had more guts than I'd ever given him credit for.

All this would change now. I would work my way into their affection and at the worst possible moment for them shatter their world completely. Taking a pocketknife out of the drawer next to the phone, I slide the blade down the flesh of my arm, allowing a rivulet of blood to flow slowly in a thin stream down it. I'll make the pharaoh pay for everything, including aiding my light in the plot of my destruction.

"Dear Pharoah," I whisper, licking the red liquid from the blade. "You'll never know what hit you."

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