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Demon in My View

By Miss NekoChan & Zero707


The Egyptian Hall.

This was probably my favorite section of this museum. Jump had gone all out when it came to the Egyptian exhibit, driven to fill it with priceless relics, antique knick-knacks, and even the mummy of some pharaoh that had more syllables in his name than anyone could pronounce. I found this part of history to be my favorite. The art and ancient artifacts always fascinated me. Most likely the only subject I ever found any interest in while in school. And I learned some nifty little trivia.

Like Ra, the Sun god. The father of the gods.

Supposedly the most powerful of the Egyptian gods; he had murals, statues, and temples built in his honor. He fathered Shu and Tefnut, grandfather of Nut and Geb, great-grandfather of Osiris and Isis, and great-great-grandfather of Horus. As the story goes, Ra is born every morning and, with the sun perched on his head, sails across the sky to die again as night comes. Then he takes another trip through the underworld till morning when he is born once more, starting the whole process all over again. He is usually depicted as either a hawk or a man with a head of a hawk, with a yellow circle, being the sun, on his head.

Another symbol of the sun god is the mystical Eye of Ra, which was now staring at me with a haunting promise, surrounded by cameras and trip wires.

A beautiful piece of ancient treasure, it even is said to hypnotize you with its beauty. Seeing it now in person, I can see how they could feel that way. Such a large blood red stone, surrounded with gold and jewels would turn anyone into a drooling moron.

Another thing that made this stone so special wasn't because of where it was from, but where it was found.

Apparently, this particular jewel wasn't even found in Egypt. But rather South America, hundreds of miles away from anywhere even near the pyramids. It was a huge deal for weeks. No one knows why this Egyptian relic was doing so far away from its home, buried on the outskirts of a Mayan temple. Probably part of the reason why it people are so entranced by it.

I suppress a yawn from my crouched position in the only corner that isn't caught by the cameras. If I had my Xenothium belt I wouldn't have to wait so long. Times like these I really miss that nifty gadget.

It made my line of work a little more interesting and, shall I say, easy. I didn't need to take these precautions with the belt. It's never ending compartments contains a variety of specialty X's definitely came in handy.

Just because I had made myself known as Red-X didn't mean I wasn't a pretty damn good thief before.

Hell, how do you think I managed to get a hold of this suit in the first place?

I've always been a thief, it was all I knew. After a while I learned new things that helped me a lot in this line of work.

Like now for instance. A technique I've almost perfected, known jokingly through the underground as "Crouching Tiger" technique. It takes patience, cunning, agility and flexibility, and some pretty powerful knockout gas to pull it off. There are few who can even do it at all, let alone do it well. After years of trail and error I had finally managed to do it, though I still mess it up from time to time. And when I do I got a good 30 seconds to high tail it out of there before the cops ram through.

Pretty tricky. So I guess it's no small wonder that one of the few people who ever fully perfected the "Crouching Tiger" technique had an asphyxiation with all things feline. But that's another story.

Crawling through the narrowest of air vents that lead directly to the security room, discreetly taking out the guards, making your way back the through the vents you came from to the section of the building you wanted to venture next, and then discreetly taking out those guards was a mission on it's own. But then sneaking into the room, finding the place where the cameras barely managed to avoid, and crouch there patiently until the rare and precise moment when all the cameras are facing away from your spot leaving you the opportunity to act, that is a feat of talent.

A talent I'm proud to say was born with.

The knock-out gas that I chucked into the surveillance room will last for two hours at most, the same for the one I sprayed at the patrolling guards. I've been sitting here for one hour and 18 minutes. I don't have much time left. If I'm to get my bills paid this month (not to mention that nice 37" plasma screen television, complete with a surround sound stereo) I'm going to need to get that jewel soon.

Finally, I think Ra had heard my prayers, because at that moment all the cameras had taken that rare moment to be facing every other direction but the way I was going.

Immediately, before I lost my chance, I pulled out two shuriken. In a run I threw them at the two major cameras. With those two gone I only had to be careful not be caught by the other cameras, before I shot at them as well. I hid behind the podium of an information pallet, inches away from a trip wire. From this angle I got a perfect shot of all the other cameras whenever they turned away.

It took several minutes, but finally all of the cameras were gone.

My heart was beating a mile a minute within my chest. I'm not out of the clear yet.

There is still the matter of the trip wires and beams. But unfortunately for this particular museum, this happens to be my favorite part of the job. From my belt I pulled out my custom made trip spray can. With just a little spray, all the wires and brilliant red lasers become visible.

If I had the Xenothium belt, I didn't need to bother with all of this. I didn't to do all of these acrobatics, didn't need to give a damn about the guards. I could teleport in, knock out or stick the guards to their place with my X's, destroyed the glass container around the artifact, and then waltz out just in time to see the cops try to stop me. By then I would just teleport again.

I smiled beneath my mask, feeling an incredible rush of adrenaline pouring my veins by just the look of the impossibly tangled web of red beams and silver wires that seem to surround the forbidden jewel. I feel sweat down my back, my eyes widen, I grin.

My heart thumping in my ears, only one thought enters my head as I make my way toward the this impossible challenge.

What the hell did I ever see in that belt any way?

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