It is now, January 20th 2006. Today is my 134th birthday. You are all probably wondering how someone like me can be that old yet look as young as I do. It all began in 1872 in London, England. My mother was a young prostitute, living in the streets on London. When I was born, she left me on the steps of the Westminster Cathedral.

Arch Bishop Geffory, found on these steps and raised me to be a daughter of Christ. The other members of the Church did not agree with Geffory in raising a bastard child, like myself, but he paid no attention to them. He cared for me as if I was his own daughter.

When I was sixteen years of age, my dear bishop had passed on leaving me in the hands of those who could care less about my well being. I was considering on becoming a nun to serve the Lord. The bishop who had replaced Geffory threw me on the street to fend from myself.

I lived two years on the streets of London,just like my mother once did. My hair once blonde hair was matted in mud. My face covered in the dirt that filled the London air. There had been some weeks were I have gone without food in my stomach.

In September of 1890, I sat under a bridge in London, staying out of the rain. There were other homeless human there sitting around fires. I know most of them, but there was someone there I never saw before. He wore a black cloak around his back. His hood hid his face. He came over and sat beside me.

"It's a very cold night." he spoke to me. His voice was some accent that I did not recognized. It frightened me, yet I was drawned to it. I just nodded my head in agreement. He took his hand and lifted my chin towards him. I saw his pale, handsome face looking at mine.

"Such beauty, so young. You should not be troubled by such hardship as homelessness." he spoke. Chills fan down my back. He was then sitting inches away from me. His hand rested on my cheek. Then he whispered into my ear. "What if you could live forever. Being as young as you are now for all time. No my worries. No hardship."

My breath quickened as he spoke those words. My heart raced. He took my hand in his own and gently kissed it. He then stood up and pull me up into his arms. He lead me out into the street.

The rain fell hard down washing the mud from my hair. His hand traced my collar bone. He stood behind me, pressing against my body. He started kissing the back of my neck, then on to the side. "Do you want to be free from the pain you feel now?" he whisppered into my ear.

I feel into his seduction and slowly nodded my head. He smelt my skin, then did something that I was not ready for. He dug his fangs into the side of my neck. Sucking the life out of me.

He gently laid me on the wet ground, I felt life slipping slowly from me. He knelt down on one knee. Slit is wrist then held it over my mouth. I didn't want to die there, so I took is arm and drank his blood. When I was done, I felt my body die, but I was still there. My empty stomach was no more. The pain that I had once felt had diminished. The cold rain against my skin did not bother me anymore. In fact, I love standing outside during thunderstorms. It is so refreshing.

He took me to his home in Transylvania. For five years he had taught me to be a great vampire. I was not the only one. He had ten Vampires doing his work. I was his favorite one, he shared his bed with me many times. I loved the way he made me feel. He touched my skin as if it was glass.

One night while I was hunting. I took a child in my hands and was about to feed on him, but then I looked into his fearful eyes. I could not bit him. He was too young.

When I came back from a night of hunting and the fortress was abondoned. Everyone was gone, even him. I wait for many years from him to come back, but he never did. I did not know what I did wrong to deserve this solitude. Was it because I went on a hunt but did not kill.

I have searched the world for him, but there was no sign of him anywhere. I have crossed the path of many of my own kind. I figured that the ten that I knew, went out and made even more like us.

I am Carmella Blacke and I am the undead walking amoung the living. This is my life searching for, him who made me, Dracula.

He all here is my new story. I am pretty happy with it. My sorry from not updating "Angel of the Night" But I am having a major writters block. But I hope you all like this modren day vampire story. I really wanted to write about Lestat, but I can't so her is a Dracula story. Hope you like it.