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Mr. Santa, what is want for Christmas is

By: Hiki-chan

Seto smiled slightly as Mokuba pulled him through the shopping mall.

"Come on big brother! I want to go see Santa!" Mokuba grinned at Seto.

Seto felt like telling his younger brother that there was no such thing and that it was foolish to believe in it. But since Mokuba was young he didn't want to destroy young ones imagination. He didn't want Mokuba to end up like him. People would probably nickname him Scrooch especially since it's the Christmas season.

"Yay! I'm gonna take a picture with Santa and he's gonna give me what I want!" Mokuba cheered and continued dragging the CEO.

Cold blue eyes narrowed, didn't Mokuba have everything he wanted already? What else could he possibly want that he Seto Kaiba couldn't provide?

Pulling his older brother around the corner, Mokuba's smile widened as he stared at Santa in front of him. He could almost hear his older choke and giggled.

"Come on big brother! Let's go say hi to Santa!"

Seto just nodded numbly and let his younger brother drag him. There, sitting on the chair, was Santa. Seto didn't miss the fact that this Santa has blond hair that his white wig couldn't cover and honey-brown eyes. Yes. Santa was Jou. Much to the shock of the CEO.

Mokuba quickly jumped into the queue and waited anxiously for his turn. This was going to be so fun! He knew what he wanted and he knew 'Santa' Jou would be able to give him what he wanted.

Seto let his eyes stay on the mutt. Jou did look rather cute like that. He was wearing Santa's outfit and probably had a few pillows stuffed inside his cotton shirt. Yep, it was true, he, Seto Kaiba had this liking to this mutt. Not that he'd admit it to the mutt…yet.

Jou looked up from where he was and stared. Mokuba was there in the line… that means that… Jou groaned inwardly as his eyes came across the figure that was sure to be there. He hoped he'd be able to live this down.

When it was Mokuba's turn, the young hyperactive boy ran forward to Jou and pounced on him. "Hi SANTA!"

Jou smiled and ruffed Mokuba's hair, "Hello Mokuba"

Mokuba turned to all the kids behind him, "SANTA KNOWS MY NAME!"

And all the kids cheered.

Jou chuckled as he ruffled the young ones hair. Before he bent down and locked eyes with the youngster, "So, what do you want for Christmas?"

"It's kind of personal actually Santa… but I know you can help me. Seriously"

Jou frowned, what could he have that Mokuba couldn't tell Kaiba and could only tell him? Or in this case, Santa. At the same time, Jou felt very uncomfortable. He could feel Kaiba's eyes were locked on him. Since just now. He was trying to ignore it but it was burning a hole within him.

"Just tell me Mokuba." Jou smiled, "I'll do whatever I can to help."

Jou didn't like it one bit as Mokuba's mouth curved into a sly smirk, "Oh I'm a hundred percent sure you could help"

"Just tell me kiddo." Jou shuddered, Mokuba shouldn't hang around Kaiba so much. He was started to get just as creepy.

Mokuba squealed to himself he started to whisper things to Jou.

Jou's face turned red, imitating a tomato. Before he hissed a soft answer, "No way kiddo! There is no way that would happen!"

Mokuba jumped off Jou before he said with a smirk, "I know how you two feel. Trust me. Just to let you know, my brothers gay!" He ended with a soft whisper.

Jou let the piece of information sink for a while before he realized, "Hey Mokuba, don't you want the picture?"

"Nope! Just give me what I want for Christmas and I'll be happy."

Seto frowned, what was it that his own little brother couldn't tell him? And tell that MUTT out of all people. He needed to know. Turning to the Santa he asked, "Mutt, what time does your shift end?"

Jou glared at the CEO, "Don't call me that. Erm… it should be ending soon."

"Good" Seto nodded, "I need to talk to you about something." Turning to Mokuba he said, "You go home first Mokuba. I need to discuss something."

The young Kaiba just smiled before he hugged Seto and ran off. "I'll meet you behind the mall once you are done." Seto said, and with that, the CEO walked off his drench coat swaying around him.

Jou blushed, what could Kaiba want to ask him? Jou admit it. He liked the stupid cold-hearted jerk who called him mutt/pup/puppy. Why he liked him? Jou never knew…


Jou came out of the mall in his usual street clothes. Only now he wore a jacket over since winter was coming. Spotting the CEO, Jou ran forward. "Hey Kaiba!"

"How did you get the job pup? I knew that many people wanted the job of playing santa." Seto asked raising one eyebrow.

"Yeah. I lucked out. Only Yami and Bakura got the other shifts"

Seto wanted to ask what the hell Yami and Bakura were doing as Santa's but he decided not to continue. "Let's cut this short pup. I want to know what Mokuba told you he wanted for Christmas."

"It's very personal Kaiba. I don't think Mokuba would like it if I told you."

"I don't care" Seto growled, "Just tell me what he wanted."

Jou thought for a while. Maybe this was an opportunity in disguise. If he completed this he would complete Mokuba wish and he would know how the CEO felt, "Don't kill me when I show you…"

"I won't. Why must you show me?" The CEO questioned the blond.

"Cause' its easier then saying it." With that, Jou stood on his tippy-toes and pulled Kaiba into a kiss.

A big "FLASH" sounded and they turned still lip-locked to Mokuba who squealed as he took the picture. "Thanks Jou!" Before he ran off singing, "Seto and Jou sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Jou broke off the kiss, "He got his present. I completed it. He wanted you to be happy. He wanted me to give you…" Jou trailed off a blush tinting his cheeks, "To give you me."

Seto looked shock for a moment before he asked, "So you only gave this to me because he asked for it?" A frown forming.

Jou shook his head much to the surprise of the CEO, " I would just give it too you if you asked…" Jou blushed, "I guess I could call this a confession"

Seto smirked, much satisfied with his answer before he pulled Jou into another kiss. "I guess."

Breaking it off, he questioned the blond, "So I can presume that Mokuba got you this job?"

"Yeah… Mokuba was the one who got me the job." Jou answered breathlessly.

"I have to thank him…" Seto thought for a moment. "Give me you eh?" Seto smirked, many other images coming into his head with the same meaning, 'give me you'.

"Seto I don't like that look you are giving me" Jou whispered.

Seto chuckled, "No worries Katsuya, but I think I know a better way for you to give me, you"

Jou just blushed.

End of part 1.

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