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Mr. Santa, what I want for Christmas is

By: Hiki-chan

Yami sighed as he watch Bakura carry a giggling Ryou in his arms, home. It was his shift now. Stupid tomb robber got together with his hikari before him!

With a grunt, Yami struggled to put on his Santa suit. Grumbling to himself. Why did he ever decide to take this job up? Oh yeah… since Yugi told him Christmas was a time of giving and sharing with everyone. And people would give presents to one another.

Once his aibou said that. He made a point to go and work so he could save up and buy presents for everyone and most importantly, his light. His light. He remembered when Yugi told him about the season. Lights, chimes, Christmas trees, decorations, presents and most importantly love.

Yami also recalled clearly about what Yugi said about something called a misitow…? Or was it misotoe? Anyway, Yami wished he could try it out. Yugi said if someone put a misotoe above a persons head, the two people below are suppose to kiss…

With much effort, the pharaoh finally put on his Santa suit. Now he just have to stuff the pillows underneath…


Yugi stood in the queue as he waiting for Santa to come. The queue had many people. Probably he'll be one of the last before Yami goes off. Yami has been Santa for around 1 hour already. So he should be stopping soon. Just in time. Yugi grinned as he put his hand in his pocket and took out a small plant like thingy. Won't Yami be surprised?

Yugi closed his eyes, he wished his plan would work. He had heard his Yami talking softly to himself while Yugi was… pretending to be sleeping. He heard Yami confessed to his sleeping form. Yugi almost started laughing when he remembered his Yami say something like, 'And one of these days when you are awake, I'll say this to you koi. Aishiteru'

Now Yugi heard from Mokuba that Yami wanted the job and he decided to do something about it. Since Yami didn't know that Yugi knew who he was… He could somewhat confess to his dark pretending it was Santa he was telling.

Yugi sighed as he placed a hand over his heart trying to ease the rapid pounding there as his turn drew near, "Let's hope this works"


Yami's heart almost stopped beating when he saw his aibou in the queue. Did Yugi know! No he couldn't have known. Yami mentally reminded himself that his light may have always done this every year and told himself to calm down.

His crimson eyes narrowed, Yugi sat on unknown people's LAPS! Every year! Grabbing the armchair as he felt his jealousy build. Well, at least this year it was going to be him.

He could almost breath a sigh of relief that it wasn't Jou or, Yami shuddered. He couldn't picture his aibou on the tomb robbers lap. What a disgusting thought… Ugh! The image! Great, it was freaking stuck in his head.

Finally, reaching Yugi's turn, Yugi quickly ran up to his dark and jumped on him. Giggling when he could almost feel the shock that ran through their bond.

Yami almost fainted as he aibou sat on his lap. Its not like he never did that at home when he needed comforting or anything. But it still always gave Yami a slight… well, not wanting to sound corny but, gave him the whim-whams.

Trying his best to sound not like him, Yami asked, "So little one what do you want for Christmas?"

Yugi did his best to contain his laughter, Yami still sounded so Yami. Even when he was trying to hide his voice. "Actually Santa. What I want… is not something you can give me so easily."

"I'll do my best little one." Yami allowed a rare smile to be seen on his face. Wondering what his little one would actually want.

"What I really want Santa," Yugi said softly as he leaned close to his Yami so he could whisper, "Is for someone to love me."

Yami looked completely stumped for a moment. Before he quickly thought of an answer, "Little one, I'm sure you are a kind-hearted boy. Why would anyone NOT love you? I'm sure you have friends."

Yugi shook his head before allowing his violet eyes look straight into Yami's crimson ones. "Not that kind of love Santa. I meant the type of love that someone gives to someone he wants to spent his whole life with. The type where he would hold me in his arms and keep my safe and warm forever."

Yami looked shocked. He could give that to his aibou! Anytime and anywhere. But then he realised… "He?"

Yugi's violet eyes turned away as he blushed, "I'm gay."

Yami could almost swear to Ra that his heart started singing. His aibou was gay? Oh chance!

"So… is there anyone in particular you want?"

Yugi looked shocked, before he turned more red, "Yes… there is someone I had my eye on for sometime."

Yami frowned, it can't be! It hurt… it really hurt. Yugi likes another? Who can it be? Swallowing a lump in his throat Yami asked, "What's he like?"

"Oh Santa! He's absolutely the best! He's dark, handsome, sexy as hell, he protects me, he's everything I want..." Yugi trailed off looking at Yami shyly.

Yami growled. Who else protects Yugi other than him! Can it be Jou? But Jou had Kaiba now… right? Yami decided to pry more, "Who is this Mr. Perfect?"

/Its you Yami…/ Yugi said softly through the mind link before taking out the misotoe out of his pocket and put it above his and Yami's head and smiled innocently at his partner as he wrapped his free arm around Yami.

/Do you know what you're suppose to do now Yami/

Yami was still shocked at what happened before he answered huskily/Oh yes aibou… I sure do/

He brought Yugi's body closer to him before he kissed the light softly before Yugi deepened it. Both responded eagerly, not hearing a click of the camara and footsteps running off before Yugi quickly pulled away.

Pulling back even though he could hear Yami growl, as he obviously wanted more. "There are kids present." Yugi teased.

"You're the last in line aibou. And the malls closing soon."

"But Yami!" Yugi whined, "This is public."

Yami felt like sending everyone in the mall to the shadow realm at that very moment so he could stay with his aibou in this intimate moment. But he decided he had the rest of his life to spend with him and so he cooled down. A little.

Puzzled, he asked, "How long did you know aibou? And how do you know I'm santa here?"

"Long enough! I told Mokuba to get you a job here. He was really kind." Yugi smiled, before it turned devilish. "Grandpa's not at home now," Yugi grinned playfully, "He went to his friends house to stay for awhile"

Yami jumped off the chair. "My shifts done. It's time we get some quality time for ourselves." Yami said huskily into Yugi's ear.

Yugi just laughed as he blushed hotly and they both headed back home.

In another part of the mall.

Mokuba smiled cheekily to himself as he admired the camera in his hand. He got all the photos of his friends kissing one another! This would make avery nice Christmasblackmail…

Mokuba sniggered to himself before he let off a silent 'Whoop!' as his fist punched the air, he loved Christmas!


Yeah! Finally done! Hope it wasn't badly done. ;) Oh and before I forget, wishing all another Merry Christmas!

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