Namino Kireina sighed as she plodded along the snow covered dirt road. Next to her, a carriage carrying her parents and their driver rolled along at an equally slow pace. They were the only ones out there. Her parents, Namino Toshi and Sumiko Ayume, were going to the Hidden Leaf village for vacation. Both her parents had graduated from the genin academy but never made it farther than chuunin. Even then, it was merely the influence of their bloodline limits that had managed to get them that far. After her parents gave up as shinobis, they became important diplomatic figures and soon became two of the most hunted diplomats. Although her parents had failed as ninjas, Kireina had achieved all her statuses at a very young age. She graduated from the academy at the age of 6, became chuunin by the time she was 7, jounin at 9, and at the whopping age of 11, she was an elite jounin and captain of the ANBU squad for Hidden Sand village. When her parents informed her of their vacation she had attempted to convince them to hire a team of jounin or chuunin for protection. Her parents called her silly and said she would be more than enough, which was more than likely true. Thanks to the joining of her parents, Kireina was the not so proud bearer of 4 advanced bloodline limits, earning her the famous title the "Bloodline Ninja". Cool? She thought it was rather corny. (The authoress thinks so too but can't think of anything else.)

The Namino clan was a very powerful clan because of its two advanced bloodline limits. Her father had inherited both and passed them onto her. Her mother's clan, the Sumiko, was also a very powerful clan, also due to its advanced bloodline limits. Unlucky for Kireina, her mother had inherited both and passed them onto her. So here she was at the age of 24, an elite jounin and one of the most sought after kunoichi in the Hidden Sand Village.

Kireina was broken out of her reverie when she detected a slight movement in the trees behind them. She blinked and within that second, her first bloodline was activated, the Byakugan. The Byakugan came from her father's side. Her father's great grandfather had been a Hyuuga who ran away, but had quickly changed his name to Namino for fear of discovery. His great grandfather had married another who carried the advanced bloodline, the Sharingan. Few in the Namino family had both, most only had one or the other, or they had both but wasn't able to use both efficiently. Kireina had been the only one who received both and was talented in the use of them. With her Byakugan, Kireina noted 5 shinobi hidden in treetops. They made no move to attack so she left them alone but stayed alert. As if on cue, a kunai flew out of a tree but instead of being aimed for Kireina, the kunai hit the carriage with a solid thud. Kireina noted the explosive tag attached.

"Kaa-san (Mother)! Tou-san (Father)! Get out of the carriage!" she shouted activating her Sharingan and performing one-handed seals.

That was her other bloodline by the way. On her mother's side, the bloodlines she had received were large amounts of chakra and stamina as well as perfect chakra control enabling her to use raw chakra or perform one-handed seals quickly and efficiently. All kunoichi have a similar weakness though, that was compassion and loyalty. Kireina could care less about a failed mission as long as her comrades were safe, so along with her four bloodline limits, she was also a medic nin. Perfect kunoichi? Not quite. She was well known for her furious temper, once unleashed unable to be controlled. Lucky for her acquaintances, she had learned to control her temper over the past few years.

The carriage exploded just as Ayume and Toshi scrambled out. The driver had already been killed with senbon thrown shortly after the kunai. Kireina whirled into action as soon as her parents were out of the way. Finishing her seals she shouted, "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Giant Fireball)!" She opened her mouth and a large fireball emerged setting half of the forest on fire. She quickly formed other seals, "Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu (Giant Waterfall)!" to put it out. The smoke cleared to reveal 4 dead Hidden Cloud shinobi.

'Figures,' Kireina thought. 'The Cloud has always been enemies of the leaf and ever since Sand allied itself with the Leaf, they've been after us too! They must think we're on a diplomatic mission. Strange, though. There were 5 shinobi, where is the fifth?'

Kireina frowned using her Byakugan to look around her surroundings and easily found the fifth one, obviously the scout. Kireina decided to leave him alone then bit her thumb, slamming her palm to the ground, "Kuchiyose No Jutsu (Summoning)!" One smoke puff later, a white lion with a silver mane and a silver lioness appeared.

"Kaa-san, Tou-san, Daisuke and Yuki will take you to the village. They're more than capable of taking care of you. I'm going to stay back in case there are others," Kireina told her parents quietly.

Daisuke shook his mane and growled ferociously but lay down to allow Toshi to climb on his back. Yuki and Ayume were already settled.

"Hold on tight. Daisuke, Yuki, I trust you guys to see them there safely," Kireina said, affectionately hugging both lion and lioness.

The two purred in reply then took off. Kireina turned to the dead bodies and performed her fire jutsu setting the four dead bodies on fire as a sign of respect, bowing her head to the four dead shinobi. After the fire died away, Kireina started down the road toward Konoha again, walking at a leisurely pace. She had barely walked 10 feet when five nin jumped out and surrounded her. She didn't flinch, already expecting them. Her brows furrowed though when she noticed all five were elite jounins.

'The Cloud is going all out,' she thought.

She would have no problem beating them, but she was hoping to catch up to her parents fast.

"What's so special about her?" one shinobi asked.

"She's supposed to carry four advanced bloodline limits, including a fully-formed Sharingan and the Mangekyou Sharingan and a Byakugan. She supposedly received Sharingan when she was 6 and mastered all the Hyuuga secrets at the age of 8," the answer sounded a little unsure.

"Are you sure we got the right person? Her eyes don't look like they hold either," came the third voice.

Kireina smiled inwardly. Her Byakugan and Sharingan couldn't be seen because of her other two bloodlines. Thanks to her perfect chakra control, her chakra automatically hid the Byakugan and Sharingan when they weren't activated. Unlike most Byakugan holders, Kireina's eyes still had black pupils. When her bloodlines activated, her naturally silver eyes turned a shade lighter, but her pupils would remain, her chakra masking the veins around her eyes, and three spinning grey wheels would appear. Even then, the change was so faint, no one ever noticed.

"You don't look like much of a kunoichi," a fourth shinobi sneered.

That was true as well, instead of the traditional jounin vest, Kireina wore a pink silk traditional Chinese top with dark pink sakura designs. To make the outfit even more outrageous, she wore a floor-length black skirt with slits on both sides ending slightly above her knees. Tied around her waist was a pink sash the same shade as her top. Her hair was held up in a bun with a pair of chopsticks. She looked like she was going to a party rather than on a mission.

The last nin was a kunoichi who eyed her suspiciously, "Where are your weapons? You're supposedly good in hand-to-hand combat as well."

Kireina smiled inwardly. She had created a permanent Henge that turned her kunai into a pair of chopsticks so whenever she needed them all she had to do was pull out the chopsticks. Her hair wouldn't fall out though because they were held up by several pins that were actually senbon. She rarely ever had to use those though. Most her opponents fell after pulling out one chopstick. Her shuriken were disguised as clips on her sash that were easily accessible. In times of dire need, even her sash could be used as a weapon. No one knew where she hid her weapons; the only people who knew were the Kazekage, Gaara, who had given her the idea, her parents, and Temari, her best friend and sister of the Kazekage. She suspected Kankuro knew seeing as how he loved to eavesdrop on his brother and sister's conversations.

Kireina stood still while she let her five opponents study her. Then they attacked. Kireina faced her first opponent whipping the chopsticks out of her hair. The Henge immediately dispelled leaving two kunai in its place. This threw the front attacking shinobi off and he faltered giving Kireina an opening. Flicking one kunai out she threw it to the left. The shinobi in front of her disappeared in a puff of smoke and the original staggered out of the bushes, a kunai stuck in his throat. The other four jounin paused in their onslaught surprised at her ability to see through a Kage Bunshin.

Kireina smirked, "Too late."

Half an hour later, the battle was over, five dead shinobi lay scattered along the floor. Kireina stood upright, barely panting or sweating. There were only a few leaves in her hair blown up from her speed. The only attack the enemy had landed was a shallow cut on her arm which could easily be healed. She sent out some of her remaining chakra and called back the two kunai she had used in the fight. When they were safely secured she searched within her for any remaining chakra. There was barely enough there to stop the bleeding from her gash. She quickly put a chakra-infused hand over the gash and the bleeding stopped. However, she began to feel dizzy-headed.

"Oh dear," she said to herself, "I may have tried to end it too quickly and used a little too much chakra," and before she even knew it, she started to fall.

Meanwhile in Konoha...

Ayume paced restlessly across the Hokage's office. Toshi shifted restlessly in the chair. The Godaime watched the couple with interest. Half an hour earlier, Daisuke and Yuki had dropped the two off at the gates of Konoha and the two had hurried to the Hokage tower.

"Hokage-sama," Ayume began.

"Just Tsunade please," the lady interrupted.

Ayume nodded, "Tsunade, our daughter is still out there. She should be back by now."

Tsunade furrowed her eyebrows, "Your daughter? I didn't realize your daughter came with you."

"Our daughter was our ninja escort," Toshi explained.

Tsunade raised her eyebrows, "I see. But you just arrived half an hour ago. From what you said about the enemy nin, if your daughter stayed behind to deal with them, most likely from the Cloud, I don't expect her for another hour."

Toshi shook his head, "Do you know who our daughter is, Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade shook her head.

Toshi fished around in his briefcase and pulled out a picture. Tsunade studied it. Coal black hair with silver streaks held up in a bun. Pink Chinese top, black skirt, pink sash, pink slippers. Her eyes widened.

"Y-Y-Your daughter is the Bloodline Ninja?" she stuttered.

"Hai," Ayume nodded, "Usually she would have her opponents dead in 5 minutes. If she's out there for so long, then that means it's either a demon or she got careless and used too much chakra."

Tsunade nodded in understanding, just then the door opened and a silver-haired, masked jounin walked in carrying a mission report.

"Ah, Kakashi, just the ninja I needed."


Kakashi cursed himself for his stupidity. He should've recognized that look on Tsunade's face and run when he could. Now he was stuck saving some diplomat's daughter. He sped through the forest wanting to get this over with. He arrived at a clearing just in time to see a young woman collapse. He darted forward catching her before she fell. He was pretty sure this was their daughter. He had been told to look for a young lady about 5 feet 4 inches tall wearing traditional Chinese clothing and a black skirt. He peered at her face and started at what he saw.

'The Bloodline Ninja is their daughter?' he wondered to himself.

He looked at his surroundings just now noticing the five dead shinobi scattered around the forest.

'Impossible!' he thought, 'These are all elite jounin or higher and she defeated all of them without breaking sweat!'

He easily picked her up bridal style then took to the trees.