Severus Snape walked restlessly along the corridor. The potion was ready. Days of hard work had finally paid off. It had been his lifelong dream to prepare this potion and make Lily Evans fall hopelessly in love with him. Just as he was in love with her. Hopelessly.

Then he would show that obnoxious bloated-headed James Potter...

He smiled as he thought fondly of Lily Evans. She was beautiful, a poet's fantasy. And she had a heart just as golden to match.

How he regretted having lashed out at her, calling her names he knew she never deserved. But she would understand. He had been brought up in a family where muggleborns had always been considered degrading and contemptible. He had never known that muggles could be as wonderful as Lily. It was when he had come to Hogwarts that he had met her and all his ill-founded baseless prejudices had come down crumbling upon him. Slowly, even without his realization. She had defended him so many times , helped him so many times, and all he had done was abuse her, in trying to keep up with that despicable Slytherin image of himself. But he knew she would understand. He was deeply sorry for all his actions. His heart wanted him to believe she would forgive him and accept him.

In case she couldn't love him back, as a safety-measure…..He would offer her this Love Potion, mixed with the Soothing Potion that Professor Slughorn had asked him to cover in their group-assignment. Severus and Lily were partners in the Potion classes, and their teacher Professor Slughorn had asked them to prepare a Soothing Potion, and then test it on each other. This had been Severus Snape's cue.

He looked at the watch on his hand. Lily was late, which was unusual, because she was considered the clock of the school. He closed his eyes in anticipation, and smiled to himself, thinking what a balm it would be to press Lily's gorgeous head to his aching chest.

Someone bumped hard against him and he fell face downward prostrate upon the floor . A clatter told Severus that not one but two bottles had fallen down. As he raised his head in the fear that harm had come to his own bottle of potion, he felt something cold and slippery graze his hands. He looked sharply around himself, but there was no one, and then he descried his bottle several feet away from him. He ran forward to grasp it greedily. It was unharmed.

Severus felt his eyes narrow in suspicion. Who or what had been that? Could it have been……?


James Potter sighed in relief under the safety of his invisibility cloak.

That had been a narrow escape. If Snape had caught him red-handed he would surely raise an enormous amount of ruckus over it. Snape was the Slytherin Prefect, the noodle-brained git that he was, and would surely deduct a good amount of points from Gryffindor House. For a fleeting instant James had been tempted to grab hold of Snape's greasy head and bang it against the wall, but it was too risky, especially now that Snape suspected he had an invisibility cloak. He would certainly go blabbering to Professor Slughorn, who would happily hand out a week worth's detentions to James, and James would lose the bet he had made with Remus about not getting a single detention the entire week. Besides he was carrying a bottle of Firewhiskey, which had been banned from Hogwarts, and he would be in big trouble if someone got to know that he had sneaking Firewhiskeys from Hogsmeade and hiding them amid the other ordinary bottles of the Potion-Room. Not even Sirius would spare him, for James had been doing this without his knowledge too.

Making sure that no one else was around, James removed his cloak, and folding it neatly, he stuffed it inside his robes. Then he looked at the bottle in his hands.


It was not as if James was enamoured by its taste, but Firewhiskey had after-effects which could help you forget your sorrows and rid you of your disturbing emotions. James Potter having sorrows? But surely, that sounded too bizarre …. James Potter had grown so much in the past three months that it frightened even him. And he was beginning to discover the cause for it. Something he had been overlooking since the past five years. He was in love. James Potter was in love with a girl who did not care for him at all, had been in love with her since the first day he had seen her….and had been falling in love with her ever since….much to his friends' chagrin and amusement.

And that girl was Lily Evans.

James loved Lily to the point where he was afraid he would break and shatter into pieces. His friends called him a Stalker because he used to follow her around in his invisibility cloak like a shadow. He had doodled her name on every shred of his belongings, even on his broomstick. He had carved her name on his towels as Lily Evans Potter, and had even thought of the names that he would give to their first five children together. His friends, especially Sirius, called it insanity. But he himself could find no other word for it except love. His love for her distracted him to the extreme, so much so that the notorious Firewhiskey had become his addiction, since Lily Evans did not like him in the slightest, and James Potter knew not how to grovel for the one thing he wanted most in life.

Once again, without hesitation, without further ado, he uncapped the bottle and gulped down its contents.

A nasty surprise was in store for James as he realized that this was not Firewhiskey but some other fluid, judging by its taste. His stomach was rumbling, and his head was in a whirl. Something that smelt heavenly and felt like paradise was scorching him from the inside. He felt helpless and vulnerable as he fell down to the floor in a dizzy swoon.

"Potter," a voice shook James out of his dizziness and he raised his head to see…..Lily Evans, standing above him…like an angel. Her green eyes, so beautiful that you could drown in them and would never want to come out. Her hair, her beautiful titian hair that made even the fire look pale in comparison. He so badly wanted to run his hands through her tresses. Her lips….God! So luring….

"Potter," cried out Lily again. "Are you alright?" she asked him doubtfully, because she had never seen James Potter in such a helpless stupor before.

He merely looked at her, drinking in the soft melody of her voice while an invisible being spoke into his heart.


But Lily was clearly getting irritated. "Potter if you have nothing better to do except stare at me, as you always do, perhaps you will excuse me when I leave you here to rot."

The rapid refrain in James's heart had scared him out of his wits. Dare he do that?


"Potter, for the last time! What is the matter with you? Do you want me to call Madame Pomfrey?" Lily cried out exasperatedly. Then her eyes fell on the bottle. "What is that Potter? Have you been drinking? Do you have any idea how many points Gryffindor has lost because of you?" She asked him angrily.

But James was incapable of speech. All the colour had drained from his face.


Without a second more thought, James lunged on Lily pulling her to the ground with himself on top, and forced his lips upon hers. He kissed her with a passion he had never known he had inside him. All that had been smouldering inside him burst into flames as he ravaged her lips, while struggling to tie her protesting limbs to himself. The kiss was ferocious, as if he wanted to suck her very soul out and into himself. The kiss was a violent one, and it felt to James that he wanted to fuse her body to himself through that aphrodisiac mouth and perhaps in that process, tear it to shreds.

The kiss lasted an eternity despite all of Lily's protests because James had overpowered her every move in trying to take that one kiss from her. He stopped when a copper taste of blood met his hungry tongue, and realized that Lily had fainted beneath him.

In a flash he realized what he had been doing and recoiled from her in shock. What savageness had he come to…


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