Author's Note: I'm not sure where this came from…just one of those totally random drabble things while I work up the plot bunnies for the next chapter of "Flames of the Past". I'm warning you, this one is not for the little kids…I don't own it, so don't ask me if you can borrow it…

A Foe Like No Other

By StarShipDelta

Saitou narrowed his eyes as he watched the opponent across from him. This one was dangerous. Very dangerous.

Never before in his life had he faced such a thing as this. Not even when he fought against the Juppongatana, or Shishio…

Even his fight against the Battousai hadn't been like this.

The tall, fat figure was approaching him fast; if Saitou didn't act soon his very mind would be turned to mush at the lovey-dovey propaganda it spewed. As if on cue the figure began to sing as he came closer, arms open to give the Wolf of Mibu a hug.

"I love you…you love me…we all love…"

Saitou sprang into action before the song could be finished, raising his blade. He lunged swiftly, then after the deed was done he pulled his blade back, looking at the prone plush figure lying gape mouthed on the floor.

"Aku. Soku. Zan."

He spoke quietly, before he turned and walked away from the body of one of the most loathed and hated characters on Earth. Barney was dead.

Full Disclaimer: I don't own Barney. Fortunately. And I don't own Saitou. Unfortunately.