Najica Blitz Tactics/Najica Dengeki Sakusen: New Agent

By: Ominae

Rating: T


All characters of Najica Blitz Tactics are under the copyright of Katsuhiko Nishijima/Noriyasu Yamauchi/Takuya Tashiro, Studio Fantasia, Buyuu and Kids Station. I exclusively own the rights to the character Yuji Maehara.


CRI Intelligence has decided to recruit, for the first time, a young male operative straight from high school as a special agent skilled in firearms, martial arts and an expert on military hardware. According to details, the recruitment drive was to be made directly from the students of Neo-Tokyo High School, selecting from the best of the best. Can Najica Hiiragi, famed CRI Intelligence operative, grow to accept the presence of the young prodigy and fellow agent as a partner, comrade and a friend even though her hands are full with Lila? An alternate universe story.

Note - The following story takes place before the start of Episode 6 in the anime, before Lila is taken back to CRI Intelligence Headquarters unconscious by Najica and the other CRI Intelligence operatives after they were able to overpower and secure the defeated the activated "BBB" Combat Humaritt. In other words, it's still the same as the TV series. Anything from the manga version will not be added, though I do plan to do a fanfic of NBT, consisting of scenes from both the anime and the manga.

- This fanfic, although totally NBT in its content, will have some mentions from the Spriggan anime/manga, particularly the concept of the famous metal, Omihalcon. As for my Area 88 story, Dogfighters, I still plan to finish it. I've only done this story out of boredom since I've been trying to take care of my computer homework and my criminology research paper tasking.

- To those who would review this story, I was thinking about having Yuji as the main and sole backup of Najica and Lila over the course of this story. But I suddenly had some second thoughts about adding a second OC to this story. I plan to integrate him (Name not revealed for now) as the second male operative recruited straight from Yuji's school (In this case, Neo-Tokyo High).

Please! Please! Read and review with the appropriate comments above for my supposed suggestions. Thanks!

Chapter 1: New recruit

Jin Magima's Office, CRI Intelligence Complex, Neo-Tokyo, Japan

Alone in his office, Commander Jin Magima of the CRI Intelligence Bureau was browsing through a folder that he had received from Rena Uzuki after he had arrived to work, which contains several papers sent to his office from his superior officers regarding a unique agent recruitment scheme in getting a new field agent on their team. He needed to get some information on the prospective recruit before he could tell his superiors if he or she could be recruited as a potential field agent for CRI Intelligence.

He then pressed a button on his intercom. "Send Rena and Shinobu to my office at once. Tell them to bring the data as well."

"Yes sir, Mr. Majima!" replied a voice from the other line.

Jin reclined back on his office chair, staring at the black ceiling above him. He was wandering to himself if recruiting a teenage agent was actually such a good idea to begin with. He was wondering now, brainstorming some questions to ask on this recruitment scheme, since he felt that he had some reservations about its use on recruiting more field agents in the near future.

"Is it really a good idea?"

He wanted to argue with the people in charge of the recruiting scheme about it, but he was told that the top brass had already agreed to this proposal, leaving him defeated for now. Jin will see for himself if the potential recruit has some use for the CRI Intelligence Bureau later on in the future.

"I guess I have no choice."

With Rena Uzuki and Shinobu Misato seated inside his office, Jin Magima proceeded to discuss with the two ladies regarding their latest recruit. The two CRI Intelligence employees had their respective folders regarding the success of the latest recruit. "If I'm right, this test was conducted through a unique IQ test in Neo-Tokyo High, wasn't it?" asked Jin to the two ladies.

"Yes, Commander." answered Rena. "The people at the Recruiting Section devised this scheme as ordered by HQ in order to assess whether getting a new agent would be feasible. This test was administered at Neo-Tokyo High as a start before a decision will be from the higher ups on whether to expand it or not anytime soon."

"However," continued Shinobu. "Only one student was able to get a uniquely high score in the IQ test."

Shinobu pressed a button on the projector remote that she held on her hand, which activated an overhead projector. Showed on the projector screen was a young teenager with short trimmed black hair, brown eyes and in a white polo shirt, which was assumed to be his school uniform. Rena proceeded to explain to Jin the details of the recruit, who was looking at it after turning his chair around, facing the two females.

"His name is Yuji Maehara. He's studying at Neo-Tokyo High under an academic scholarship. Has no known relatives and he was orphaned at the age of 10. He lived under a guardian for a short time before he moved out and lived..." trailed Rena, checking her folder for anything that she may have missed. "Wait a minute! He lives near Najica's apartment! This is a coincidence, sir!"

Jin raised an eyebrow, a bit surprised by her finding. "Well, this is interesting."

Shinobu decided to help her colleague by elaborating on the details on Yuji's life. "He only goes to Neo-Tokyo High by driving around via motorbike. Many of his friends describe him to be a loner, though they say that he's a nice person. When his parents were still alive, they lived in the Philippines for a certain period of time before he returned to Japan when he was 9 years old." The brown-haired woman sighed beforeshe closed her personal file folder on Yuji Maehara. "That's all we have on Mr. Maehara."

Rena had told Jin on some last minute details on another possible recruit. "Sir, we've also received some rumors that there was also another possible CRI Intelligence candidate so far, but the people at Recruiting won't divulge any more details beside that."

"I see." Jin coughed before he gave out his orders, turning his chair around again to face the two CRI Intelligence staff members. "Make sure that he gets ready with his training at once."

"Are you going to let her know about this?" inquired Rena, confused.

"No." answered Jin, a grin hidden his hand that covered his mouth. "I want this to be a surprise for Miss Najica Hiiragi herself and for Gento as well."

Corridor, CRI Intelligence Complex, Neo-Tokyo, Japan

"Man! This place is a drag!"

A young teenager, believed to be 16-17 years of age, was clad in a white polo shirt and black pants, apparently school uniform as he was seated in one of the many waiting areas after he had received an anoynymous note that he should head to the complex via a secret passage in the CRI Intelligence by telling the staff members that he had an appointment with the director of CRI Cosmetics as an alibi. He entered the main elevator in the lobby and proceeded straight to the basement levels until it stopped midway on its descent, undergoing security checks that included a laser check before the rear of the elevator, which turned out to be the secret entrance, opened up, revealing the CRI Intelligence Complex.

"I'm bored!" The young teen unzipped his bags, checking his stuff to see if any of his things from school were there. He eyed his Apple iPOD inside his bag. He connected the earphones and placed the earbuds to his earlobes before turning the device on.

"I was told that two people were suppose to meet me. I wonder what happened to them?"

The teen browsed in his iPOD and played Sting's Send Your Love and leaned his head back to the wall. He then waited, and waited, and waited until...

"Excuse me, are you Yuji Maehara from Neo-Tokyo High School?"

The Neo-Tokyo Student stopped playing music with his iPOD and hastily removed the earphones from his earlobes. In front of him were two attractive women, smiling at him. One had green hair and the other had brown hair.

"Wow! Two gorgeous women to see me? Maybe this is a cool thing to do. Guess it's my lucky day after all." Yuji blushed, looking down at the floor for a few minutes before one of them spoke with the distracted student. He nodded at their question, indicating to the women that he was the one being sought by Jin Magima himself.

"My name's Rena Uzuki." introduced the green-haired woman to the Neo-Tokyo High student. "And she's Shinobu Misato. We're suppose to let you see Commander Jin Magima for a few words before you're to become an agent."

"All right." agreed the student, pocketing his iPOD and zipping his backpack. "Lead the way, ladies."

He didn't know that Rena anda Shinobu giggled at Yuji for his blush, deciding to keep that little "show" for themselves.

Jin Majima's Office, CRI Intelligence Complex, Neo-Tokyo, Japan

"So you're the new recruit?" questioned Jin, a bit stunned to see the student/future CRI agent standing at full attention inside his office. "I actually can't believe it. An ace student as a CRI Intelligence field operative? This could have some potential ideas in the near future."

"Yes sir!" said Yuji, who gave a military salute to the man, earning stunned looks from Rena and Shinobu.

"I hear that you're a cadet officer in your school's Youth Cadet Corp. (YCC) program, if I'm not mistaken." began Jin, reading through several files on his folder before facing Yuji.

"That's right, sir! Some of my relatives were once in the SDF, mostly in the Ground Self-Defense Forces."

"So, Mr. Maehara?" questioned the CRI Intelligence commander. "Do you think you have what it takes to be a CRI Intelligence agent?"

"Yes sir, Commander Majima!" replied Yuji. "I'm ready for a job like this, though I've never expected this to happen."

"Then it's settled. By the power invested in me by CRI Intelligence, you're now a full-fledged CRI agent." Jin reached into his coat pocket and slipped a piece of paper from it before handing it to Yuji. "You're to provide backup armed support to any of our CRI Intelligence agents anywhere around the world. You'll also be filling in temporary spots for agents who don't have partners due to deaths, injuries, accidents, etc."

"I understand, sir."

"This paper here." said Jin, tapping it with his finger for emphasis. "will be the number that either Rena or Shinobu will be using in order to contact you or vice versa. Do not, and I repeat, do not share this number to anyone under any circumstances."

"Understood fully, Commander." Yuji inputted the number into his Nokia 9300 cellphone before tearing up the piece of paper and shooting it as a nearby wastebasket, basketball style.

"I'll have other means of communication to be arranged with you as soon as possible, Yuji." commented Jin, while Yuji nodded at him.

"Rena, Shinobu." Jin was now directing his attention to the two CRI Intelligence staff members. "Please take him to the armory at once. He'll need some weapons and equipment since he's to be deployed soon."

"Yes sir." replied the two.

"I'm off." commented Yuji, slinging his backpack with him before he exited Jin Magima's office. Before he left, he gave a salute to Jin, who saluted the young recruit in return.

"I wish you luck on your upcoming mission, Yuji Maehara." stated Jin bluntly after Yuji had left his office.

"Um..." stammered Rena, not wanting to get any questions into her head. "Let me show you the way to the armory."

"Thanks, Rena." answered Yuji, still remembering the time he blushed in front of her.

Armory, CRI Intelligence Complex, Neo-Tokyo, Japan

At the armory room of the CRI Intelligence complex, Yuji had been issued with the Armored Muscle Suit, a special suit that was bulletproof, fireproof, bombproof and it could expand its artificial muscles for up to 30 times, which he is now wearing. He was also wearing the gloves that came along with the Armored Muscle Suit that CRI Intelligence's R&D Division had refined and made after covertly discovering a new metal dubbed Omihalcon.

"I hope you did like the Armored Muscle Suit that R&D had done for you." complimented Shinobu, looking at the recruit with a bit of blush in her face that she was trying to hide with her hands. "Even with or without that suit, I think I kinda like him. He's just so darn cute."

"Awesome! Thanks, Shinobu!" Yuji had activated the AM suit by zipping up the AM jacket, turning the artificial muscles on.

Renaalso felt the same word, admiring the "cuteness" of Yuji's face, especially since he was currently studying in high school. "If I was only a few years younger."

"The suit ain't bad. Thanks, ladies." Yuji picked up a Manurhin MR-73 Gendarmerie revolver, chambered in .357 Magnum, from a revolver rack near him. Exposing the weapon's revolver chamber, he placed his gloved finger into it, making the empty chamber spin around before snapping it back into place and twirling it like he was in a spaghetti western show. Likewise, he also decided on the Korth-Waffen Combat and the Ruger KGPF-331 revolvers, since both of them had the same barrel length and caliber as the MR-73 Gendarmerie model, especially since the barrel was 3 inches. Rena and Shinobu watched him in amazement, realizing that such a person lke Yuji, who was under an academic scholar, would turn out to be familiar with firearms.

"I'll take this weapon." said Yuji, waving the empty weapon to Rena and Shinobu, still flustered by his looks. The student/CRI recruit had to snap his fingers twice in order to get them back to their senses after sensing that the two female staff members were not paying to him, but to his face. "Maybe I should become an ugly guy instead!"

"Oh! Sorry, Yuji!" Rena was quick enough to throw a smile at the teen so as to avoid anything suspicious.

"What's with those ladies anyway?" Yuji also picked out a Beretta PX4 Storm chambered in 9 x 19 Parabellum, Fabrique Nationale (FN) Five-Seven chambered in 5.7 x 28 mm SS190 caliber and a Glock 20 chambered in 10 mm Auto caliber from the sidearm rack. Next to the collected sidearms were a folded Strider FNG knife and an Ontario RAT RTAK knife in a belt sheath from Survival Sheath Systems.

"By the way, what about the other equipment that I shoud request for?" wondered Yuji, admiring the bladed weapon after unfolding the hidden blade, eyeing its tiger stripe finish on the blade.

"Don't worry about that, Yuji." assured Shinobu. "I'll have these weapons placed under your name and as for the equipment, you can do that later after you get acquainted with your sidearms."

"Thanks, Shinobu." thanks Yuji, giving his best smile at Shinobu, which made her heart swoon with delight. "I'll just pick out the other things later."

"My god! His smile, it's so cute!" Shinobu's face became so red that anything made raw could be cooked in an instant.

Yuji, upon seeing Rena and Shinobu blush, cringes in frustration. "On second thought, maybe being a CRI Intelligence agent is a bad idea."

He gripped the handle of the Strider FNG knife and tossed it into a nearby dartboard, which struck the center of the object with lethal accuracy and precision. The two women looked at the dartboard with pure amazement in their eyes.

"Wow!" exclaimed Rena. "How did you do that?"

"I was in the darts club before." shrugged Yuji. He eyed Rena and Shinobu very carefully as he took his belongings with him to the firing range, a bit confused over what had happened a while ago.

"Yep! Think I need a break after this."

Firing Range, CRI Intelligence Complex, Neo-Tokyo, Japan

Yuji, who was still in his Armored Muscle Suit, tested his Manurhin MR-73 Gendarmerie revolver on several moving paper targets, holding it with two hands. So far, he had expended all of the .357 Magnum bullets that were on the MR-73's revolver chamber on the targets as 5 were able to hit them while a single bullet missed. His ears are covered with ear protectors as a standard measure.

He fired off several shots from his MR-73 revolver before it clicked, indicating that the chambers were now empty of any deposited bullets. Yuji sighed and ejected revolver chamber, depositing another load of .357 Magnums from a speedloader.

"Man, this is even better than playing airsoft at the nearby field near school!"

Maintaining his grip on the MR-73, he noticed his hands seemed to shake a bit sometimes. Otherwise, he was okay. He was going to test his Korth-Waffen Combat and the Ruger KGPF-331 revolvers before going over to his Beretta PX4 Storm, FN Five-Seven and Glock 20 pistols. He began to fire off more shots from his MR-73 before another click sound came from his revolver, indicating the chamber was now empty again.

"Think I need to concentrate more in shooting instead of Rena and Shinobu. Though they are kinda cute, they kinda distract me as well."

Yuji pressed the chamber eject button found on his Manurhin MR-73 Gendarmerie revolver, making the revolver chamber slide out before he tilted it up, letting the empty .357 Magnum chambers drop down like water droplets from a recently closed faucet.

Corridor, CRI Intelligence Complex, Neo-Tokyo, Japan

"Did you see his face, Shinobu? I can't believe that Mr. Scholar has passed that special exam!" squealed Rena like a love struck school girl, feeling her heart beating as fast as her normal heartbeat rate could do. "He's so lucky!"

"I can't stop thinking about that smile Yuji just gave me. It's the cutest smile that I've ever seen!" said Shinobu, who felt her heart tugging on her chest couldn't get the image of Yuji smiling at her.

"If only we were his age!" sighed the two girls happily.


Until someone had interrupted the mood.

"It's you, Gento." said Rena, who placed her friendly attitude and face at him, though angry for breaking her daydream.

"Damn you! I'll make sure that you pay for ruining my cute daydream with Yuji!"

"So what's this that I'm hearing from the two of you?" grinned the ponytailed Shinba Industrials employee and CRI Intelligence Bureaucontact.

"What do you mean?" remarked Shinobu. She too was angry at Gento secretly for destroying her daydream that she had after seeing Yuji off at the firing range.

"When I get my hands on you, Mr. Gento Kuraku, I'm going to tie you up and roast you over a slow fire that you're to beg for mercy!"

Gento placed a finger on his ear, scratching it. "I heard rumors that some new operatives may be in CRI. So does that mean that the one and only Najica babe is going to be outclassed by other women agents?"

Rena snorted at his question. "That, Mr. Kuraku, is a top secret, classified from people like you for instance."

"You'll just have to see for yourself." suggested Shinobu. She and Rena gave Gento evil stares and sadistic grins before walking down the corridor, leaving the Shinba Industrials employee and CRI contact stunned and confused on what they were talking about a few minutes ago.

"What did I do wrong?" Gento scratched his hair before deciding on his next course of action.

"That's it. I think I need a drink."

Perfurming Room, CRI Cosmetics Japan, Neo-Tokyo, Japan

In the perfurming room, a brown-haired woman had felt a shiver jolt her spine as she was working with Kirala Mitsuboshi inside.

"Why do I have a feeling that I'm about to receive additional backup?"

"Ms. Hiiragi, are you okay?"

Najica saw that her apprentice was a bit concerned about her, since she looked disturbed.

"I'm fine." assured Najica, smiling at Kirala. "Just thinking about something."

"I see." sighed Kirala in relief. "For a minute, I though something might happen to you. You seemed spaced out."

"Forget it." shrugged Najica, keeping a smile on her features. "We better get our papers fixed before we head out to Neo-Tokyo Airport later on, Kirala."

"Okay, Ms. Hiiragi."

Male Locker Room, CRI Intelligence Complex, Neo-Tokyo, Japan

After getting familiar with his personal weapons, he had been told by Rena and Shinobu to come back again the next day for more debriefing sessions with the other CRI Intelligence personnel regarding his status as a newly recruited CRI Intelligence operative.

"Why do I feel that someone's keeping an eye on the locker room?"

Now dressed in his white polo and black pants, the official uniform of Neo-Tokyo High, he grabbed his black Nike Golf Sphere Pro jacket and donned it before grabbing his carbon BMW System 4 Elite motorbike helmet and his BMW Comfort Gloves from the locker that was specially allocated for him before he pocketed the keys for his BMW R 1200 RT motorcycle in his pants.

"Wonder what's going to happen next?"

Outside the locker room, two familiar women were peeking at the entrance to the male locker room from a nearby corner. One had green hair and the other had brown hair.

The two were waiting for their target of opportunity to leave the area...

Pretty soon.

Parking Lot, CRI Cosmetics Japan, Neo-Tokyo, Japan

"Why does it feel like that I'm being watched from all sides?"

Trying to shrug the feeling off, Yuji wore his BMW System 4 Elite helmet with its visor up, looking for someone or something that could be taking a good look at him with his backpack slinged on his back. He slipped on his BMW Comfort Gloves before he flipped the visor down, covering his face before gripping the handlebars after activating the engines of his dark graphite BMW R 1200 RT motorbike.

Eyeing someone suspicious on the entrance of the CRI Cosmetics Building, Yuji quickly flipped up the System 4 Elite's visors and noticed Rena and Shinobu looking at him with faint blushes. Najica, on the other hand, was getting the attention of the girls by waving her hand in front of them. "What the hell?" Yuji eyed the three women before an idea came to his head.

"Heh." mumbled the newly recruited CRI Intelligence operative. "Never in a dull moment like this."

Yuji then flipped the System 4 Elite's helmet visor down from its upright position, covering his face before gunning the R 1200 RT's transmission system, taking him far away from the entrance of CRI Cosmetics before he could get the attention of Najica, Rena and Shinobu.

After Rena and Shinobu had snapped out of their trances looking at Yuji leaving the area, the two CRI Intelligence staffers swooned on how cool and rugged he just looked, while Najica could only guess that Yuji Maehara, one-time academic student, Neo-Tokyo High scholar and Youth Cadet officer, would be Najica's reserve partner and her tactical firearms support. "Who is he anyway?" said Najica, looking at the BMW R 1200 RT motorbike in the distance before she could not see it anymore. "He seems interesting. I think I've seen him before. Doesn't he live in the apartment complex?"

Najica's face soon turned from curiosity to a smirk, watching the student biker race down the main road as his bike disappeared from her vision.

Chapter 1 END