After an hour of talking and so-called celebration, the Bartlets decided it was time they made their departure. It had been quite a day, to say the least. The car ride home was relatively normal. Ellie and Zoey bickering, and Jed and Abbey conversing about something or other. But Liz, who would normally be trying to either mediate between her sisters or get in on the adults' conversation, sat quietly without a word. When they got back to the house, Ellie immediately ran to the backyard to practice her soccer moves. Zoey plopped herself on the floor in the front of the TV. Elizabeth marched right on up the stairs to her room and closed the door. "One of us should go talk to Liz," Abbey said. "I think maybe both of us should go talk to Liz," Jed said. "Yeah." She nodded.

They walked up the stairs, stopped when they got to Liz's closed bedroom door, and knocked.
"What?" She called from inside.
"Can we come in"
"I guess"
They opened the door and found her laying on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She sat up when they walked in. Abbey slowly walked over and sat beside Liz on the bed, and Jed sat on Liz's other side. "Oh, no. Here it comes," Liz said, drearily, leaning back down. "Liz"
"And here I'd thought I had gotten out of it." "Liz, we need to talk about this," Abbey said. "Talk," she told them. "Look, I know I may have reacted badly last night. But you knocked me sideways, Liz. How was I supposed to react!" Jed said.
"I know, Dad," Liz replied, quietly. "But we don't want you to get the wrong idea," Abbey stated.
"That's right. Don't think we're not gonna be there for you. We're your parents. You can always count on us"
Liz's eyes filled with tears. "This is gonna be harder than anything you've ever done. Especially because you are not leaving school, young lady. Throughout your pregnancy and even after the baby is born, you are not dropping out. I don't care what we have to do to keep you in school, but whatever it is, we'll do it. Needless to say, the kids at school might not be the most understanding about all of this," Abbey said.
"But you should have thought of that when you"
"You just should have considered that first," he rephrased. "I know," Elizabeth answered. Jed laughed suddenly.
"And I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do with two pregnant, hormonal women in the house, but we'll get through it. No cop outs, ya hear"
Liz smiled.
"And I want you to talk to your sisters about this. They're confused and they don't understand what's going on. Especially Zoey. Sit them down and tell them everything. Well. Not everything," Abbey said, blushing. "And make sure you tell them that we don't condone what you've done. This is not an opportunity for you to advertise sex before marriage. They need to know that it's wrong, and they need to hear it from you," Jed added. "We know you're scared, Liz. You have every right to be. But just know that we're here every step of the way"
"Thanks, guys." She was nearly crying when she leaned in and hugged them both tightly.
"I think I'm gonna take a nap now. I'm feeling really tired all of a sudden," Liz said.
Abbey laughed.
"Get used to that, sweetheart." Jed and Abbey stood up and started for the door. "Hey, Liz," Jed said, turning back around. "I didn't get a chance to tell you this last night, with everything that went on and such. But…happy birthday, baby." Liz grinned.
"Thanks, Dad." Her parents left the room and Elizabeth Bartlet fell asleep feeling more loved than she ever had in her young life.