Arrangement in Black and Gold: Ribbons

Kakashi watched in quiet, male fascination as Kurenai put up her hair.

It looked hard to do, but her fingers wove through her dark curls so rhythmically that it was hard not to be impressed. Impressed as a man anyhow. There were no ninja techniques, jutsus, or chakra being used to keep her hair up; just gold ribbons and a feminine touch.

Pale fingers nimbly moved through the silky brown tresses. A twist here, a tuck there, all intertwining with flashes of yellow without so much as a snag or tangle. It seemed silly to suddenly think she looked so womanly just then because it was obvious that's what she always was. All the same, Kakashi couldn't help but to think that just then under the mixture of moonbeams and chandelier light that washed out into the gardens, Kurenai looked...

"How is it?" she asked when she was done, turning her head for him to see.

He smiled harmlessly. "Perfect."

Inside the large estate, a fancy dance and dinner party awaited them, as did their target and mission. He let her straighten out her dress before offering his arm.

"You made us late, you know."

"Oh hush. Like you're not used to that."

He chuckled and they stepped inside.


Authoress Notes

Well, time to confess, I suppose. I'm very fond of the Kakashi/Kurenai pairing, even though I'm also still favorable of Asuma/Kurenai. It just depends on my mood, I guess. (I'm so darn fickle.)

But I've written a few KakaKure drabbles in my spare time, I've just never posted them. I didn't figure the fan-base was huge enough to care, and I wasn't confident enough in my own indulgence to share. But now, I'm not as concerned and just wish to put out some of the work I've done even if it was done mostly for my own satisfaction (and a fellow fan's).

My goodness, it's happened. I've found my crack pairing. So much for being a "traditionalist".