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Kakashi and Kurenai don't say much to each other. (This isn't to say they didn't spend time together however.) There just isn't much for them to talk about, so for them actions speak louder than words. Both will say this just gives them even less to talk about. (But they don't mind watching.)

Kurenai is too strict according to Kakashi. Too calculating, too cold. (He saw her laugh once and thought it was one of the most breathtaking things he'd ever known. He's been hoping to meet that part of her that's locked away inside ever since, but tries not to admit it.) The rules aren't everything (a hard lesson he doesn't want her to learn as he did) and that's a concept she seems to have a hard time wrapping her mind around. He doesn't need a woman who can't compromise. (But he may just want one anyway.)

Kakashi is far too irresponsible for Kurenai's taste. He's late, disrespects authority, and must be a pervert with all that smut he reads. (The darker side of her wants to show him that it isn't all heaving bosoms and silky, flawless skin. It's sweat, and heat, battle scars and old aches, messy hair, stubborn clasps and zippers, awkward bumps and passionate bruises.) She's simply better off being as unacquainted with a man like him as possible. (Being better off sure is lonely however.)

But every now and then she'll smile. (And she's radiant.) He won't put a condition on a favor. (And he's wonderful.) She'll apologize first. (And he would do anything for her.) He'll compliment her sincerely. (And she'll want to tell him just how important he is.) And every now and then they'll think:

(It could be love.)

Maybe there could be something to say after all.


Authoress Notes

Theme from 31days community. My, this was probably one of my more suggestive drabbles, wasn't it. And we thought Kakashi was the dirty-minded one... P

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