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"No you don't." she exclaimed exasperatedly, "He's getting paranoid and calling me only. I'm only 21 and he's calling me old."

Draco laughed in amusement, watching her getting riled up. "Calm down Parkinson."

"Yeah yeah," she muttered, "But I was thinking, why don't we get married?"

Draco choked on his drink and spat it out again. "What!"


Chapter 2 – Another Encounter

Hermione was at her flat with Felicity and was patiently waiting for her cousin to arrive. Looking at her watch, seeing the seconds tick by, she finally heard the bell go.

Hermione leapt from her chair, and yelled, "I'll get it" to no particular person. Running towards the door, she opened it to find Ginny. "Oh," she said unhappily, "It's you."

Ginny laughed amusedly, "That's no reception is it?"

"Sorry Ginny," Hermione said, "I'm just waiting for Josh to come."

"Yeah I know," Ginny grinned, "Why else would I be here?"

Hermione laughed, ushering Ginny towards the lounge room. Flick and her had met before, but weren't exactly buddy buddies. She also knew that Ginny was a little fragile, even though Harry was helping her get over the death of her brother. Ginny tried to stay away from the Weasleys, though no one knew why.

Just then, the doorbell rang for the second time that evening. Hermione jumped up once again, spilling pumpkin juice all over her.

"Drat!" she cursed, "Flick can you answer that? I'm going to go mop up." So she left, muttering curses under her breath. While she was frantically wiping at her skirt, she heard some squeals and coos. "Yep," she mumbled, "Josh is here."

Quickly straightening up, she ran back into the lounge and found Ginny, Flick and her Aunty Gwen. Hermione laughed to herself, Gwen was a witch, but her uncle wasn't. It was quite complicated to her, but she didn't mind, as long as she could see Josh as much as she wanted.

Gwen looked famished, as she flopped onto the couch.

"Been busy keeping you up all night has he?" Hermione asked, grinning as the baby grabbed her pinky.

Gwen sighed, "Yeah, he's a real handful isn't he?" At that moment, Ginny let out a coo laughing with the baby as she played with him.

"No, he's gorgeous," Ginny said, twirling him around. Felicity stayed back a little, she wasn't as keen with babies like Hermione and Ginny. She didn't want to have kids herself, much unlike her two friends.


Back at the restaurant where Draco and Pansy were in, Draco had momentarily frozen.

"Are you serious?" He asked, shock in his voice, his eyes open wide. "That's – that's – well that's big Pansy."

"Yeah, I know." She said softly, "But I can't really think of anything else! Dad wants me to marry a pureblood, and quick."

"What about Blaise?" asked Draco, treading cautiously. He knew that Pansy had strong feelings for his best mate, however Blaise didn't exactly want to settle down right then.

Pansy shrugged, "What about him? He's quite clearly shown me where I stand in his life, and I deserve more than that. I don't want to be the person that's madly in love, while the other uses it to their advantage."

Draco felt a tinge of annoyance; Blaise was his best mate after all. "He's not like that Parkinson," he snapped, "He just doesn't have the same priorities as you have."

"Yeah," she muttered, "But Draco, what do you really think? Should we?"

Draco sighed, "You know I'd love to help, but this is just way to out there for me."

"Out there?" repeated Pansy, "What does that mean? Is there someone in your life?"

At that saying, an image of Hermione instantly popped into Draco's mind. Blinking quickly, it disappeared, "No, of course there isn't. But marriage? Are you really that desperate?"

"You don't have to say things like that," snapped Pansy, "You know damned well I'm not. It's just because f -"

"Yeah, I know." Draco interrupted, "You know, if our father's weren't alive, life would be much easier."

"Including Blaise," muttered Pansy.

Draco chose not to say anything to that.

"So are you sure you don't want to tie the knot?" Pansy asked, half joking half serious.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Draco said softly, "Besides, you know you'd be unhappy marrying someone you didn't love."

"Oh I love you alright," Pansy said, laughing at the look on Draco's face. "Oh don't be an idiot. I love you, but I'm not in love with you."

"Don't scare me like that," he snapped, "You're going to make me die of a bloody heart attack."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Pansy said, ignoring Draco's last comment. "It would be hard, it'd be like an arranged marriage that we agreed to."

"That's just stupid." Draco said bluntly, "Whoever heard of that?"


Back at Hermione's flat Gwen had zonked out. She was lying there sleeping on the couch, though Hermione and Ginny didn't notice. They were too busy playing with the baby. Felicity however, was watching them and did notice so she warned them to be quiet.

"Shh guys, she's sleeping." Felicity whispered, pointing towards Gwen.

"No she's not, and it's not a she, it's a he." Corrected Hermione, still engrossed with the child.

Felicity had no idea what Hermione was talking about. "What do you mean it's a he. Of course she's a she. She got pregnant didn't she?"

This time it was Ginny answered, "What are you on Felicity? He's nowhere near old enough to have a child. Besides, he's a boy! Boy's don't have children. You should know that."

It took Felicity the most of two seconds to realise they were talking about Josh.

"Not Josh you idiots," she sighed, "Gwen!"

"Oh!" Hermione exclaimed, "We should take Josh out for a walk then, in case he starts crying and wakes her up."

"Yeah, I'll write the note," Felicity said, grabbing a quill. "Come on, before we wake her up."

Giving the baby it's bottle and putting it in it's special pram, they got set to go out. They were walking along, enjoying their time, chit chatting and laughing. Stopping occasionally to window shop and have a look inside. Hermione was pushing the pram but let go for one second, to turn around.

In that split set of a second, someone came out of nowhere, grabbed the pram and dashed down the street. In the next split set of a second, Hermione turned around and noticed the pram was gone. She screamed out in alarm and saw the alleged kidnapper sprinting down the straight road.

All three of them letting out sounds of rage, they started to sprint down the street. Felicity being the fastest of the lot gained the most ground on the man. She saw him turn around once and she caught a glimpse of his face. However, she didn't recognise him, nor would she again if she did see him in life.

They passed a string of cafés, with people sitting down chatting blindly, not noticing that some mad man was sprinting down the path with a baby that had started to cry at the speed of what it was travelling. Crying in shock or crying in excitement, it wouldn't shut up.

Felicity yelled "HELP" hoping someone would snap out of their blindness and notice that she was chasing this idiot and finally, her wish was answered.

A familiar blonde man, hopped out of his seat and grabbed the man, tripping him up. But before anyone could see his face, he disapparated with a CRACK.

"Thank you so much!" Gasped Felicity, clutching her side, while Hermione and Ginny appeared at her elbow.

"Oh my god!" exclaimed Hermione, "Thank you -" As she looked up to see the rescuer's face, she stopped. It was Draco Malfoy! "Thank you." She stuttered again, frozen on her way to pick up Josh.

It was a funny scene to Flick and Ginny. Draco was standing there froze, staring at Hermione like she was some alien, as if they weren't supposed to see each other again so quickly. And Hermione's hands were in a position to pick up Josh, but they were frozen half way and she was just staring.

Flick coughed loudly, while Ginny picked up the crying baby. "Ahem" However, they were still frozen still.

"Um guys?" was Ginny's attempt. But they weren't frozen out of their stupor until…

"What's going on?" shrieked Pansy Parkinson, jumping down. Instantly, Draco and Hermione could move again. It was like magic (A/N lol) "Draco?"

"Yes?" he asked quickly, turning to face her, while Hermione took Josh from Ginny's arms.

"It's alright," she said softly, rocking the baby, his cries stifling. Just then, Aunty Gwen apparated with a crack.

"What happened?" she asked, taking Josh. "Shh, it's alright," she soothed.

"Well it started -"

"We were going -"

"I chased the -"

"Some mad man -"

Started the four adults. Hermione, Ginny, Flick and Draco all started at once.

"One at a time, one at a time." Gwen said over them, "I came looking, and I know you normally walk down this stretch since Felicity left the letter. Why are we standing here in the middle of the path?"

"Some guy stole Josh." Muttered Ginny, while Hermione and Gwen let out a gasp, but both for different reason.

"What!" she exclaimed, "How?"

Hermione blushed, "I only turned around for a second -"

"A second is all it takes," interrupted Gwen, giving Hermione a stern look. "Young lady, I trusted you."

"I'm sorry," muttered Hermione, "I never meant for this to happen."

"Of course you didn't." Gwen said, smiling slightly. "Doesn't matter, Josh is safe. Now, who are you young man?" she asked, looking at Draco.

"I'm Draco Malfoy, nice to meet you," he said politely, "And this is my friend, Pansy Parkinson." He added, gesturing towards Pansy.

"Aah, the Malfoy's and Parkinson's I see." Gwen said, smiling slightly. "I know a lot about you two families,"

Draco and Pansy started to look uncomfortable for a second before Felicity broke in. "You know, Draco saved Josh's life. He stopped the kidnapper."

"You did, did you?" Gwen asked, obviously surprised. "I don't know how to express my gratitude."

"It's ok," muttered Draco, "No problem at all."

At that moment, Felicity gave Aunt Gwen a look. She looked subtly at Draco, and then subtly at Hermione. Ginny noticed and smirked at Hermione who gave her a confused look.

Gwen understood Felicity but looked at Pansy, but Felicity shrugged her shoulders.

"I know," exclaimed Gwen, "How about you come over for a lovely dinner at my house tomorrow night, so I can express my appreciation. Hermione will also be present as well as Felicity and Ginny. Miss Parkinson may come too."

"Oh," Draco said, his eyes widening, "Um -"

"He'd love to come," Pansy said, talking over the top of him. "I would too, however I'm busy. Maybe some other time?"

"Sure," Aunty Gwen said, smiling at the girl taking an instant liking.

"Oh, I'm busy tomorrow night, sorry." Felicity said, slightly obviously. When Ginny didn't say anything, she stamped on her foot.

"Ow! And I'm busy too," Ginny said, "Going on a date…"

"With Harry?" asked Hermione, forgetting for a second that her friends had just deserted her.

When Ginny nodded, a split second look of loathing flashed across Draco's face, before he took it off again. What's wrong with you? It's the past.

But just because you've decided to accept mudbloods – muggleborns – doesn't mean you have to like Saint Potter.

Shut up!

"So I guess it's just Hermione, you and me." Aunty Gwen said, the wheels in her brain in full motion.

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