Kagome was nervous,she would have to make a big descion.Right now she realy wanted to hurl from shock,how often does a immortal fall in love with a normal little girl like her!
Well it all started a few days ago...


They had been walking down the road as uaul except Miroku was staying next to Kagomes side at all times and Keade was riding next to her,those two would not leave her alone.Ever sense Kagome had told them it was her 16 birthday they would not leave her alone! They followed her around every where saying,"You never know what's lurking out there,you might need some extra pretiction."They stated in unison,almost like they had practiced! While walking one day a demon,a oni,
to be prescice,had attached them.Kagome had shot a sacred arrow at it but it barely left a scratch! The inu gang looked shooked except Miroku and Keade who purified the thing and pulled out a jewl shard."What the h#ll wench!" Screamed Inuyasha.
"I don't-I d-I don't know!Why was I not able to sense the shard?"Kagome asked Miroku and Keade hoping they would have a anwser.They looked at each other nervously."Well Kagome we thougt this might happen..."Miroku said vaguley."What might happen?"Kagome asked,curious and slightly mad they had been keeping something about her from her."Well Kagome.
since you are a powerful priestess it is your job to serve a god or goddess,but you are so powerful that they are waring over who gets you.But since you have not chosen yet they have stripped you of your powers until you have chosen,but choose wisely or you could seriously tick off a deity of great power."Miroku repliead."Wha?Are you serious?WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS BEFORE?"Kagome was really scary now."We had thought you had already choosen,but we sensed your powers weakening so we knew you had not.We thought you would sense it too and come to reliease why."Kagome was doing a great impreshin of a fish right now."You need to go home to your own time to sort this out,it is a very personal matter and we don't want to preasher you in to who you choose.Just so you know you can choose any one you want but you must wear the tradtional garments of the deity you choose to serve."After that Miroku who had apperently dissapered while Keade was giving Kagome her many speech,returned with her yellow bag and together they dragged her to the well and pushed her in to it saying"Choose wisely Kagome and have a nice time in your time and come back to our time immediatly(As hard as that was for you to read it was twice as hard to wright.)Kagome huffed at the bottom of the well in modern Tokyo(This is about to show why she is so ticked.)Kagome climed out of the well and saw 12 figures standing in front of her.They all had a heavenly glow and it didn't take a geunis to know who they were,They were immortals come for her to be their priestess.They all notcied her standind there and smiled.
"Hello Kagome,you have proably guessed who we are and why we are here..."(There the greek immortals and she knows that from the fact their wearing togas and are glowing with a heavenly light.)Kagome nodded and looked to each of them and a goddess stepped forward with a kind smile on her face wearing a whight toga with armor and a helmet."Kagome,if you choose me,Athena immortal of wisdom and war I will always stand by your side and you will never loose a battle." another stepped forward.
"Kagome,I am Hera queen of immortals and immortal of marrige,should you choose me you will rule what ever you wish and marry a woderful man." another goddess stepped forwad."Kagome,I am Demeter the immortal of the harvest and earth,if you choose me you will have power of the earth and plants will do your bidding"
A goddess stepped forward again only she was extremly beutiful."Kagome,I am Aphrodite the immortal of beauty and love,choose me and I shall give you beauty beyond the all and love of the greatest man." This time a man stepped forward."Kagome,I am Hadeas,choose me and you shall gain immortality and you shall have the finest of jewels"
"Kagome,I am Poisiden,choose me and I shall give you the power of the sea and the ability to shake the earth." "Kagome,I am Artemis,the goddess of the wild life and the moon,
choose me and you shall have power of the moon and animals will do your bidding." "Kagome,I am Hermeas,the immortal guide,choose me and you will never be lost and you shall be the queen of theives." "Kagome choose me,Aries the immortal of war,choose me and all shall fear you and respect you." "Kagome choose me,Zeus, and you will have power of the sky itself and all powers it hold and you shall be the queen of any mortal." "Kagome choose me Apollo and I shall grant you the powers of the sun and all powers that are with it and you shall be quick of mind and gifted with the best archery skills ever." Kagome thought long and hard and fianlly said "How do I know you wont smite me when I don't choose one of you?The only way I will choose is if you swear you will not turn against me and my loved ones when I choose." They all agreed and Kagome thought and thought,She fianlly decieded."I choose to be the priestess of Apollo,I am sorry to you all.But I have this feeling that I need to choose him.
The other immortals smiled but nodded sadly and said,"You have choosen what you think to be the beast way for you and this is all you can do." While Apollo was doing a little jig in his head doing the best he could to not go up and kiss the girl!Wait,were had that come from?This was intrasting,he would have to think it over later.
The other immortals disappered.Apollo went up to Kagome and said,"I am glad you have choosen me.Now it is time for me to gift you with what I have promised"
He held out his hand and a gold bow appered.He held out his other hand placed it on her heart which made her blush and him to smirk and all of a sudden a gold light bathed Kagome in a magnificient glow and she was lifted into ther air and the sun peaked over the clouds and started to shine brightly and swirl light around her.Kagome felt her temperature rise but did not feal uncomfortable.She then slowly drifted back to earth and felt like she had just drinken seven cokes she was so hipper! She looked at him and through her arms around him and kissed him sqaure on the lips,and just when he was about to deepen the kiss between Kagome jumped off him and bent her head down "I'm sorry,i-i-it just kinda happend." Apollo had never met some one would stop kissing him! He was the most handsome immortal man every one said so.He had a hot beuaty to him that drew women to him,he would not let this one be different but for now would let it slide."Here is you priestess garb.Your knowledge will of your knew powers will be easy to learn but should you have any diffuculty you have but to call my name." He knew he would call for him on her new powers so this was the perfect excuse for him to be near her.
He gave her a swift kiss on the lips and vanished.Kagome stood there rooted to the spot shocked,'Had she been just kissed?By an immortal?Did those words even go togeather for her?' She decieded to stay the whole day in her time with her family.The next day she put on the wrobe Apollo gave her.It was a dark blue dress that reached the floor,
it had was made from the finest of silks with dimonds emboaded into the him of the sleves and at the end of the dress.It had a loose cloth belt the color of the sky at mid-day,
her haired was tied back in a braid with a loose baby blue ribbon at the end that was at her mid back.She was wearing sandels and a few gold bracelets on each arm.a chocker that also the color of mid-day with a gold sun with white-gold center,she was wearing fighting sandals.Her bow and quiver of arrows were slunf over shoulder and so was her back pack.

She had jumped in the well and the trip seemed shorter this time and when she crawled out of the top she headed towards the village.The villagers stopped and starred at her as she walked past them.She just sighed continued walking forward.Knowing that they would sense her waited for them a few huts away from Keades hut.Miroku came rushing towards her first and she smiled and he stopped in front of Kagome and gave a once over and whistled low in his throat."My.my Kagome you look lovely!Why you are positively radiante."He smiled at her and did the usaul will you bear m child,grope deal but she slapped him hard enough he got the message and led her to the hut.When she got there Miroku told her to wait there while he anounced her,wich she thought strange but agreed.She heard him do so and walked through the hut.Everone in there(Except Kagome and Miroku.)Jaws dropped at her."Kagome,which immortal did ye chose?" Keade asked her still stunned by the garb."I choose the sun immortal and this is what I was gifted with and some knew powers." "What knew powers?" Shippo asked." Well I'm not exactly sure but he said it would have to do with the sun.
Inuyasha was still stunned by her beauty so could not speak."So Kagome,are your knew powers stronger or the same as your old?"Asked Sango."They will proably be stonger because I was given these personly by a immortal."She stated.Keade seemed intreasted and was about to ask her something when a strange woman came in and said "Lady Keade,come quick!There is a demon attaching the village!" They all ran out of the hut and saw a huge bear demon clawing at people and picking them up and eating them."Well it would appear know would be a time to see your knew powers." Keade stated while notching an arrow.She shot it and purified the demons arm.Kagome notched hers let it fly with a small twanck.Instead of the normal blue or pink energy surounding it,it was a golden fire when it the bear demon it purified instantly.
They all stared in shock as six shards fell from were it had been standing.