Eddie Guerrero

You brought it all, when you walked to the ring.

When you overcame, I felt you could do anything.

This was unexpected, this we could not see.

For there's so much more for you to be.

There's more wisecracks to make,

More matches for you to take.

"Lie, Cheat & Steal" was your way of life,

Along with the love of your kids and wife.

"Viva la raza!" you screamed to the crowd!

I'd yell it too, just as spirited, just as loud.

But God felt now, was the time to take you away.

But never fear, for we'll all meet again someday.

Until then, when our days come to an end,

Viva la raza, our lying, cheating, stealing friend.

A/N: It was really hard to write this, but I felt that I should in honor of Eddie Guerrero. It came as a total shock when I heard that he had left us just this morning. In fact, it's still something that I'm not willing to accept. For all Eddie Guerrero fans out there, we're all here and in pain of the recent passing of Mr. Latino Heat. Don't be afraid to write what you feel. God Bless you, Eddie Guerrero.