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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…



For generations, balance was maintained in the galaxy due to the rule of the Galactic Republic. A foundation built on peace and justice held the united systems together – secured by an ancient order sworn to protect its people and uphold the laws that bound all creeds and races together as one. These noble guardians were the Jedi.

The Republic flourished and thrived for thousands of years, but a new threat would soon shatter the stability of the very structure the galaxy had been built on. War would come. Under the command of a mysterious leader, the Separatist army would eventually grow in power and wage war with the Republic while hidden forces worked to bring democracy down from within.

For the past decade, a war had been brewing until hostilities finally grew to new heights. The start of the Clone Wars would mark the beginning of the turbulent times that would follow and ignite a struggle that would span across the next several years. Honoring their vows to defend the Republic, the Jedi gallantly joined the fight to help end the turmoil that threatened to tear the gathered systems apart.

The battlefronts have grown in numbers and sizes, growing more intense and costly with each passing day. Allied forces have been stretched increasingly thin – making it impossible for the army of the Republic to repel all of the enemy advances and leaving numerous planets without protection. The small planet of Naboo has been the latest target of the Separatists attacks. Though support was sent shortly after the wake of the invasion, the peaceful world was left in shambles and in desperate need of help.

Due to a past history with the planet, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was assigned the task of overseeing the recovery of the people of Naboo. It is during his stay there that the fate of the galaxy will be decided and one side of the war will prevail…