Chapter 1: All alone.

Wendy looked around. She was sitting in her new bedroom. For some reason, moving to this new school had been hard. No, it was not the friends that she had (even though she didn't have much of those), and it was not that she had loved the place that she lived. She didn't know what it was. She had taken all night for her to decide what to wear, but finally she had found the perfect outfit. Her mum shouted out to her to come down, as the school bus was here. She raced down the stairs, and in a flash she was out the door and down the path. She walked up the stairs, and tried to find a seat. It was so hard on the first day of school, and everyone was shouting. She walked up the back, but half way there a girl with long purple hair stopped her.

"Hey, you sit here," she said, and moved over. Wendy looked around, and basically saw that there was no where else to sit, and sat down. She put her bag under the seat, and looked at the girl, who was looking out the window.

"So, umm..." Wendy started, hoping she would start talking.

"Yeh, well, here's the thing. I'm new, and I can tell you that are too. My stop was the first one, and that's probally the only reason I got a seat. My name's Terra, I'm not as scary as a lot of people think. Just go along with it. And your name is?" Terra asked, and without waiting for an answer, she turned and staired out the window.

"Wendy," she replyed, and the girl sitting in front of them turned around.

"Your name's Wendy?" she asked, and Wendy nodded.

"Oh, then you're probally the girl who I'm supposed to be helping aound today and tomorrow," she said, and poked the boy sitting next to her.

"This is Tirran. He won't talk much. My name's Iiana," she says, then looks at Terra, who had continued to look out the window. Wendy looked at this girl. She had brown hair with black streaks at the front. Wendy continued to stare at the back of the girls head all the way to school.

When they arrived at school, Iiana led Wendy and Terra into the main building, with Tirran following close behind. She took them to the office and got them signed in, and get their timetables. She looked closely at both timetables.

"Ok, you're both in my class, as well as my best friend Cassie. Come on, we have history first," Iiana said, and they left the builiding.

Outside, it was a nice sunny day. Wendy looked around. The school seemed nice enough. Wendy looked around. She knew that if she consentrated hard enough, she could make it turn really cold really quickly. So she did. She stood still, letting everyone else go on ahead. She put her hands on her head, and strained her brain. Sure enough, there was a strong wind. So strong it neally pushed her over. Then it started getting cold. She walked on, not wanting it to get to cold, and ran to catch up with the others. They hadn't even known she was missing.

"Wow, look at the sudden change in weather," Tirran said, talking for the first time. Wendy looked away, avoiding the other's eyes.