In Wake

A "Shadow of the Colossus" Fanfiction


Since the first whispers of a game known as 'Wanda and the Colossus' (or 'Wander and the Giant Statue') I have been waiting for a chance to have this wonderful work of art in my hands for the first time. Merely gazing at the cover art took my breath away at the sheer size of the foes you encounter. Capturing me with the same wonder as ICO, I was gladly pulled into the light realms of this wonderful game.

My first trip into this world was a wonderful experience, gazing upon endless landscapes that seemed to stretch forever. Moved by the plight of the main character (a boy only known as Wander) I was unhesitant in finding my first foe- and what a sight! Scaling the mountain of the beast, I feared what would happen were I to fall underfoot or to be hit- and when the creature fell, the extreme satisfaction that rolled through my body was awesome. But then realizing this was the first of many ahead, I somewhat dreaded Wander's future!

But this tale is more than 'save the girl' and 'fight monsters'. It is a tale of true love; of hope and hopelessness, power, determination, companionship, and betrayal. It is also, at least to me, a tragedy in part. And so it is without hesitation that I started this fanfiction, my personal thanks to the team that brought this story to life.

Following hand-in-hand with my Ico fanfiction, I warn the reader that unless you have finished 'Shadow of the Colossus' entirely, there will be spoilers, even at the beginning. While the story behind your efforts is announced much later in the game, I have a tendency to spread the story out to fill the entire story. So read at your own risk.

As some people have commented to me about my Ico fanfiction, this fanfiction will be accurate to the strategies used to bring each colossi down. This probably makes this a 'glorified walkthrough', and if it does help you, I'd love to hear about it. Any comments about the story, good or bad, are accepted, as well.

Despite this, I may make a few changes in the storyline- namely, the main character's name. I figured that, while playing, the poor thing HAD no name (until the credits, of course) so I nicknamed him 'Lin'. To add a personal touch, the story will address him as such. All of the other names remain the same (as stated in the credits), and I will use the proper names for each colossi.

With that, I ask you to join me in this story, and follow the trials of Lin, his trusty steed Agro, and Mono, the woman Lin loves more dearly than life itself. Step now into this tale…