A Third Chance at Life

Prologue: Soul's Survival

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Author's notes: Not much to say here yet, this is a crossover with Inuyasha. If that's not your thing then I suggest not reading. The beginning of the story will be before Saffron and the failed wedding, but after that unless I do a flashback it will all be after these incidents. Any constructive criticism is welcome. Other then that all I have to say is hope ya like the story.

'I'm dying again?' Kikyo thought as her body fell towards Naraku's deadly miasma. Kikyo's mind screamed in agony when her body hit the noxious liquid and her body disintegrated. The spirits that sustained Kikyo's life also were succumbing to the miasma and being destroyed as they tried to break through the surface, however two wisps of the soul energy that had been take from Kagome for Kikyo's rebirth managed to break free. Two soul collectors zoomed towards the miasma intent on saving what they could of their mistress. One collector and the wisp it aimed for were destroyed when the miasma surged upwards. The other collector grabbed the final piece of Kikyo's essence and despaired. The soul was damaged and without a body of flesh and blood it could not be repaired, even a new clay body and other souls would not help as there was not enough of Kikyo's base soul left to control the other spirits. Doing the only thing it could think of the Soul Collector flew towards a small cave and kept the soul alive by forcing it into hibernation with the collector where it would wait for an eternity unless someone disturbed it.

"Ranma, we'll stop here for the night" Genma shouted as he points to a small cave. "I don't think my old friend Soun Tendo would appreciate us appearing in the middle of the night."

"Yeah, yeah whatever, you still never said why we were going there, when we should be in china trying to find a cure for our curses." Ranma grumbled.

Genma spluttered "Umm, yes well get in the cave before it starts ra-" a crack of thunder interrupted and the sky decided to Unleash a torrent of rain upon them. "-ining, too late." Said the sign that a martial artist turned panda was holding. Genma lumbered into the cave and collapsed in the back crashing into a small rock and unknowingly startled a creature out of a long hibernation.

"Worthless old man" Ranma muttered before he to fell asleep. Unknown to either martial artist a small serpent like creature scanned the area, as it's gaze came upon Ranma it would have smiled if it was capable of it, for it knew that a being with two different bodies and excess life energy might give his mistress the chance it needed to be whole again. The collector sped towards the young girl/boy and forced Kikyo's soul into him/her, no one the wiser, and as Ranma gained strength and life energy the speed at which the soul healed magnified.

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