A Third Chance at Life


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"So what did you think of the other contestants today?" Kagome asked Kikyo as they finished eating.

"Some of them are quite talented, Reika, you, and I seem to be the three best, but Ms. Hinako and her students are all very good as well. There was also a strange sickly looking person who seems to be okay as well. The rest were all just average or horrible." Kikyo answered.

"So what do you think will be next?" Hinako asked.

"I think moving targets, I saw the robotics club setting stuff up with the archery club." Kagome responded.

"Mmm, some of these clubs can cook some great food." Kikyo smiled

"Speaking of food." Nabiki started.

"I wonder what Akane's making Daddy and Mr. Saotome." Kasumi sighed at the thought of a destroyed kitchen.

'Better them then us.' Ranma thought.

'Agreed.' Kikyo thought back.


"I AM THE NEWLY CREATED GREAT DEMON ARSENIC CHICKEN, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US." A ten foot tall Chicken with emerald green feathers shouted as she launched eggs at Akane.

'You know, I think there was something wrong with the chicken I used to cook.' Akane thought as the eggs cracked open and little Demon Chicks grinned at her with razor sharp teeth under their beaks. "Eek run away." Akane shrieked.

"Daddy, Mr. Saotome, I need some help. Lunch is trying to eat me." Akane shouted.

"AGAIN?" Genma's sign read as Akane's shouting woke him up, "Tendo tell her to get Ranma to help her."

"Get Ranma to defeat your food." Soun called back as he rubbed his temples in an attempt to alleviate his hangover.

"Nabiki's making him do so stuff today he's not here, now get over here and help me I'm being mauled by baby arsenic chicks." Akane screamed as she whipped out her mallet and began squishing the chicks.

"MY BABIES, YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT YOU PATHETIC MORTAL." Arsenic Chicken shouted as she tackled Akane.

'Hmm, why does this chicken smell like garlic?'

Sigh "Come on Tendo, we better go save your daughter, if we don't well have to start from the beginning on Ranma marrying one of your other daughters." Genma's sign read as he stood up and headed for the stairs followed by Soun.

"Wow, that's messed up even for her." Soun said.

"ALL YOU MORTALS SHALL DIE. TAKE AN EGG BOMB." Arsenic Chicken screeched as she launched a huge egg at Soun and Genma that cracked upon impact and unleashed poisonous gas.

"Eek" Soun girlishly shrieked as he and Genma ran from the gas. "So any ideas?"

"Run for help." Genma signed.

"Great idea Saotome. Honey, Saotome and I are going out to get some help, keep your chicken friend entertained until then, bye." Soun shouted as he and Genma fled from the house towards the Nekohanten.

"Oh those jerks, and to think I went out of my way to cook for them." Akane grumbled as she ran out of the dojo Arsenic Chicken hot on her heals and several of the Arsenic chicks following their mother.


"Will the contestants in the Archery tournament please come back to the archery course." an announcer called across the intercom.

"That's us, let's go." Kikyo said as she stood up.

"We will see you after the tournament." Nabiki said as she and Kasumi began walking to the stands with Kagome's friends and family.

"Well let's get this show on the road." Kagome smiled as she ran towards the field, Kikyo and Hinako shrugged before running after her.

After waiting a few minutes for the rest of the contestants to appear in which time Hinako shrunk back to her child form and Sakura awoke and was back to her usual energetic Ranma obsessed self the announcer began talking. "Welcome we have something special for you here thanks to our robotics club, instead of doing a battlebots type tournament they decided to help us with this."

"What in the world." Kikyo frowned as she noticed the field had been expanded to be wider and to go on farther and there were many strange looking robots with targets of varying sizes extended from their bodies as well as many normal looking targets.

"The field still has several stationary targets and those are following the same rules as before except now there is a fourth zone in which points are now quadrupled. So a bull's-eye in area one is worth ten points, area two twenty points, area three thirty points, and are four forty points. There are also targets that follow a set path this gives them an added difficulty so hitting a bull's-eye on one of those is worth an extra ten points and the section next to the bull's-eye is worth an extra nine points and it goes on like that.

"The robots have separate classes C, B, A, and S. C's give an extra twenty per bull's-eye, B's thirty extra, A's forty, S's give an extra hundred per bull's-eye as they have defense systems built in. So each ring away from the bull's-eye loses from the extra points loses two, three, four, or ten points depending on which one you're aiming for. So an S class in the fourth zone is worth a hundred and forty points if you can hit its bull's-eye."

"You each have one hundred arrows to score as many points as you can, each persons arrows have colored bands on it to let us now whose arrows belong to who since everyone will be firing on the same field at the same time."

"This is very weird." Kagome said.

"Yeah, I've never heard of a robotic archery contest." Hinako agreed.

"Well, I guess this should be interesting then." Kikyo replied.

'Seriously though why can't I ever end up in a normal battle or contest.' Ranma thought.

'Maybe we just have bad luck?' Kikyo answered.


"This is the weirdest thing our school has ever done." Eri said as she pet Shippo who was sprawled across her Yuka and Ayumi's laps again.

"Well everyone loved that the play after Kagome and Inuyasha messed it up so maybe they decided to do something weird too." Ayumi responded as she too absent mindedly stroked Shippo's fur.

"I think it sounds like a great idea, it's something different and should be a lot of fun to watch." Yuka answered as she scratched behind Shippo's ear.

"And by keeping it's rules unknown it becomes near impossible to cheat." Kohaku added.

"That's true, and probably the biggest reason on why it was done this way." Sota replied. "What do you think Rin?"

"Huh, Wha?" Rin muttered as she shot up, "Sorry I was nodding off, I had trouble getting to sleep last night."

"Here sit between me and Kohaku that way if you nod off you'll lean against one of us instead of falling over."

"Thanks Sota." Rin smiled as she sat down and leaned against Sota's arm and began to get some rest.

Nabiki grinned as she watched the going ons of the other group. 'Now how much of that is her being genuinely sleepy and how much of it was her wanting to cozy up to that kid. And what's with that other kid that's always laying across the high school girls.'

"Is something wrong Nabiki?" Kasumi asked as she noticed Nabiki watching their new friends.

"Nah, just found some things kind of odd and amusing is all. So are you enjoying your break today big sister?" Nabiki asked.

"Very much so I haven't had to cook or clean anything today, I got some interesting new recipes to try, met some new friends, and get to see an archery tournament. This has been a very good day so far."


'This sucks.' Roger thought dejectedly as he watched Saki play football in the sand and then turning over to where Orobas and the butt floss girl had disappeared.

Roger turned back to Saki playing football where she was hunched over getting ready to snap the ball to the guy behind her who was staring mesmerized by her ass.

"Hike" the guy said dazedly before he was given the ball and Saki moved forward to block, now free from the mesmerizing spell of her ass he looked around confused as to where he was, by the time he remembered though he had been tackled.

"What the hell was that?" Saki shouted annoyed. "Here you QB." she said to another guy before handing him the ball. "It's third and ten so get your butts in gear." Saki announced.

'God, there goes another one mesmerized by Saki's ass in a bikini.' Roger sighed. 'He wouldn't, oh my god he just did.' Roger thought in horror before the guy groped Saki and not just a little but the whole package.

"EEK" Saki squeaked as she jumped away from the pervert. "What the hell do you think your doing?" Saki shouted.

"Hey what's wrong, wearing something like that you're asking for it." The guy said as he looked at the skimpy two piece Saki put on so she could go swimming.

"Well then you must be asking for an ass kicking." Saki screamed as she jump kicked the pervert and then repeatedly began to pummel him and violently kicked him in his ribs, crotch, face, and his ass.

'You know I should stop her…but I really don't feel like trying to restrain her when she's like that.' Roger thought to himself as he watched the spectacle.

"Anyone else gonna grab my ass without my permission?" Saki glared after she kicked the pervert clear across the beach.

All the guys shook their head no.

"Good then lets finish playing football." Saki barked and all the guys quickly lined up.

'That girl scares the hell out of me.' Roger shivered.


"So Lia any news?" Orobas asked the 'butt floss' girl as they lay against each other.

"There has been some problems in Nerima, but were not sure what, just that it has something to do with someone they didn't want to anger was accidentally attacked by a couple demons. No other new news, sorry I couldn't report to you sooner, but I didn't want to draw suspicion by leaving early or when I shouldn't have, only to let you know there was nothing to report." Lia responded.

"So long as you and the others are safe it's fine." Orobas smiled.

"Do you need to leave soon?" Lia asked.

"Probably later today, but I still have a few hours before Saki will want to head out." Orobas answered.

"Lia smiled and flicked out the lights again.


"DESTROY THEM MY CHILDREN. BWAHAHAHAHA" Arsenic Chicken laughed as arsenic chicks were chasing people around the town.

Everyone not being chased glared at Akane including Tatewaki Kuno. "I may be delusional my fierce tigress, but even I know that couldn't be created just from using bad chicken in a stew."

"Who cook chicken in stew anyway?" Shampoo asked. "This smell of dark magic, right Great Grandmother?"

"Damn it, where is Saotome when you need him?" Mousse asked as he frantically swatted at an Arsenic chick that was climbing along his back.

"Anyone have any plans?" asked an unusually sane Kodachi Kuno, seeing Mr. Turtle run in fear from a chicken seemed to have shaken the psychotic gymnast.

"Why don't you just go kill the big one and then squish the little ones." Ryoga said as he wandered onto the scene and noticed what was going on.

"Good idea get to it." Genma signed before booting Ryoga out from their hiding space to the feet of Arsenic Chicken.

"Well if I could take Akane's cooking before, I can take it again… I hope."


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