You owned my darkling heart

Before it was ripped apart

You owned my tarnished soul

Battered and bruised

You were my brightest light

In this day that's cold as night

Without you I can never cope

I need you

Caught me then before I fell

Down from the heavens into hell

But you are no longer here

I am lost

You saved my life I wonder why

You went away went off to die

Now all I have are shattered dreams

And all I hear are screams

My shining light my guiding star

You led me near you led me far

You were my soul mate and so you'll always be

The decision is made

As I look down at this knife

I curse the men who took your life

Left me alone to linger on

But no more

My heart beat quickens its alive

As I curl around death's fatal scythe

I see the light the end of pain

I hear you

I wander through the garden here

There is no terror no more fear

As I look into your eyes

One whisper ripples through my mind

I love you