I swear down on my stony heart to love you till I die

I shout the words inside my head heard only by the sky

The day you died it broke the heart I never knew I had

The pieces that were shattered then in cold hard steel were clad

I need you still more everyday as I chant these words aloud

I never knew I felt this way till I looked down at your shroud

My soul it was just battered now it's broken and it's cracked

The soul that up until this day was in dark iron wrapped

You stole my soul you stole my heart and then you went away

And I will never see you now cos this is your last day

I look down at your perfect face the one I loved so much

Knowing I will never now feel again your gentle touch

And I love you more with every breath with all my broken being

As I look down at your grave my eyes are shut unseeing

I can't believe you're gone to me as though it never was

And all this death and sadness cos I couldn't say alas

I have loved you down the years and you will never fade

As I look beyond this life to deaths immortal grave

There's nothing left for me to do so tired I close my eyes

As darkness falls around me my spirit will touch the skies