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This is just a taster for a story I am currently woking on. Hate to say it, but the rest isn't going to be up until next year at the earliest! I just wanted to see what people's responses are to it! 'Grins' I am kinda mean actually...

So read, enjoy this lil' snippet and tell me what you think!

Lost At Sea

The seawater threatened to overpower an exhausted Hunter as he struggled desperately to keep a hold of both the surfboard and his unconscious brother. He finally managed to get Blake onto the surfboard out of the freezing water. Kicking to keep himself afloat, Hunter checked for signs of life. His brother was still breathing. Relief flooded through him and he grasped for Blake's morpher.

"Cam, Cam?" he called into it desperately hoping for a reply and wishing, not for the first time, that he hadn't over reacted to Shane earlier this morning. If only he'd not let Shane get to him so much, then he'd have his own morpher and have been able to contact Cam in the beginning. Instead, his morpher was probably still on the table in Ninja Ops where he'd thrown it and now his baby brother was in serious danger and he was powerless to help.

The morpher crackled into life, "Blake, is that you?" Cam's voice sounded relieved.

"No it's Hunter. Get some rescue out here now."

"Hunter? Where's Blake?"

"He's here but there was an accident – get an air ambulance or something now!" Hunter's voice was panicky and he felt suddenly very afraid. The surrounding sea looked very large and very empty.

"Ok Hunter, calm down. I'm tracing the signal and help is on its way."

Hunter felt his hands slip off the board; the icy water was making his fingers numb. He couldn't think properly, it wasn't just his fingers that the cold was numbing. Freezing salt water washed over him; yet at the same time it seemed so welcoming…

"Hunter?" Cam tried to contact the crimson ranger, but this time there was no reply.