It was near evening and Naruto was quietly sitting on one of the various tiled roofs about the village with a gentle breeze sweeping his blonde hair from side to side. Unlike his common expression he was hardly concentrating on his surroundings or situation enough to constitute actually wearing any sort of arrogant grin, rather he had a curious look as he stared up into the clouds, vaguely looking like a stupider version of Shikamaru. This clueless stare ceased and he was back into reality when he heard the feet of someone else hit the tiles of the roof right beside him. Naruto took a rather long period time to actually react, at first blinking slowly as if he was half dreaming only to snap up when he realized that what had occurred had actually occurred in the obscure reality so far away from his dreamscape. Shifting up to his feet only to trip on the oriental tiles under his feet and stumble towards the edge of the roof he was just barely saved by a clawed hand.

Kiba had grabbed him from dropping off the roof like an oversized orange brick, Naruto looking shocked. Kiba looked quizzical at first only to begin laughing. Naruto dragged himself back onto the roof safely only to give an arrogant sneer, not exactly an insulting expression but more of an attempt to draw attention away from the rather embarrassing event that had just occurred for him. After a bit more of laughing Kiba was awakened when Akamaru popped out of his coat and barked loudly, looking about only to peer at Naruto and then pant a little, crawling out of Kiba's jacket due to the excessive heat, sniffing about the roof. Naruto paused a bit, then looked at him blankly:

"That wasn't funny at all!"

"Well it looked funny to me."

"Well it wasn't, you jerk!"

"Stop pointin' fingers, it's really the pot calling the kettle black..."

"Look, did you just come here to annoy me? And I am hardly a jerk."

"Ooh… straightforward aren't we? Plus… you're totally a bigger jerk then me."

"I am not a jerk!"

"Stop yelling… I got sensitive hearing too."

"Well good!"

"Naruto… you… failure…"


"Nah, I came here for a rea-"

"I vaguely remember a certain combat…"

"Naruto I'm trying t-"

"A certain combat that I just happened…"

"Naruto! Shut up da-"

"Oh… just happened to win through…"

"A fart?"


"Well it was how you won."

"Was not! It was my super ninjutsu!"

"Oh… yes… because we know all jounin know the epic 'Fart no Jutsu'."

Naruto gave Kiba a gaudy look, turning away with a 'hmph' to begin walking away in an arrogant manner, of course, acting like himself in the normal healthy manner. Kiba himself grunted, contemplating if he was going to bother telling Naruto or not and he seemed as he rubbed his chin. Then his eyes lit up suddenly in fear as he dropped his hand to reach over to Naruto. Naruto himself was far out of reach and walking too fast to care about Kiba's words. Sadly Kiba just happened to shout, "Naruto, wait, that's the end of the roof!" Of course Naruto managed to ignore it completely and took the final fatal step, his foot contacting air, more air, and then another surplus of air. Naruto's eyes went wide, but it was too late as he tumbled over the edge of the roof and fell a few feet to plant his face into a balcony.

Kiba sighed heavily and clapped his hands, Akamaru rushing up to climb up his back and into his hood, sitting there then putting his paws up on Kiba's head to look at what he did. As they both peered over at Naruto who tried to salvage his already nonexistent dignity Kiba quietly asked himself why he was bothering, audibly but too lightly for the frustrated Naruto patting the dust off himself to hear. Akamaru barked. Naruto turned around and shook his fist at them, stepping back to lean against the railing. This was met with a shout from Kiba, "Naruto, no, wait damnit, that's no- nevermind." Once again Naruto managed to display his wonderful ninja dexterity by flipping off the railing after stumbling over a potted plant. The mineral enriched dirt sprayed over the deck as part of the pot cracked and Naruto went over.

Thankfully Naruto had a tendency to come through whenever he needed to survive and his free left hand just barely managed to grab the railing, his other right hand uncurling and then grasping the rail as well. Kiba jumped down and quietly fixed the pot and plant best he could in a very tediously slow process for Naruto who remained hanging there, possibly because Kiba had intentionally blocked his way. Kiba then walked over and, surprisingly, helped Naruto off the railing. This was met with a lot of grumbling from Naruto on how it was only a three story fall and that he was just waiting for Kiba to move so he didn't squish Akamaru when he landed on his head. Kiba just rolled his eyes and asked:

"You fine?"

"Don't be sarcastic."

"I ain't being sarcastic, get over it…"

"I'm fine!"

"Look, now that we've wasted a fair amount of time…"

"Yeah… yeah…sorry. What is it?"

"Sakura wants to talk to you."


"Uh… yeah."


"Why so hyper?"

"Because I asked her for a date."

"Uh… right."


"Naruto, how daft are you?"

"I don't see you with a date, so… hmph."

"It's not about a date."

"Probably is and now you're too humiliated to talk about it."

"Uh… no."

"Uh… yes."





"Shut up."

"Yes… I mean no!"

"It's about the newest… jutsu you taught Konohamaru."

"… Oh."

"Yeah… she's… really steamed because he used it on her…"

"So you know what it is?"


"Is she… uh… angry?"

"Is that not obvious?"

"Do you think she'll believe me if I say I didn't teach it…?"

"He already told you out."


"The alternative is she tears through the village looking for you…"

Naruto looked disappointed then crossed one hand to support the elbow holding up the arm with his other hand rubbing his chin in a contemplative manner, apparently thinking through his options in doing things as he glanced from side to side. He looked at Kiba who nodded towards the preferred training grounds of Kakashi. Naruto thought about it for a bit and shook his head a bit only to find Kiba coughing in a suggestive manner. Pointing behind him, Naruto spun around to find that Sakura was standing behind him, holding Konohamaru in her left hand whilst pointing at Naruto himself with her veins bulging at the same time. Naruto put on a shocked expression, trying to look innocent only to find Sakura screaming:


"Uh… uh… uh…"

"I'm going to kill you!"

"Sakura, wait, I swear I didn-"

"And… he's just a kid!"

"Uh… yeah… I told h-"

"Nothing! He's becoming… worse then you!"

"If he was using the 'Sexy no Jutsu' I swear I told him to stop…"

"He… he… he… he…"

Kiba looked between the two only to have Akamaru scramble over his head and climb into his vest in a scared manner, whimpering and shaking. Kiba glanced back and forth himself and began to slowly back away, only to have Sakura shoot him a look. Kiba froze, nearly went totally pale, then said in a jumble of words, "Uh… Konohamaru, he… uh… uh… developed his own jutsu." Sakura looked vastly disappointed at this and jerked the youngster about in a haphazard but not harmful manner, he himself just looking slightly satisfied but at the same time begging Naruto to save him from the situation he'd fallen into. Naruto scratched the back of his head, signifying a long pause.

This long pause didn't exactly last the longest period of time as Kiba coughed a bit more, Sakura getting madder and madder. Deciding to bail out Naruto in the slightest manner with at least a bit of information he made sure Sakura wasn't about to destroy him with a brutal attack, though her rage seemed too purely channeled at Naruto for her to care of his own blunders, "Uh… Konohamaru… he… uhm… made a 'Sexy no Jutsu' that works against… uhm… females." This of course caused Naruto to glance over at Kiba, then contain laughter to no avail.

After a burst of laughter Naruto stooped over a bit, Konohamaru looking vastly pleased at Naruto's reaction, Kiba darting off whilst Sakura's rage was rising. Naruto held his aching ribs with his left arm, pointing at Sakura with his right. "Oh… ahahah! I… gahahaha! You got her with a 'Sexy no Jutsu'!" Naruto asked inbetween laughter, Konohamaru nodding vigorously only to watch Naruto step over the critical line, "Ahahahah! You got taken down by a 'Sexy no Jutsu'! Not feeling so tough anymore! Did Konohamaru make you a tad wet?"

Sakura dropped the innocently confused Konohamaru at that point and moved forward towards Naruto who was still laughing. Progressively slowing down as he realized his mistake he finally stopped when Sakura reached him. She screamed, "How dare you!" This caused her fist to raise and Naruto to freeze, only to feel it contact his cheek and send him flying back, not Sakura's hardest punch but still sending a fair bit of pain into him. Naruto's body curled in the air as he fell towards the ground. Sakura had already jumped off the balcony, not intending to save him in the least from the rapidly approaching ground.

Thankfully Jiraiya had taken a fair bit of pride in the rising pervertedness of his student who was taking on his own image rather rapidly. Naruto was caught by Jiraiya who was standing quietly on the ground, having made it roughly early, but still in time. Intercepting Naruto and cushioning the shock he set him on the ground, Sakura landing on the cobblestones behind them with fire in her eyes. Naruto tried to rub his cheek, only to realize that Sakura more or less was in a murderous, feminine, and dangerous mood with a vast amount of her emotion transferred to him and promptly jogged off. Jiraiya, slightly more fearless then Naruto, raised his hands and waved them back and forth in the air, "Now, now, Sakura, Naruto's sorry and I am too! Just calm down… and… and…" Jiraiya's odd moment of bravery was quickly abolished as he jogged off down the streets with Sakura close behind fully intent on beating him to a bloody pulp.

This comical scene had been watched over Kakashi who had perched on one of the flat roofs, under the cover of a fence. He sighed heavily, noting that Konohamaru wasn't good enough in the 'Henge no Jutsu' to be inventing different shapes… meaning Naruto had indeed invented the new shape for him. Kakashi realized that, at the same time, Naruto was becoming more and more like Jiraiya. Though he had played his innocence much better then Jiraiya apparently ever did, one had to pity Konohamaru for being sent out as a test subject. Half the village seemed perverted. He sighed and began reading yet another dirty novel, adding to the problem as hypocritically as he had commented to himself on it. Somewhere else in the streets of the city one of the Three Legendary Sennins was chased along by a fairly new chuunin with his own pupil beating him in terms of speed.