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Answers – Chapter 5

"Bonnie, is everything all right?"

Bonnie looked up from her food, a bit startled, as she looked across the table to Hirotaka. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just have something on my mind."

Hirotaka smiled lightly. "Is it the fight you had earlier today?"

Bonnie dropped her pizza slice back to the plate. "How did… I mean…"

Hirotaka just frowned slightly. "I am sorry if I intruded on a private subject. I had just heard through the… the grape vine… that you had had a fight. Is that what is on your mind?"

Bonnie sighed, picking up her slice once more. "Yeah, it is. Brick is… was my boyfriend, and I had just broken up with him. He didn't take it too well."

Hirotaka nodded as he took a bite of his own slice. "So Brick, he did something wrong?"

Bonnie looked startled, pausing mid-bite. "What… no, he didn't… I mean…" Bonnie put her slice back down, gathering her thoughts. "If you knew someone was going to do something, something that would hurt you, wouldn't it be better to stop it before it happened?"

Hirotaka paused himself. "That would depend on what was about to happen, and how sure you were that such a thing were to happen."

Bonnie slumped slightly in her seat. "I was pretty sure it was going to happen."

"Then the only other thing to consider would be how much you cared for the person, and how much you would do and deal with to be with that person. Is the pain he would cause you worth it, in the end?"

Looked away, sinking a bit lower into her seat. "Look, can we talk about something else?"

Hirotaka nodded. "As you wish."

Bonnie glanced down at her watch, her eyes widening slightly. "Oh, maybe we can get together later. I just realized I have to be somewhere right now. Later tonight?"

Hirotaka nodded, smiling lightly. "Of course. It would be my honour!"

He watched as the young woman quickly bolted from the table. He knew just what was so important to her, and he smiled. She is accepting her gift, even as she fears it. Sensei will be pleased.

A tap on his shoulder brought him from his thoughts, and he glanced up to see a dark skinned girl, smiling at him. The name escaped him for the moment, but he knew she was a friend to both Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible. "Hello."

"Hi, I'm Monique. I know you're new in town, and wondered if you'd like a guide for a bit. I can even get you a discount at Club Banana if you're interested in picking anything up?"

Hirotaka glanced towards where Bonnie had been, knowing she would be a while at least. Turning back, he smiled. "I would be honoured."


Sensei stood near the entrance, awaiting what he knew was inevitable from his talk with Ron Stoppable. It was true, he was the Chosen One of the prophecies, but for now, he lacked the confidence, both in himself and for what he might achieve. When he saw the young man approaching the gate, bag over his shoulder with a letter in hand, he knew that a further push was needed. He hated having used Yori in this manner, but when she was the first to volunteer, he could not deny her, her honour would have compelled her to question, and he was not ready for that.

When Ron called for her, he quickly realized that it was fate that had made the decision for him, and he smiled inwardly. It was one thing for Ron to shirk responsibility through doubt and fear, but he knew the young man could not leave a friend in danger.

"I am saddened to say that Yori is missing."

Ron's eyes widened slightly, surprise evident. "Missing? Missing how?"

"Since you refused the task of recovering the Lotus Blade, she seized the honour." Sensei motioned for Ron to follow him, and the pair quickly made their way down the trail. When they reached the small clearing, where it was obvious there had been a struggle, they paused. Sensei could see the warring emotions on the young man's face, and knew that he would do the right thing.


Bonnie paid for her final purchase, smiling as she left the store. She definitely felt better today, after pushing her talk with Brick to the back of her mind. Hirotaka had obliged her, going with her to shop, and she smiled at just how nice he had been. Most people followed her around for popularity, to boost their own image, but Hirotaka just wanted to be with her for her, and she liked that. It was too bad he would only be here a few more days. She was surprised though that she hadn't seen him coming though, this was normally the kind of thing she would have caught.

Smiling as she came out of the store, that smile faded when she saw Hirotaka talking with both Kim and Monique, and Bonnie suppressed an urge to tear their eyes out. She watched as he quickly bowed to them, and turned towards her. As he was leaving, she noticed Kim and Monique begin to fight, and smiled just a bit at that. Hirotaka's expression was one of resignation as he slowly approached her.

"What did they want?" The emphasis on they was not exactly hidden.

"They invited me to go with them to the Bravos tonight."

Bonnie looked shocked, a small fear welling up inside. "What did you tell them?"

Hirotaka looked almost hesitant before he responded. "I said it would be my honour to accompany them."

Bonnie's heart fell, and she looked away quickly. "Fine, go with them. Have a nice time."

Hirotaka tried to place a hand on her shoulder, but she brushed it off. "I'm sorry if I have…"

"Don't even bother. You just have a good time with little miss perfect and her friend over there. I'm going home."

Hirotaka watched her storm off, his pleas for her to stop falling on deaf ears. He could feel the guilt of what he had done, as he quickly realized why she had reacted the way that she had. She was scared, and she was lonely, he could see that in how her face fell as they had talked, and he had just left her. Now, she was hurting, and while his thoughts should have been on how he might accomplish his mission now, his only concerns were on how he might make things right with her.


Sensei frowned as he watched young Ron Stoppable heading past the gates, dressed all in black, Fukashima trailing slightly beside him. He knew all this had been anticipated but, even so, knowing and accepting were two different things.

"/Do you think he is ready? He is awfully young for such a heavy burden to be placed on him./"

Sensei frowned, glancing at the woman beside him. "/I do not know Nooni, I just don't know. The spirit is there, even if he does not yet realize it. Soon, the body will follow. This is but one of his early tests, and not even the prophecies are clear on just what will happen./"

Nooni nodded, glancing back to where the retreating students could just be barely made out. "/You do know that Fukashima is the betrayer, don't you/"

Sensei nodded glumly. "/I know. He has made his decision, just as we all have. There is nothing to be done about that now. All we can do is ensure the prophecy comes to fruition, preparing as best we can./"


Bonnie sat on her bed, knees tucked up to her chest, as she stared forlornly at the picture of Brick on her nightstand. She lost Brick, of that she was sure, especially after that tirade at school. Her parents never paid attention to her, and her sisters… well, they just weren't wanted in the first place. Of course, that didn't stop her from wanting their approval, even if she knew she'd never get it. Now, she had lost Hirotaka before she had had a chance to even really get to know him. She felt like crawling into a ball and staying there for a good long time.

A knock at her door startled her, and she pressed herself deeper into her pillows. "What do you want?"

"Bonnie, could I come in?" The sound of Hirotaka's voice was surprising at best, and she knew her mother must have let him in.

Bonnie jumped to her feet, straightening her blouse and wiping away any stray tears that might yet remain on her face. She checked herself quickly in the mirror, making sure she looked all right, before she cracked open the door. "What do you want?"

"Bonnie, I would like to apologize for my actions. I did not know that by accepting I would hurt you in this manner."

Bonnie mouth twitched slightly, but showed no other signs of emotion. "Didn't bother me one bit. What do I care if you hang out with Possible and her friend? Have fun."

Bonnie shut the door, but didn't move from there, wishing her stubborn pride hadn't taken over as he was apologizing. She beat her fist against her head, berating herself for being so stupid.

When she heard him speak again, she was almost overjoyed. "I did not take your feelings into account, and I am gravely sorry about that. I should have realized how much that might pain you. I have felt that myself, and for me to do that to you was unacceptable."

Bonnie slumped against the door, holding herself. "It's not your fault. I shouldn't have just taken off like that."

"It was still not my place to make you feel as you did. If you could forgive me, I would give anything to make it up to you. I value our friendship, more than anything."

Bonnie slowly slid to the floor. "Only friendship?"

She heard a pause, before he responded. "Your heart belongs to another at the moment, and there is nothing I could do to get between that. I know you still care for him, though you are afraid of the pain that might happen. But if you don't risk that pain, can you ever truly know love?"

"What if the pain might be too much?"

"You'll never know unless you try."

Bonnie slowly rose to her feet, opening the door slowly to see the faint smile on Hirotaka's face. She wiped a small tear from her eye, smiling at him. "I guess friends wouldn't be such a bad thing."

Hirotaka's smile broadened. "Friends are never a bad thing."


Sensei smiled at the almost festive mood at the school. With the return of the Lotus Blade, as well as Ron and Yori, the students were almost jubilant, and he allowed them this moment of peace. He walked among them as they talked and laughed of their victory, and the heroics of the two young students. There was also some talk of Fukashima's betrayal, but he knew that it would pass. He knew that the young man, who had allowed darkness into his heart and claim him, would return one day. He knew what would happen that day, and though he did not welcome it, he did understand his role to play. No one else knew that part of the prophecy though, not even Nooni, nor his successor, for they would try and stop him for sure.

Sensei took a moment for himself in his garden. Even with winter encroaching, the garden was still very fragrant, and he smiled. He had lived a good life, with much to be proud of. Many students had come through the school during his time, and many had gone on to do remarkable things. He would see his granddaughter grow to a beautiful woman before his time would come, and his adopted son become a man. He hoped he lived to see them share the love for each other that he could see when they looked at each other, though they did not know and understand it yet.

And he had started the Chosen One on his path. Though he did not know how that path would weave yet, he knew that he was started on the right one.

Sensei slowly made his way over to the gathered students, and smiled when Nooni came from the kitchen, bearing a tray of food. His smile broadened as he made out bite-sized portions of Ron's nacos, and even laughed, however slightly, when he heard the young man's yell of recognition.

The students lined up, and despite the festive mood, Nooni continued the tradition of "catching" their food. Sensei noted the look of determination on Ron's face, as he gripped his chopsticks in his hands. When his turn came, he swung wildly, and then again, as Nooni moved far to fast for him. When Ron paused, closing his eyes, Sensei smiled as he felt just a trace of the mystic power rise up within him, probably even unnoticeable to Ron. His eyes snapped open quickly, his chopsticks moving quickly, and just barely snagged one as Nooni moved. He could see the look of surprise on the young man's face.

Nooni bowed, smiling slightly. "Maybe nacos make Stoppable-san swift after all."


Sensei drifted away, returning to his room. It was beginning, and he feared, but seeing the young man, knowing what he might accomplish, he felt hope.


Bonnie smiled as she stepped out of the car, waiting as Hirotaka grabbed his bag from the back. He had had to return the bike to the rental place had she had volunteered to drop him off at the airport. When he had his stuff, he turned to her. "I will miss you Bonnie. It is good to have a friend, even if we must part this quickly."

Bonnie wrapped her arms around him, hugging him close. "I'm glad too. Now, you make sure you stay in touch, or even those kung fu moves you've got won't save you."

Hirotaka laughed, as they pulled away. They headed for the entrance to the terminal when Bonnie spotted Kim and Monique waiting by the entrance. "Oh, what are they doing here?"

"Perhaps they are here to greet their friend as he returns?"

Bonnie shook her head. "No, they're here to see you off. Probably still arguing over you."

The faintest trace of a smile crossed over Hirotaka's features. "Perhaps we can, as you say, kill two birds with one stone."

Bonnie looked over at him confused. "What do you mean?"

"A way that would force them to recognize the error of their ways, and to help patch up their friendship. A kiss."

Bonnie frowned. "How would kissing them help stop their fighting? That's just going to make matters worse."

Hirotaka's grin widened. "I meant that you should kiss me, when I give the signal. It would help alleviate their grievance, if they see that I am not choosing between them."

Now Bonnie was smiling. "As much as I don't really care for helping Kim right now, that's something I wouldn't mind."

Bonnie watched as he strolled over to them, placing his bag down behind the pillar. Slowly, she made her way over, watching them talk, and when he gave the signal, she ran over to him, jumping into his arms, her lips meeting hers. It was innocent to them, but to anyone watching, it looked impassioned. When she broke apart from him, she gave him a little wave. "Bye Hiro darling."

With a toss of her hair, she walked away, glancing over to share one last smile with Hirotaka as he was heading through the doors. In her hands she gripped the email he had given her, and she knew, though she might not see him again, that at least she had another friend out there.


Author's Notes – Well, this will be the last look back like this. I have way to many stories on tap right now to even try another episode prequel again. Though, there is always a chance in the future.