Lost And Lonely

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Summary: Kagome's alone again… he abandoned her. Running into his brother, will Kagome find love? Or end up with another broken heart?

Chapter One


Kagome fell, her heart broken, as she lay in the mud, blood dripping from her wounds that she had sustained from him. She cry silently as she remembered the heartbreak she had felt. She couldn't remember how many times she had saw him with her, but she felt miserable, and had finally lost her temper.


She ran, ran, ran, until she saw him in sight. Just about to shout his name, she stopped, frozen. He was… with her again… Kikyo… Kagome felt jealousy prick at her, but then realized it was pointless to be jealous. He didn't love her… he loved Kikyo. She stood, as she watched them kiss, she nearly puked.

'Stay calm Kagome… they don't know you're here yet…' Kagome thought, as she watched the scene go on. Kagome saw him lower the clay pot to the ground, and she saw him kiss her. She couldn't take it anymore and walked out, he looked up, eyes wide.

"It's not what it looks like…" He began, but Kagome had lost it.

"NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE-! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! You're sitting there, lying to me! You're getting ready to make love to a dead clay pot!" Kagome yelled, as she felt her face grow hot with anger.

"No, I'm not doing that… it's not what we're do-" He was cut off by Kikyo.

"That's exactly what we're doing…" She said, as she kissed him passionately. He didn't even move, just responded, completely forgetting Kagome was there, and starting to undress.

"SIT!" Kagome shouted, as Kikyo began to try to pry him off her, sending Kagome death glares.

"What'd ya do that for wench!" He yelled, standing up and leaping in front of Kagome, grabbing her by the arms and shaking her, his claws sinking into her arms, making her flinch slightly, as she began to cry. He stopped shaking her and stared at her face.

"I thought… I honestly thought that you… that…" Kagome hiccupped but continued, " I honestly thought you didn't love her anymore… that you… that you…" Kagome sobbed, as her body began to rack from her sobs, her frame shaking but staying still from him holding her by her arms. She couldn't take it anymore, and she opened her eyes and glared at him coldly.

"Let me go. Now." Kagome said, as she tried to push away from him, failing miserably.

"Kagome? What happened to you? Don't you love me?" He asked, as Kagome started to laugh.

"I don't love you anymore… be with that potted bitch. I don't care anymore… Do whatever you fucking want!" She screamed, as she pushed him away, the claws leaving big claw marks on her arms, but she didn't flinch. She turned and began to run, run as fast as she could, run as far as she could, run wherever she was going to go. She didn't know where to go yet, so she just ran, ran through the forest, ran as far as she could, until she collapsed, and began sobbing.

End Flashback

That was where she was now, crying on the ground, mud infecting the cuts, and blood starting to harden. Kagome laughed a bitter laugh as she sat up, holding her knees to her chest, as she lay her head on her knees, she silently prayed.

"Lord, help me, I don't want to go on like this… I hate these feelings, I hate living this way. I never want to be alone… I hate him… I hate him…" She said as she starting to cry bitterly, her tears attracting a certain demon…


Kagome sat on the stairs to her school, Hojo appeared next to her and smiled.

"Kagome? Can I walk you home?" Hojo asked politely, smiling.

"Sure…" Kagome said, as she got up, and began walking, Hojo beside her. Hojo smirked to himself as he grabbed Kagome's arm, and pulled her with him into the woods.

"Hojo? Where are we going?" Kagome asked, as Hojo pushed her onto a pile of leaves, Kagome becoming frightened, her eyes widening.

"Hojo?" Kagome asked fearfully as Hojo tried to kiss her. Kagome turned her head and he ended up kissing her cheek. He frowned, as he ripped her shirt off, Kagome began to cry a little, her soul starting to shatter slightly. She pushed away from him, and tried to get away, but failing miserably.

"You're staying here Kagome, I'm tired of waiting for you." Hojo growled out, as he ripped off her skirt, and tried to pull down her underwear, but Kagome kicked him in his nads, and picked up her stuff and began to run. She ran and ran, until she collided with something. She looked up, and her heart stopped.

"Inu-yasha!" Kagome cried, as she leapt up and hugged Inu-yasha, silently thanking the gods.

"Kagome? Why are you half-naked?" Inu-yasha growled as he smelt Kagome's smell, mixed with another.

"Who did this to you?" Inu-yasha growled out, as Kagome hid behind him, Hojo appearing, making Kagome's eyes widen in fear and her body start to shake.

"Me. Oh but don't worry, miss prissy over the won't give it up already, after flirting with me for a long time, leading me on…" Hojo said, as he smirked.

"That's a lie. Kagome loves me, she would never flirt with a low class loser such as yourself…" Inu-yasha said, as he punched Hojo, knocking him out. Inu-yasha helped Kagome into her clothing, and hugged her tightly, picking her up bridal style and carrying her home, letting her collect her stuff, then jumping through the well with her, and leaping up, and landing in the Feudal Era.

"Come on…" Inu-yasha said, as he carried her to the village.

End Flashback

Kagome awoke, as she stood, ran soaking her, noticing the blanket wrapped around her, Kagome smiled, and silently thanked whoever did that. She began to walk, not knowing where she was going. She saw Sesshomaru asleep beside a tree. She froze, trying to turn around silently, she accidentally stepped on a twig, snapping it in half, and waking the demon lord. She stood stalk-still, trying to seem invisible. Sesshomaru looked over to where Kagome was, and stood, walking over to her, and grabbing her arms by the back, making her flinch.

"Where did you attain these wounds miko?" Sesshomaru said, as he turned her around and looked at her, seeing her downcast face, he picked it up with a clawed finger, forcing her to look into his eyes. Kagome tried to pull away, but couldn't manage that. She started to cry silently, making Sesshomaru wonder what she was doing.

"Miko, why do you leak water from your eyes?" He asked, making Kagome giggle slightly.

"It's called crying…" She whispered, but Sesshomaru heard.

"Crying? Why do you cry?" He asked, as he loosened his grip on her arms, and she bolted, trying to outrun him. She tripped and was falling when Sesshomaru caught her.

"Do not try to run, it is pointless." He said, as he picked her up bridal style, and held her, staring into her eyes, making her blush. Sesshomaru sensed the heat from her cheeks and noticed it made her cheeks a little red.

"Why do you blush?" Sesshomaru asked, lifting a hand and rubbing away the tear stains, his face getting closer to her, making her blush darker red.

"…………" Kagome didn't say anything, as she tried to pull away again, but couldn't, because of Sesshomaru holding her bridal style.

"Could you put me down?" She asked silently, but he didn't listen. The cloud formed beneath his feet, and he took off, going towards his castle.

"Wait! What are you doing? Where are you taking me!" Kagome screamed, as she clung to him, afraid of heights.

"We are going towards my home, you are not to leave, nor disobey me." He said, as he landed, setting her down, and holding onto her arm, taking her inside with him. He sat her in a chair, and looked at her solemnly.

"Remove your shirt." He demanded, making Kagome blush deeply.

"Now." He said, but she didn't listen, making him growl and pull off her shirt. What was this device under her shirt? He looked in amazement, making Kagome blush deeper and put her arms in front of her chest, making Sesshomaru snap out of his gaze, blushing slightly, but covering it up. He grabbed one of her arms and inspected it. He got up, walked into another room, and came back with a bowl of water and bandages. He took the rag he had, and dipped it into the water, grabbed her arm again, and started to clean the wound. He cleaned her arms and wrapped the gently. He stood, and looked at Kagome.

"Get a bath, I'll be sending someone to help you choose another outfit besides your… thing you wear…" Sesshomaru said, as he exited the room. Kagome walked into the bathroom, and smiled, it was decorated with flowers, plently of flowers lining the hot spring, and running into the water. She smiled to herself and took off her clothes, getting into the hot tub and sighing silently. Not knowing someone was watching her…

"………………….." The thing sighed, seeing Kagome. Kagome turned, and then…


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