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Summary: They found their way back together and now they are celebrating their 5 anniversary and Tommy got a special gift for Kim.

Timeline: 5 years and 3 months after Never Gone

Title: Never Gone

By: Mili

Chapter 10: Safest place to hide

"Hey Baby, you came home early, I already took the girls to your parents house," Kimberly greeted her husband. She was in the kitchen; he walked behind her and kissed her cheek and the back of her neck.

"Happy Anniversary!"

Kim smiled "How many times are we going to repeat that today?" they walked to the living room.

"I just want to make sure that I didn't forget it… this time."

"Yeah, How is that people say 'Five time is a charm' right?" she teased him.

"Not funny,"

She walked to him and put her arms around his neck "I know, besides the four times before you remembered it, just it wasn't in time"

"See, just for that I'm not going to give you the present I bought for you," he walked away from her.

"A present!" she said excited "I thought we were supposed to save the presents for dinner,"

"I know but this present couldn't wait" He started "It's a shame that I'm not going to give it to you now,"

"Oh please" Kim pouted; she walked to him and put her arms around her neck again with her puppy face. Tommy smiled, kissed her softly on the lips and went to his suitcase. He took out a small package and gave it to Kim.

"Open it,"

Kim smiled and opened the package, she gasped surprised when she realize what was "The Backstreet Boys CD, Never Gone. I lost mine years ago," She walked to him and kisses his cheek "Thanks baby."

"It's not just any CD; it's the CD that you bought me that Christmas,"

"And you kept it all these years?" She asked, surprised by his husband gesture.


She smiled "Aw, I love you,"

"I love you too Beautiful," she hugged him, and then kissed him.

She rested her head on his chest "The day I gave you the CD was also the first time we made love,"

"I know,"

She lifted her head "Oh!... so that's why you kept it?" she lifted her eyebrow.

"Sort of…" They smiled "Here, I want to hear it."

"Weren't you the one who said Thanks Baby but I'm not going to hear it" Kimberly teased him, imitating his voice.

"Hey, it's a great CD, Great songs…" They laughed. He walked to the CD player and put the CD. He wanted to hear one song in particular.



"It must be really special to feel that way for someone," Kim said not realizing she said it a loud until Tommy respond her.


"I wish someday feel that way," Kim whispered, she tried to hide her blush when Tommy stared her.

He smiled her "I'm sure we are going to end like that," He assured her.


"Yes, because you are everything for me, you are my friend, my love, my strength, my hope…" Tommy took her hand.

"Aw, Tommy!" she hugged him.

"You are my safest place to hide."

End of Flashback


"And after all these years you still are My Safest place to hide" Tommy said, they were sitting on their couch listening the song.

"That's really sweet," She put him closer.

He lifted her chin, their eyes connected "Beautiful, I don't know how but I think I felt more in love with you everyday,"

She smiled, she couldn't let go the chance to tease him "That's must be you Swiss Cheese Memory. You probably can't remember how much you love me the day before so you assume is more..."

"See, I knew it has a logical explanation," He said laughing.

"But I don't have that bad memory and I'm sure I love you more everyday," she kissed his cheek.

"Really? Even with my bad memory?"

Kimberly stood up, took a moment to think "Ok, Some days more than others but still…" she giggled when he started chasing after her. He caught her really fast, because she wanted that. He holds her tight to him and kept there, just looking into her eyes.

"Thanks," He started "Thanks, for being there when I needed someone, for listened me when I needed to talk, thanks for yelled me when I didn't want to listen, thanks for forgive my mistakes and understand me. Thanks for have given me 2 wonderful kids. A great Family. Thanks for have made me the happiest man in the world. Thanks for all these years. Beautiful," He wiped a tear rolling down her face.

"And we still have more to come," She smiled and buried her face on his chest.

"I love you"

"I love you, too"

The end

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