What Ginny Saw

Part 1

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Summary: Harry Potter pursues the one he wants in a beautiful display of stupidity…or something to that effect.

A/N: ahh…this started out as the sequel to Denial, but it ended up as being a stand alone story. There are no spoilers for HBP because I still haven't recovered from the shock. This takes place in the universe of Denial, just not directly after it.

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And now to the story!

Ginny Weasley was madly in love with Harry Potter…well, sort of.

She loved him enough to say no to a snogging session proposed by Terry Boot, but when Seamus Finnigan pulled her into a closet, pushing his body flush up against hers before leaning in to capture her lips, Ginny decided that this was fine with her (it's not like Harry was ever going to know).

On the other hand Harry Potter was not madly in love with Ginny Weasley at all. In fact, the object of his affections was currently cutting potions ingredients with the skill of a well-practiced surgeon.

Harry watched Draco's porcelain hands smoothly cut one root into perfectly proportioned pieces. Perfect fingers slightly pink with exertion gliding over his arm to push up his sleeve, then back down again back to cutting roots.

Harry fervently hoped Draco would stop cutting soon because if he didn't, Harry was going to knock the knife out of his hand, pull…no, rip his clothes off, bend him over the potions table and….

Well, the point was that Harry Potter sincerely hoped that the Prince of Slytherin would stop cutting the roots.

In fact he concentrated so hard on not concentrating on Draco Malfoy cutting the roots, that he stirred his potion a bit too vigorously, resulting in the ladle flying out of his hands, hitting Draco in the face, and subsequently causing Draco Malfoy to cut himself.

Harry quickly stood up and walked away from the table in order to get another ladle from the supply cupboard.

Like most people did when encountering a small cut, Draco Malfoy stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked.

Seeing a perfect finger disappear into the warm wet wonderous mouth of Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter tripped over his own feet and fell flat on his face, landing an inch before the feet of Professor Snape.

"Detention and 7.89 points from Gryffindor for tripping on your own feet, and another 65 points for causing my best student to cut himself."

"But Professor, I was merely expressing my undying love to you by bowing-"


So Harry Potter regained his balance (and what little dignity he had left) and meandered back to the table where Draco Malfoy was still sucking on his finger. He sat down gingerly, trying not to encourage his erection.

Hermione Granger watched the whole exchange through narrowed eyes. Despite the boys' claims that they were nothing but two people who disliked each other immensely, she observed that the tension between them was so thick, they would have to slip up eventually or they would both combust instantaneously, burning in their own lust

Needless to say it was a very uncomfortable class...for more people than Harry.

Ginny Weasely was late. In fact she was so late that there were only 5 minutes left to the class and, being slightly flustered, she mistook the cleaning supply closet for the Charms classroom - only to find it slightly occupied by the man whom she wanted to make babies with, that is, Harry Potter, and the stupidest, vilest, uselessest person ever, Draco Malfoy.

They appeared to be in an argument of some sort (because oh so many of us drag people we hate into closets to argue). Harry Potter had his hand on Malfoy's chest and Malfoy had his hand on erm…another part of Harry's anatomy that she blushed just thinking about.

Yes…they must have been having an argument, about Draco calling Hermione a mudblood or something to that effect. Or better yet maybe Harry was defending her honor! Ginny allowed herself to get lost in a dream world where Harry rode a white horse down the hallway and slew the dragon, Malfoy, right after he insulted her.

Besides, what else could they be doing in a closet in the middle of the day?

"Harry?" Ginny asked somehow putting the implied question what the hell are you doing in a closet with Draco Malfoy? into his name.

There was a long, awkward pause.

It was at this point that Draco Malfoy realized that he was doomed. This was not how it was supposed to be. He dragged Harry in the closet. sure…but it was all Harry's fault! It had to be. How dare Harry tempt him in Potions like that! The nerve, the cunning…no, no, this was all wrong! Good pure-bloods simply do not have strange animalistic urges to do delightfully naughty things to their worst/best enemies.

And then Harry - no, Potter - had leaned in made the sexiest noise…and the next thing he knew he was kissing him.


Smooth fingers slipping through his fine hair, a hot mouth covering his own. More fingers everywhere.

Harry was like fire…vivid, surreal colors glowing at the edges and oh-so dangerous.

Sometimes when you played with fire you got burned, and Harry burned and branded him with his mouth and body. He was burning from the inside out, a strange light-headed feeling overcame him, and then – BAM! Stupid Weasley girl.

Stupid Weaslette! Ruining - wait, shouldn't he should be thanking her? She had saved him from the evil clutches of Harry Potter's cupid pink mouth.

Or so he wanted to believe.

"Die, Potter!" Draco exclaimed, trying to remedy the situation before it got out of hand (he didn't want Ginny to think that he actually liked the sexy boy hero – no – the scar faced git), so he squeezed whatever part of Harry's body he had been assaulting.

Harry groaned. The Ice Prince felt himself melt at the noise until he realized exactly what he had squeezed -

"Argh! Potter, how dare you carefully place your groin in my hand! I will smite you in the same fashion I smote my lima beans as a young child!" What was he saying? He was revealing personal information about his fear of lima beans to the enemy!

"Uh…I love – no – I hate you, Malfoy," Harry stuttered out, finally regaining some control over his body, before (not without considerable effort) pushing away from Draco and walking away.

Draco, cool as a frozen lima bean, straightened his tie, sneered at Ginny, and walked away, not realizing that his shirt was untucked, his hair a mess, and he had a hickey the size of a large blot of ink.

Ginny was so late to class that she missed the class entirely and had no idea what happened for the rest of the day, because her head was so filled with fantasies of Harry that she wouldn't have noticed Voldemort sipping tea with Hermione in the common room.

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