What Ginny Saw

By: fakeid/shadowclub

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"Since you two," Snape said indicating to Pansy and Draco, "have been caught performing shall we say questionable acts in the Quidditch locker room I have been ordered- I mean asked by our-ugly- I mean kind Head Mistress McGonnagall to come up with an suitable punishment for the two of you."

Him and Pansy? What?

"Sir, I think you don't really understand what happ-"

"You insolent fool! I know what I saw! You and Pansy were fucking- I mean fornicating like sheep in the locker room when obviously Miss Weasley and the insufferable Mister Potter came in looking for a place to snog. Honestly I expect better from a Slytherin! Of all places the Quidditch locker room! Where is your imagination? And then obviously Potter pulled the Golden Boy act on you, there was a minor altercation and now you are here in my office waiting for those idiotic Gryffindors to serve detention!"

The door swung open and the two Gryffindors in question walked in, saving Draco from having to respond to that.

"Your late, 87 points from Gryffindor."

"No we weren't, Parkinson and Malfoy were early," Harry pointed out.

"Are you questioning my judgment?" Snape asked clearly not enamored of the boy(or maybe he was…Millicent swore she saw photos of Harry in Snape's "private" closet).

"Yes!" Harry said defiantly.

"SILENCE! Just for that I shall pair you up with Mr. Malfoy, perhaps he can teach you some tact!"

Malfoy was going to teach him a lesson?

He was joking right?

Yes…Harry Potter's life was looking up.

They were assigned to seal and mail 150 Hogwarts letter to potential Hogwart student…without magic. Not too bad it you salivated like a dog or had mad skill at sealing thing with wax.

Sadly Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy had neither of those skills…

"You ithiot! You dropth waxeth onth me againth!" Harry swallowed as he watched the porcelain skin turn pink under the hard cover of wax. Draco picked off the wax and attempted to suck on the burn on his forearm.

Harry unbuttoned the top of his shirt and loosened his tie hoping he didn't look as flushed as he felt.

"Sorry! I can't help it, it's too melty. What's wrong with you voice?"

"I haveth likth over fifty enthevolthes, I haveth not spith!"


"So, want to have sex next Thursday at 7:51pm in the Room of Requirements?"


"Right so I'll see your there," Harry said cheerfully as he continued to stamp the Hogwarts emblem on the envelopes.

"No you won'th!" Draco managed to say before Harry(in a genius underhanded move) jumped him.

What was he doing…okay he knew pretty much exactly what his was doing, but still he was all theory and no practice? The stupid, gorgeous, insufferable, lovely, prat whom he had hated him his whole life! Merlin he wanted to snog him. Harry knew what he wanted and he took it.

Take what you want, but pay the price God said.

And so Harry did.

Ginny Weasley was multitasking, a skill so many of us have, and even more of us don't have. She was in fact composing her great letter of seduction to Harry and at the same time polishing the 66 Slytherin House trophy some were awards such as "Best Evil Smirk" and "Has Hair Like a Thousand particles of Sand". But back to the main point, Ginny was having a bit of a problem composing her poem.

Dead Harry,

Without you I am morose,

I love you because you are hung like a horse.

No that simply would not do…she didn't want him to know that she spied on him in the showers…yet.

Cho's such a bore,

I'm a better whore

Ugh…she didn't want to seem desperate

I know you're not a fairy,

But wanna pop my cherry?

It was perfect! The magnificent simplicity of it all. It got the point across without making her sound like a slut!

It was 7:51 on Thurday evening. Actually it was 7:51 and 20 seconds, but who was counting? Certainly not Draco, who had been sitting in the Room of Requirements for a full 20,impatiently waited, seconds. Sadly what Draco didn't know was that at that precise moment Guinevere Weasely was waiting every bit as impatiently as Draco was in the Gryffindor common room for Harry…

The Common Room…

Ginny had spent the whole morning getting ready for this moment. The one moment where Harry would look into her eyes and say those three magical words, "I love you" or maybe even a " I like you", it was coming…any moment now…Merlin the anticipation was killing her. His lips were moving…they were saying way more than three words.

"Ginny, you have toilet paper on your shoe," Harry said. What? Ginny looked down in a flourish of red hair, and there it was. Accursed toilet paper! It wasn't her fault that when she was nervous she had to go to the bathroom, besides she was planning on kissing Harry and she didn't want to be doing something as déclassé as urinating on him. And the poem! Oh her lovely poem, all for naught- wait-

All was not lost! She could still kiss him, sure it wouldn't be the suave romantic moment it was in her daydreams, but then again nothing was perfect. She looked up after removing the wretched toilet paper only to find him gone. The common room door closed with a soft click as Harry slipped through it.

No! This simply would not do. Ginny gathered her skirt(which was already embarrassingly short) and limped off after him. She had to at least give the poem to him…

She followed him through twists and turns(didn't they already pass that painting) until he stood in front of the door to the Room of Requirements. Before he could reach out to open the door, it was flung open by the spawn-of-Satan, Draco Malfoy. Something made her stop. She watched as a Harry reached out to grab Draco and pulled him towards his mouth? What? Why was Harry kissing Draco? After the initial struggle Draco relaxed into Harry's arms and they continued to kiss.

Something inside of Ginny exploded and splattered everywhere.

She wanted to run, but she couldn't- something was wrong, this wasn't shock or adrenaline, someone had put a freezing curse on her.

"Well well what do we have here?" A smooth voice came from behind her, the dark rich hand of Blaise Zabini came into her view.

"I took you for many things Weaslette, but never a voyeur. What a pleasant turn of events…" Ginny struggled against her invisible bonds until Blaise bent down and kissed her neck.

It was then Ginny Weasely decided that Blaise would be the perfect person to make Harry jealous…ok well she also decided that Harry Potter could screw whomever he wanted, she was over him.

She didn't even notice when Draco and Harry disappeared into a room…

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Harry was nervous, his hands were wandering all around Draco's body, touching, feeling(and occasionally poking) the slightly dry winter skin.

There was nothing more to do…nothing more to say. The unspoken words lay between them like a brick wall in front of a car.

"You're scared," Draco accused him as Harry felt his feet begin to sweat. How dare his feet sweat? God he was nervous…

"No I am not!" Harry said in his usual defiant matter as he bent down to give Draco a kiss.

That was the last coherent thing that either of them said that night…

It was too warm Draco thought as he felt Harry's hand slowly inch toward his belt. Harry had come in here flushed, breathing as though he had recently wrestled with a crocodile(using only his oh-so many hands) and won. Draco had fully intended to walk out on Harry, but not before flashing him some tantalizing body parts(because Draco fully believed that torturing Harry was the answer) and yet here he was under Harry…wait…why was he under Harry? And why hadn't he left yet? The last thing he remembered was telling Harry to have a nice life and then touching the doorknob-


"Yes my hunny-buttercup-sugarplum?" What? Draco opened his eyes only to find himself under Ginny Weasely.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Draco screamed as he sat up straight. Where was he? How was he? Where was his mommy? Oh NO! Where was Mr. Cuddly-bum(his absolute favorite teddy bear)? Draco slowly came to realize that he was still in the room of requirements and Harry was sound asleep beside him. Harry slowly turned, blurry eyes blinking in the sunlight.

It was a good morning to say the least.

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