This takes place a few months after Sasuke attempt to deflect to Sound, which he was stopped. Naruto is twelve and it is in the month of October.


When you see Start date, End date it tells when the story takes place and ends.
-captured- indicates scene change or different view or time change
Italics are when someone is thinking or when Naruto is communicating with the kyuubi via mind link.
Bold/Italics is when kyuubi is communicating with Naruto via mind link.
Bold is when kyuubi is talking when seen.

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Green Gold Fox

Chapter 1: Taken
Naruto wakes up to darkness, not knowing where he is or who took him.

Naruto woke up, only seeing darkness. He closed his eyes tight in pain, as his head throbbed in pain. He placed a hand to the back of his head felling a lump. As he moved, he heard rattling and he felt a type of weight and tightness around his neck. He moved his hand to his neck, felling something smooth and cold. He found a chain attached to it.

He started to shake from the cold. He curled his body closer to himself to get warm and winched in pain from his chest. He found he only had shorts on. He frowned when he found that his necklace was gone. He thought back to what happen.


He was walking home after training, it was close to midnight. He wanted to wait until about everyone was home in bed, not wanting to see the villagers hate. He was sad, because his birthday was next week. It was part of the year he hated. The villagers that hate him would always seem colder around the time of his birth, the death of the Yondaime, and the defeat of the kyuubi.

He arrived home; glad he will have the day off tomorrow, but not at what happened the pervious day. He entered his home and was puzzled that the light he leaves on in the kitchen area was out. The curtains were drawn shut. He reached to turn on a light switch, next to the door, but yelled out in pain as a kunai hit his left hand, stopping once the hilt was against the back of his hand.

He flexed his left hand at the memory, finding it hurt slightly and felling a bandage wrapped around it. His mind went back to what happen to him, fear slowly seeping inside of him, mixing with his anger.

He pulled out a kunai of his own, looking around in his home, trying to catch movement of the person or persons. He decided it was a safer to get outside. He quickly pulled out the kunai in his left hand and reached back to open the door, ignoring the pain. He turned the knob and started to open the door, moving closer to the gap, to make a run for it.

He got the door open and moved to leave, but the person in the room, jumped over the couch and ran to him. The person hit him in the chest, forcing the air out of his lungs. He fell forward clutching the area he was hit. It hurt him to breath. The man quickly hit him on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious.

End of flashback:

Naruto felt himself grow tired as the cold affected him. He closed his eyes, falling asleep.

Outside the room, Naruto was being kept in; the person was sitting at a table. He was drinking sake and smiling at himself. He arrived at Konoha two weeks ago. He sneaked in at night when the guards patrolling the walls were not looking and late in their shift. It was laugh to him.

He camped out in the training areas, watching four groups of genin. One group he found had a chuunin as a teammate. He watched them for a week along with the activities of the village of Konoha. He would steal food when he needed it.

It was his job, observe the village of Hidden Leaves and report back at a set time. As he watched, he became interested in one genin. He found it was strange that the genin would wear orange and had wild spiky blond hair. He also found it strange at the age they allowed their young ninjas go on missions outside the village. He watched the boy and his team, seeing that his teammates were not much of one.

He had watched the blond great his teammates one day. They did not return his greeting. They got up and left him behind. When he watched them train, he saw his sensei did not pay much attention to the blond. From what he overheard from the villagers, the raven haired one ran off to another village, their enemy. The blond was able to stop him, but now the pinked haired one hates him. He found many of the villagers hated the blond boy.

He captured one of the villagers and forced out information of the blond. He found he was an orphan and that he had lived by himself for a good part of his life. He was hated because of his pranks he pulled as he grew up. He went through the chuunin exams beating his opponents, surprising many. He was the dead last of his gradation class and had beaten the pervious year rookie.

He found that the one on the blonds' team was the rookie of his graduating class. Both were brought back and the blond barely had a starch on him, while his teammate was brought back unconscious and had a broken arm and leg. That was three months before he came to the village. He killed the villager after getting what he wanted.

He watched the blond as he trained. He trained even after the others left. He was surprised to see him the next day, doing it all over again, even after he exhausted his chakra reserves the pervious day. He followed him home one day, seeing the glares from many of the villagers sent to the blond. He left him when he found where he lived, to do more research of the village.

Two days before he would leave, he went to watch the blond again. He watched as the sensei ordered the two boys into a spar. It was disastrous when the raven haired made it into an all out fight. The silver hair jounin stopped it with sending the blond to the hospital. He did not do much of punishment to the other one and just resumed training the rest of the team.

The man took off to find the blond. He waited for him to leave the hospital and followed him home. He was surprised the next day to see he did not have bruising around his face and the cuts he received were gone. That was what intrigued him to capture the blond and bring him back with him.

The night he was to leave the village, he waited at the blonds' home. He was irritated when he did not come back till before midnight, but it would work for him. He turned out the light the boy left on and closed the curtains. He waited, sitting on the bed, for the door to open. Once it opened and closed, he moved silently to the door to the room and looked to where the blond was.

He was able to make out what the blond would do and threw his waiting kunai in his hand. He waited for the blond to make his next move and smiled at himself as he went to open the door. That was when he attacked. He jumped over the couch and kicked him into the stomach. The blond fell to the floor trying to get his breath back. He knocked him out, hitting him on the back of the head.

He took off the boy's jacket and pants, not wanting to be spotted. He decided to get rid of the boy's shirt and shoes as well. He heard something drop as he pulled off the shirt, but ignored it. He threw the forehead protector to the floor with the other discarded items. He tied up the boy's wrist behind his back and his ankles together. The man looked outside and around the area before taking off, slinging the blond over his shoulder. He left over the rooftops and out of the village.

He traveled all night and all of the next day, not stopping for rest. He found a small cabin with a small room deep inside the forest. He went through his pack and pulled out a collar that had a chakra binder seal and many others seals that would activate when he performed a set of hand seals and directed his chakra to the seals. He performed a jutsu which meld a length of chin become part of the cabin floor. He attached the chin to the collar on the blond and left the room. He sat down at a chair at a small table. Everywhere had a thick layer of dust, but he did not care. He pulled out a sake bottle he stolen.

He was now halfway done with the bottle when he heard the chains attached to the boy rattle. He finished it and went to bed, with a grin on his face, thinking of his reward.

End date, October 6