Chapter 39: Slight Fear
Some info of Naruto is found out, which worries Naruto.

Start date, February 2

Moran stepped out of the bathroom in time to hear a glass shatter on the floor. He dropped his dirty clothes and raced to the kitchen, seeing Naruto setting on the floor, somewhat dazed. He frowned, seeing the boy had step in the broken glass and had fallen to his rear. He retrieved the first aid kit from under the sink and wrapped the boy's feet, mindful not to force the glass deeper. He winced at the large piece in the boy's right foot. He looked around the kitchen, seeing the boy ate a good amount of food, but not as bad as it was yesterday. He looked up at the boy, seeing he was confused. He reached out, pushing some of the boy's hair from his face.

"It seems your sleep walking and eating."

Naruto nodded slowly, cursing in his mind, since this was not his doing, nor the fox's. He watched the man get up and leave the room. His eyes moved to the right, seeing an unbroken jar of food. He snorted and grabbed it. He has trouble trying to get it open. Moran came back, frowning slightly. He set down a small bag on the table, clothes and the boy's boots were inside. He laid the boy's jacket over it. He moved to the boy, reaching for the jar of pickled hot peppers, only to have it jerked away. He watched the boy struggled to get it open and give an irritated noise.

Moran quickly grabbed it and set it away from the boy. He let out a sigh, getting a growl from the boy. He ignored it and picked Naruto up. Moran sat him on a chair and put the boy's jacket on. He shouldered the bag and picked up the boy again. He walked out of the room and teleported to the hospital. Naruto frowned, wanting to know how to do that. Moran found the healer and the man frowned as he lead Moran to a room. Moran set Naruto on examining table and pulled off the jacket.

"He stepped in glass. He was sleep eating again." Moran said

Roam nodded and pulled the bloody bandages away. He winced, seeing the glass in the boy's feet. Naruto let out a yawn and rubbed his eyes. He was still hungry. He watched the healer walk to the cabinets in the room with Moran right behind. He did not bother to hear what they talked about. Moran glanced back, watching the blond cross his arms, trying to bring warmth to him. He looked to Roam as the man filled a syringe. Roam looked to the man, a slight smirk on his face.

"You go off, I will deal with him."

Moran nodded and took off. Naruto frowned as the healer walked next to him and pinched his skin on his arm. He snorted as the man injected him with the sedative. He made Naruto lie down. The man retrieved a chair and started pulling out glass from the boy's feet.


Moran looked up from scrubbing the floor. He shot a glare to Lane as she sat down at the table. He stood up, throwing away the last of the broken glass. He sat down at the table, wiping his hands dry on a towel. He pushed a cup of tea to the woman. She took a sip. He raised his head, waiting for her to speak. When she did not, he opened his mouth, but it closed as she picked up her cup and took another sip, before leaving. He shook his head and resumed cleaning. He knew she found this amusing.


Naruto curled into a ball, felling cold. He sat up and looked around the room, a frown on his face. He grabbed a blanket from the foot of the bed and wrapped himself up. He watched the door a few moments, yawning. He laid back down, falling in a light sleep. He jumped awake, when the door was open. He watched as Moran walked in. He cowered down, seeing a fierce look on the man's face. Moran picked up the bag and pulled out Naruto's clothes. He looked to Naruto.

"Get dressed."

Naruto untangled himself from the cover and walked to the man. He quickly got dressed. He flinched as the man grabbed his arm and pulled him to follow. Moran glanced back, when the blond started to tug to get free. He turned around and knelt down, pulling the boy towards him.

"Calm down." he spoke softly

He narrowed his eyes as the boy growled at him. He quickly caught the boy's arm, before he would have been slashed. He shook the boy, getting him to still.

"Clam down." he said more forcefully

He glanced around, seeing many staring at him. His anger started to rise as the boy started to struggle again. He snorted as the boy bit down on his arm. His eyes widen as the boy sent a kick to his groin. He let go, pain radiating from the sight he was hit. People rushed to subdue the boy. A man managed to get the boy. All turned to Moran, as a soft pop was heard and the illusion around the man disappeared. A ninja grabbed the man, finding it was a chunin that worked with Ken. The ninja knocked the man out and moved to the blond as he struggled with a healer. He grabbed the boy by the wrists and pinned them to his chest and shoved the blond against a wall. He glanced back, seeing his partner tie up the chunin. He looked back to the blond. He chuckled, since the boy could not kick him.

"Sorry shrimp. You calm down and I will take you to Moran-san. If not, I just put back in the room."

He smiled to himself as the blond slump in his hold. He glanced to the claws of the blond, not wanting to get cut. He stood up and quickly swung the blond to his back. He quickly grabbed the blonds' legs, hooking his hands around the boy's knees. He walked to his partner.

"I'll take the boy."

The man disappeared. He appeared in front of Moran, as the man left the apartment. Moran watched the man drop Naruto and the blond quickly ducked behind him. He looked to the ninja and frowned as the man explained what happened. The man knelt down, smiling at Naruto.

"How did you know it was not Moran?" he asked

Naruto peaked around the man and pointed to Moran's hand. Pale lines across the man's hand show where Naruto scratched him. The ninja blinked and stood up. He rubbed his head and looked to Moran. Moran shook his head.

"Lane-san is not going happy." the man said

Moran nodded and reached back and opened the door. He gave a slight push to the blond and he quickly entered. Moran let out a sigh, closing the door. He looked to the ninja, a grin crossing his face.

"Tsutanai, I have not seen you in ages." Moran said

Moran clapped a hand on the man's shoulder. Tsutanai laughed.

"Yah, I just got back." the man chuckled. "I see you have to baby set."

Man snorted.

"I'm about the only person he is comfortable around. You would not believe half of what the stuff he has done."

The man nodded.

"I have heard some. I seen those claws and I got a glimpse of his eyes."

Moran snorted again. Tsutanai narrowed his eyes.

"What's the boy's name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto."

The man blinked.


"Yes, why do you ask?" Moran asked

The man let out a sigh and looked Moran in the eyes.

"That brat is the student of the Frog sennin, if that is his name. I know that much, from my stay in Tsuchi. They have a great hate towards Konoha, since they lost in the last war with them. That was few years before Konoha was attacked by the Yoko no Kyubi. Their Yondaime was able to end the war, and then defeat the beast few years later. This boy you have is rumored to have defeated a Hyuga in the finials of the chunin exam Konoha hosted last year. They were attacked by Suna, which were tricked by Oto."

"I know most of what you just said. What you told me of the boy; it will be both bad and good in a way." Moran said

"That is true."

Both men jumped. They looked down the hall, seeing Lane walking to them. She stopped next to Moran. She looked to Tsutanai.

"What other information do you have on the boy?"

The man narrowed his eyes in thought. His eyes widen slightly.

"He is the student of Hatake Kakashi, the Copy Ninja. Also there was a rumor of his teammate, the last Uchiha attempted to deflect. I don't know much, I had to leave. I remember something about the boy able to perform a high class jutsu, the Kage Bunshin and create dozens of clones at a time."

Moran gave a sharp nod.

"I seen him perform it before and made it Henge into someone else. He does have a high capacity of chakra, but it's wild. If he has an Uchiha on his team, then he might have been midlevel in skills or low."

Lane frowned and looked to the man.

"We can expect trouble, if the Frog sennin appears. If you excuse me, I need to talk to some people."

Both men watched her walk off. Both gave a shudder when she disappeared. Tsutanai glanced to Moran with a smirk.

"Do you think we can take the shrimp to a training ground and see what he can do?"

Moran shrugged.

"It would do him some good. Let me get him."

Moran walked into the room. He glanced around, not seeing the blond in the kitchen or the living room. He went into the boy's room and looked around. He glanced back, seeing Tsutanai staring at the bed. Moran moved to the bed and knelt down. He picked up the covers and spotted the boy's back. He shook his head and pulled Naruto from under the bed. The man laid him on the bed and pulled off his boots.

"Looks like it will have to be another time." Moran said

"I will see you later then." the man said

Moran nodded and pulled Naruto's jacket off. The man left as Moran pulled the covers over Naruto. Moran walked out, glancing back at the sleeping blond. He turned off the lights to the room and left. Once the door was shut, Naruto sat up. A frown was on his face.

"Kit, this will provide good to you."


Naruto heard chuckling from the fox.

"They have something to fear now."

Naruto nodded and lay back down.

"Next time, wake me if I go sleep walking again."

Naruto let out a yawn and drifted off to sleep.

End date, February 2

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