Leo: WAAAH! This is the final chapter before the epilogue...Part of me doesn't want to let it go but I know I must! Be amazed people, for me to actually FINISH something it's considered high up there in miracle points. And upon finishing this monster of a fic, I gained enough exp. to at least use 'tackle' xD!


Welcome back to my waning tale of nothingness, considering there is no focal plot. But don't we all love it that way? (And be sure to tell my editor they're doing a SHITTY job taking all of my spelling errors out, that's right Leo I'm talking to you.)

I'm sort of sad...I Have to let this go, though, or I may over do my awesomeness and become a washed up has been (coughMarikcough). I just thoughtto do some more...well incessant bitching before I go. Since you know I do that Oh so often and you people know you love me for it! Heh. I could probably talk about nothing for hours...Granted that would only spawn another story of its own...Who knew I had a descriptive knack for writing? The pharaoh no baka still laughsat me for this, but then again he's also showing signs of worry! Bwaha! He sees my amount of followers increasing. Now he knows he has something to fear! Bwahaha!

And Kaiba...He's not worried...He wants me tohelphim coax his competition with mypsycho babblingness. In other words, he wants me to write his company letters! Aint that just gold? Yeah! I thought so too! And I even get paid!And I get paid more than Icould steal in a year! Gotta love rich buddies. Though I have to deal with Yami as myletter editor now...since I make more spelling mistakes than god. And he speaks hebrew...which is a spelling mistake initself...(Just joking people...don't take offense to that please...Let's not go on a bad note.)

...Yes I am delaying the inevitable...So SUE me...I'm sad okay? Yes I am capable of real emotions other than hate and intense fury...Granted those look cooler on me.

I hope you all have enjoyed my rampant bashing of all the peopel i'm forced to suffer through listening to...and being around...And also my killing of Anzu. I KNOW you all love me for that accomplishment. And if a ever fill out a job application I will fill that out under achievements and be rewarded instantly with a job. I'm telling you! Not that I need a job, but I'm just saying.

Ah well...now that I've stalled enough I must get down to it. Farewell my darlings! I'm glad you have enjoyed my hate mail as much as I! (For I did indeed find it amusing). And I thank thee for supporting my misbehavoir and generally badness!

And now, I'm off to sort through fan mail...Bwaha! I'm so awesome I get fan mail!Mwahah!

Yami no Bakura, (aka God)

Signing off!

Leo: I'm starting the sequel like...soon...very soon...Well this was fun everyone! I LOOOOVE you! ; D! I hope you enjoyed!