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If you don't want to be disappointed with my first chappie, please go to the next chapter, which is a rewrite of Chapter 1.

Summary: Ranma sees some girls fighting w/some strange techniques, and what's more, they have unexplained body parts. What has Ranma gotten himself into now? MewMewPower&R1/2 Xover

I dedicate this story to Drager. Your story, "Mew Mew Nabiki," helped inspire me.

Mew Who?

b y : J u s t W r i t e r

Ranma sat in class, completely bored out of his mind. He couldn't understand his English teacher even if he wanted to. Besides, she was a child and even though she could beat Happosai, that was when she turned into a woman and was more able to make prominent decisions. The only person who was learning anything was Nabiki because she loved getting dirt on other people and was learning all languages possible so she could do just that.

All of the sudden Akane yelled at him saying, "You PERVERT!" Ranma looked really confused at her accusation and then noticed a snickering future sister-in-law. Ranma rolled his eyes and said, "I didn't do anything Akane."

"Yes you did! I heard that you were looking up my skirt!" Ranma yawned and decided not to pay her any mind. That of course was a mistake as Akane got very angry and punted him out of the window, breaking the window. He heard shreiks of, "Ranma you delinquent! Get back here right now!" He felt his ki suck away from his body.

Ranma sighed and thought that something might happen pretty soon with all of the normality happening lately. But he was all to correct in his judgement that something would happen very soon.

Renee was cleaning a table like she usually did when the café closed.

She was remembering when she chose to be a singer instead of carrying on the family business. Her father had told her that if she would not practice martial arts, that she would marry someone who was willing to study under her father and carry on the school. There were more than enough people in Japan, South Korea, and China willing to do just that. She had made this promise when she was young and naiive, so she'd never thought that she'd want to marry someone for love. It was unheard of. In fact so was her arrangement, but it was an in-between method between a marriage for love and an arranged marriage.

But what he'd really never told her was that she was already promised to a man that she'd never heard of. His name was in her father's will that she wasn't allowed to see until she turned eighteen, which was next week. The lawyers had told her of this development and she felt betrayed. Perhaps he'd forgotten about her already being promised when he'd made the pact with her.

All of the sudden a loud crash interrupted her thought process and she realized that she was rubbing the finish off of the table. Kiki was looking at her handiwork warily. She sighed. Such as the gift of being the daughter of a famous Martial Artist. She walked outside to investigate the noise and found a guy older than Ryou laying in the garbage. She put the boy's arm around her and nearly dragged him into the café.


She changed into one of her simple, but expensive outfits and went up into the spare room of the café. When she entered the room for the second time that day and the guy began to come to.